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by Miketopus

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Original Thread: SOCKO! Let's Play Deja Vu for the IIGS!




Welcome, everyone, to Deja Vu! This is Miketopus, an old face to screenshot LPs, only recently come out of an unexpected retirement from the scene.

Given how I'm getting back in the saddle, I thought I'd take a different direction and guide everyone through a lesser known game by ICOM Simulations known as Deja Vu. You may be more familiar with their most famous title Shadowgate, which recently enjoyed a very successful remake. This title takes a different direction in point-and-click adventure, however.

It's 1941, December, just after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The streets of Chicago are rife with crime and violence. Greed and corruption are rampant, and the USA is feeling the harsh reality of a world at war with itself. It's a city of detectives, people who cross the line between civilian and police to rough up the tough guys and put down the gangsters!

Delicious exposition aside, Deja Vu is one of several point-and-click games that experienced a cult popularity during the 1980's. Mindscape published the games on Macintosh computers, and Kemco published three of the titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System soon after. Deja Vu, in particular, experienced a re-release of both the original title and its sequel, Deja Vu II, on Gameboy Color as well.

So, with so many choices of platforms, what is our medium of choice? I spent a lot of time debating this. By far, the easiest platform would have been NES, since emulation screenshots and video captures are easy as pie. However, I just couldn't get over how much worse the game looked, in terms of quality and Nintendo censorship. It took a bit of doing, but I decided to go with the Apple IIGS version. But, since the Apple versions don't have music, and only the barest of sound effects (gunshots, punching noises, etc), I will be regularly posting links to the soundtrack from the NES version. This will give you a "best of both worlds" LP, which this game deserves with how awesome it is to play even nearly three decades after its release.

Three decades? We are getting old, aren't we.

Anyway, on with the show!

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