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Deja Vu

by Miketopus

Part 5

Final update, but first some Q&A.

dbcooper posted:

I believe these buttons clean up your inventory window (e.g., after the slot machine). Can't remember what mess up does but I guess it restores your inventory window items to their previous position.

This was in response to the "Clean Up" and "Mess Up" options in the game. Makes sense, definitely. Thanks for the tip!

Nemo2342 posted:

I am pretty sure that Vickers and Sugar Shack are different people. Sugar Shack is the prostitute that got sent to jail by Ace, who happened to have a grudge against Siegel.

Vickers was Siegel's secretary/lover, who ended up offing him so that she could be with Sternwood instead.

This is possible, but the game doesn't really point it out either way. True, when you see Sugar Shack out front, she doesn't really indicate that she did anything to Siegel beyond putting a bomb in his car. I found their similar appearances striking, however (Ha ha, get it? Because I punched her. ), and their motives and hatred seem to coincide pretty closely. If they're not the same person, I would be about as surprised as if they were.

Coolguye posted:

Can you not simply keep one quarter on your person to pay off the mugger, or does this not make him fuck off? It strikes me that you could just drop your cash in a container just off the street, walk around until you find that douchepurse, give in a quarter, and go on with your life.

Bonus points for how funny it is that he gets two black eyes, a broken nose, and a cracked jaw for two bits.

He doesn't accept quarters, just twenty dollar bills. There's a grand total of two of these in the game, which means even if you buy the gun, there's technically one left for you to give him.

But, crime doesn't pay.

Anyway, on with the update!

So, here's the final "boss" of Deja Vu. The police station is the final destination in the game, and there's a few circumstances that determine whether Ace Harding proves his case, or winds up in the pokey.

Also, notice the game being emotionally abusive. It does this quite a bit. Thanks ICOM. If I wanted this kind of treatment, I would go back to failing miserably at Bard's Tale 2.

If you'll notice, I've made references to this specific area of the sewer a few times. This is because the sewer contains the only item destroying hazard in the entire game. Anywhere else you drop stuff, you can go back and pick it up. More importantly, so can the police if you try to simply hide things. This is particularly important because not all of your evidence is good evidence. Among other things, Ace still has the gun that shot Joey, and the good detective's fingerprints all over it (Would be even if you never even picked it up and got a different gun instead, either Sugar's or the gun store). Plus, Joey's safe contains a stack of Ace's bad checks, which gives Ace a pretty solid motive for whacking him.

This is where the game diverges. There's three significant factors that determine what happens when you barge into the police station.

Hai guys!

Above all else, you have to get rid of the murder weapon. All the other evidence pales in comparison to that gun.

Even if you do that, the game still counts other evidence against you. And, if you missed something important along the way, then even without the gun you can still get a bad end.

As near as I can tell, you need to meet all of the following factors in order to get the final, good ending:

1. Recover Ace Harding's memory
2. Dispose of the gun that killed Joey Siegel
3. Do not kill anyone, even using silent kill methods such as lethal drugs
4. Have Joey's ransom note, the murder timetable, and Vickers' diary
5. (Unconfirmed) Drug a confession from Vickers and Sternwood while they're asleep
6. (Unconfirmed) Dispose of Ace's bad checks, instructions during the kidnapping, and anything else damaging to his reputation

I can't confirm the details on the last two, because I've never seen a reason not to drug those two with truth serum, and because sometimes the good ending has happened to me while I've had one or two pieces of damaging evidence in my inventory but have done everything else correctly.

Now that's how you solve a case!

And with an awesome little certificate that showcases how profoundly outdated the Apple IIGS' graphics system really is, the game is complete!

Still, as well-earned as victory was, I would be remiss if I didn't show the awesome little ending the NES version added on. So, here it is!

Say what you will about the NES version and its odd control scheme and strange censoring, it gives you a bit more closure on Ace Harding's case. Plus, it really sets the mood for a sequel.

So, what's left? Eh... well... here's a list of things I found in the game that you can eat:

-Twenty dollar bills
-Keys (Except the card key)
-Todd Zipman Specimen ()
-Shot of rye
-Pearl earring

Not really sure why there's even a "Consume" option in this game at all, since you don't have to actually eat or drink anything to survive in anything but the NES version (Popping pills instead of re-using syringes, thanks for setting the course Nintendo!)

Anyway, that's the end of Deja Vu. Sorry it was a bit short, but it's good to crank out an LP after being on a creative hiatus for so long. I hope you all found something to enjoy or amuse you in this LP. I hope to be doing another for you soon.

In the meantime, this is Detective Miketopus. See you in my next LP.

Somebody had better look out.