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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 28


Aw, come on! Let me kill him! Everyone will be happy that way.


I guess Reina's going to have to be an assassin now. She'd better be getting a decent salary out of this.

I don't blame you. Nothing's made a lick of sense in this path so far.

Case in point.

1. to take vengeance or exact satisfaction for: to avenge a grave insult.
2. to take vengeance on behalf of: He avenged his brother.

So Cupido ends up dead, no matter what you do. Good to know!

We're getting a lot of reused enemies here.

You again? I thought I left you dead in a cabin in the past.

Save his what?

Oh hey, it's her. The person I'm supposed to kill. Fancy that.

I made this video late at night, on an insane caffeine high. You have been warned.

Can you hear the bells a-ringin'?

How about now?


Tough cookies.

I don't know who Chris is, so you're out of luck.

It was just a giant, out of place fan.

Some people just die sooner. In a prison cell with a collapsible spiked ceiling.

That's a useful gate. It doesn't lead anywhere, and closes on anyone who gets near it.

And then she died, I guess.

That Queen, always making the plots that people can hear while casually walking past her room.

Later, in Reina's room...

What do these questions have in common?  NOTHING! 

She is a gremlin.

Aha ha hah. Haha. Hahahaha. Oh, you were serious weren't you?

Oh right, we're still stuck with those stupid little sister hallucinations.

Next time on Deception III: Reina meddles in the affairs of others.