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Deja Vu

by Miketopus

Part 4

Welcome back, everyone! Can we cure Ace's amnesia before he dies (again)? Let's find out!

At this point, you have one of two options. The lock on the filing cabinet has a combination, but you're never told what it is. So, in the grand fashion of one other lock puzzle, you can shoot the lock open without repercussions. Inside the filing cabinet is a very long list of files, with descriptions of each medicine and what they do.

Like so. From these files, you can find out which of the many vials will cure your amnesia.

Or, you can save your game, throw something into your syringe, and see what happens. Since the description box above is describing Ace's birthday and/or exodus from home, you can probably guess which decision I had time to make.

There's seriously a lot of with the first option, so I'll include the entire contents of the cabinet files at the bottom of the update. Those of you with some chemical know-how can tell me how much is true, and I'd actually like to hear your input on those chemicals, and their most likely fictitious functions, based on some of the other "disease" files also included.

Anyway, short answer is: bisodiumitis cures the amnesia juice. Bottoms up!

Once you take the medicine, you get time-based flashbacks of your memory back. One dose is all you need, and most of the rest of the game will probably keep going long after the flashbacks are done. Still, you'll see why it's important to let them play out eventually.

I promise, it'll be relevant!

Well, not Taco, but the flashbacks.

(so help me god if any of you mention Albino Black Sheep I will close this thread and go back into seclusion another two or three years)

Also, examining a few of the items we've been lugging around now has different effects. The photo in Joe's apartment sheds a bit of light into our hooker friend. Also, boom, phrasing!

God, the thumbnail of that picture looks horrifying. Still, sounds like we know what the original crime we're being framed for may be related to. If she's still in the trunk of Joey's car, it's anybody's guess if she's still alive.

The map from before gives us the address to Joe's Bar, which means we can go back that way now... but first, if you recall, there was a staircase in this complex. Let's go there.

Goddamn, flashbacks, give me a second.

Huh... interesting. The second floor leads to our office? What's even more unusual is that the same key that unlocked Dr. Brody's office unlocks ours.

The silhouette looks like that of a man.

Shut up, narration! It's probably a trick of the light!

See? Told you! Nobody's there!

Oh, for the love of-

God, finally, I can just shoot somebody trying to kill me and it's the right answer.

Our office isn't really much to look at, but it has a few important items we'll need to clear our name.

The box helpfully marked "Ammo" contains six bullets for the gun we started the game with, so that's nice. In fact, if you wait this long before going to the gun shop, it pretty much makes the visit unnecessary. There's also several important files here that should be taken along.

It's a file that reads, "CASE OF THE BLACKMAILED ALDERMAN: Solved when Sugar Shack was discovered to be the blackmailer. I destroyed her evidence and got the alderman off the hook. Sugar Shack is doing 5 years in the pen."

It's a file that reads, "GRUDGE BETWEEN JOEY SIEGEL AND SUGAR SHACK: Be on the lookout for anything suspicious between these two... Sugar Shack is known to have a burning hatred for something that Siegel did to her (Sugar Shack) in the past. Be prepared for fireworks."

So! Looks like we've figured out a bit more about the major players in this plot, and why we were roped into it. Sounds like Joey wasn't such an innocent victim in all of this. But even so, there's a couple of accomplices unaccounted for. We'll have to find out more about them, but we should also check to see if we can find the kidnap victim. If everything is accurate, she's probably still in the trunk of the Mercedes.

Come to think of it... Vickers' bungalow had a scrap of paper with a safe combination in it, and it didn't work in Dr. Brody's office. There's only one other safe we've seen so far, in Joey's office.

More flashbacks on the way out. Most of this will make sense after what we've read already. To the taxi-mobile!


Damn you, random chance! Time to run!

Really? One screen over!?

Piss off!

Oddly good timing for this flashback, too.

With nary a second to spare, ducking into the gun shop throws off the police sirens. Ironic, considering how many times guns have killed me up to this point.

Also flashbacks.

Thanks, Gun Bank!

Almost there, the newsstand is next to the bar.

For god's sake!

Unfortunately, four Hits is all you get before there's no way to avoid getting mugged by this guy. At this point, you have to pretty much save every screen he doesn't appear, and reload when he does.

These flashbacks are starting to get a bit annoying too, but at least they help fill in the blanks.

Heading up to Joey's office with its new paint job still undiscovered, the combination from Vickers' bungalow (33-24-36) opens the safe.

Inside we find quite a few useful items. The unmarked key is a bit enigmatic at first, but what else could Joey have the keys to that we haven't unlocked already except the trunk of his car? Also, the folder contains a nasty bit of evidence against us.

It's a bundle of checks that have been stamped "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS." The checks are all made out to Joe's Bar and signed by 'Ace' Harding. The total value of the checks exceeds $1000.

It's important that we take both of these, though the key of course has a more immediate function.

Pretty sure that was the last flashback. Anyway, the fire escape is a bit quicker of a way down, so...

Dammit. This guy is bad news. You can't shoot him or it's game over. And no matter what, he knocks you out and takes all your money and guns. Reload time!

There we go. The key in the safe unlocks the trunk. Let's see...

Let's... well, take the gag off I guess so she doesn't suffocate.

Unfortunately, this woman is unconscious, and nothing we are able to do will wake her up. If for some reason we were major douchebags we could shoot her and kill her, but that's instant game over.

The answer to this puzzle is, believe it or not, going to repeat itself, so perhaps one of Dr. Brody's drug files would be handy here:

The file says, "SODIUM PENTATHOL." You find a description of the drug's use as a "truth serum." "By injecting the subject with sodium pentathol," it says, "you induce the subject into a state of unconsciousness that, at the same time, makes him or her particularly conducive to veracious behavior *i.e. speaking the truth). Under such conditions, the subject is liable to divulge his or her darkest secrets without the least inhibition."

There were three full doses of this exact drug in the good doctor's office. Maybe this lady would be prompted into talking about what happened leading up to the kidnapping. You know what this means!

Not exactly information by itself, but I have a sneaking suspicion there will be something important at her home. For now, we'll have to leave her and take a taxi over there.

Thanks, babe. Chill out here for a bit while I investigate.

Swanky place!

The solution is neither to Hit/Shoot the door, nor to Operate the door knocker. Nope, you have to Hit the door knocker!


Scary. Anyway, Satan the butler ushers us out, but answers the door as many times as it's knocked. Of course, killing him is out of the question, so...

Sorry, Jeeves. Have a nice nap.

The kitchen on the first floor has nothing useful, although there's some delicious edible salami on the table if you want to give Ace a little treat for getting this far.

The second floor contains two doors, both unlocked. Let's try the left door first.

Well now! Things are suddenly making a lot of sense. Vickers, AKA Sugar Shack, AKA Gun-Toting Whore, is shacking up at Mr. Sternwood's place. Three guesses what she's doing there.

Just kidding, we don't need to guess. We're going to inject her with science!

Interesting... we've not only identified a possible motive for the kidnapping of Mrs. Sternwood, but also Joey's killer.

A pen, notepad, and glasses are in the nightstand, but there's only one item we care about here.

It's a blank notepad. You notice that the top sheet of the pad has several indentations that appear to be the result of someone's having written on the sheet that was formerly above it. Because the indentations are light, you are unable to read what was written.

Anyone know the solution to this kind of puzzle? You might, if you were into the forgery business. Or if you were really keen on reproducing doctor's notes for skipping school.

Using the pencil to shade over the indentations on the pad, you are now able to read the indentations.

The shaded notepad reads as follows:

"2:15 AM: Be sure Joe's Bar is closed up and all employees are gone.

2:30 AM: Have the Mrs. situated in the Women's stall. Make sure she is thoroughly bound, gagged and unconscious.

2:45 AM: Be waiting near the bar front door for Ace's arrival.

3:00 AM: Have Ace situated in stall. Make sure he is properly unconscious. Inject him with 10cc of diethanol trimene. Take his: gun, office key, any previous kidnap material, ransom note, delivery instructions, misc. notes, etc.

3:15 AM: Be prepared for Siegel's arrival.

3:30 AM: Get Siegel comfortabe behind his office desk, then plug him with Ace's gun. Get Siegel's things from his pockets. Make sure you get his car keys.

3:45 AM: Plant Siegel's things on Ace. Put Ace's gun back in his holster. Be sure that Ace's fingerprints are on the gun. Put Ace's prints on the new set of kidnap material.

4:00 AM: Dump the big Mrs. into Siegel's car trunk. Put the new kidnap material in the glove compartment. Put Siegel's car keys into Ace's jacket. Put the door/trunk key in the small box and stash it in Siegel's safe.

4:30 AM: Leave bar and lock up. Make sure not to leave the ransom case behind.

5:00 AM: On the way home, plant new Siegel letter in Ace's file."

A bit lengthy, but you can see why it's important. The police definitely need to see this.

One more bedroom to check out.

Oh 1940's logic, of course couples engaging in an extramarital affair sleep in separate beds.

This would be Mr. Sternwood, presumably. Guess what happens next? We have one more dose of truth serum.

This whole thing did seem pretty elaborate for the machinations of a jailbird like Sugar Shack. I guess Sternwood is the one who really organized the operation; Vickers just assisted with some of the dirty details.

Inside of his desk, a box of chocolates, some tissues, and an envelope. The briefcase on the stand is empty.

Doesn't take a lot of guesses to figure out that this letter is from Joey. This must be what prompted Siegel's dirt nap in the timetable.

You know, it makes the game unwinnable if either Sternwood or Vickers dies, even if you don't get caught shooting them with a gun...

...But science, on the other hand...

Also dosing ourselves for good measure. But why should it all be bad?

Aww yeah.

Okay, enough horsing around. Sadly, any actions that result in either Vickers' or Sternwood's deaths makes the game unwinnable. At any rate, we know how and why this horrible event occurred, and how we were supposed to play into it. But how do we save ourselves from becoming the fall guy for this scheme?

Next time, on Deja Vu:

Final boss get!


I wish I could punch this asshole more. Seriously.

You like dying, right? Free death just to the east of the police station!

Notes and items from Doc Brody's Office:

It's a vial labeled: SPECIMEN -- 11/13 TODD ZIPMAN

It's a vial labeled: SODIUM BICARBONATE.

It's a vial labeled: OFREEALL.

It's a vial labeled: BISODIUMITIS.

It's a vial labeled: SODIUM PENTATHOL.

It's a vial labeled: MEDREZINE.

It's a vial labeled: DIETHANOL TRIMENE. The vial is empty.

The file says, "OFREEALL: Drug used in the treatment of patients with spastic heart palpitation. Can be fatal to those without this condition."

The flie says, "DIETHANOL TRIMENE." Diethanol trimene is a drug that miraculously blocks all memory. It even achieves permanent memory loss if the subject has been injfected and left to the effects of the drug for a period of a few hours. In order ot coutneract the process, the subject must be injected with the antidote within that period. An overdose of diethanol trimene can be fatal.

The file says, "BISODIUMITIS." Bisodiumitis is the antidote to diethanol trimene.

The file says, "SODIUM PENTATHOL." You find a description of the drug's use as a "truth serum." "By injecting the subject with sodium pentathol," it says, "you induce the subject into a state of unconsciousness that, at the same time, makes him or her particularly conducive to veracious behavior *i.e. speaking the truth). Under such conditions, the subject is liable to divulge his or her darkest secrets without the least inhibition."

The file says, "CHEMOPAPAIN: Drug used to induce a state of gooey euphoria."

The file says, "SODIUM BICARBONATE." Harmless, slightly alkaline solution. How do you spell relief?

The file says, "MEDREZINE: Drug used in the treatment of patients who have been exposed to nerve gas. Can be fatal to those who have not been exposed."

Under the Harding file it has a report of 'Ace' Harding's last checkup with a strong advisory for Mr. Harding to quit smoking.


1. Sudden rise in pituitary secretion.
2. Loud, high-pitched laughter.
3. Swift, jerky motions.
4. Rapid lip palpitation.
5. Bulging eyeballs.
6. Convulsive flailing of the arms.
7. Strong desire to be honored in France.


1. Sudden protrusion of tennis ball-sized eruptions.
2. Rapid-fure bursting of eruptions, emitting thick balls of phlegm that can cause serious damage to the surrounding environment.
3. Slight headache.


1. Death.


1. Sudden collapse of the body, resulting in a shapeless pile of flesh that measures roughly one foot high and three feet in diameter.


1. Smoke ...