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Part 7: Day Girl 4 - Failure

SSNeoman" post="413837894 posted:

Goddamn, Kanta can be SUCH a dick. Poor Kana, I genuinely felt bad for her several times. She just likes movies is that so bad?

All women are playthings in my hand!

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That cancer face made my day. Please tell me it was the game that did the zoom and not just you.

Sorry, it's me.

Day Four: Shopping

As promised, your perfect streak of voting correctly in Kana’s route earn you the opportunity to vote whatever you like in this route and I will saves you all the way into the end! So go wild!

This is basically Kana Route Hard Mode. Almost every choice has an instant death.

Our first girl that will take no shit from Kanta's behavior anymore. Thus all the instant deaths.

On the way to work…

Hm? Seems like I always see this everywhere…

I will definitely get it on this sale event!
Huh? Which one?

Good morning …

“Mr. Kanta.”

(Ms. Hijiri… still as beautiful as ever! So cheerful and straightforward~)
(I might fall for her!)



“What is this!?”

Fashion: 4
Cosplay: 10
Don’t care: 2

Fashion and Cosplay is actually good choice, but Cosplay will make the later choice a little tricky.

It has appeared! COSPLAY MEGAZINE!

“Yahoooooo! All hail cosplay!”

So moe!

( … Eyes… )

Talk: 4
Stare: 12
Don’t look: 1

We win the staring contest!

(What’s wrong with him!)

… Still worth it.

Runner-up is to talk to her.

(Alright! Time to…)
(Strike up a conversation!)

Weather conversation dies as fast as a dead end, let’s go with magazine.

Ms. Hijiri…
Can I have a look at this magazine?
Ah, sure.
This is…
Not a cosplay magazine!
Eh! Cosplay magazine…?
This isn’t a cosplay magazine!
I see…
You don’t have to be that sad about it!
Mr. Kanta…
Are you into this cosplay thing?

Of course: 9
Of course not: 1
Secret: 8

'Secret' just annoy Hijiri. 'Of course' however...

Cosplay you say…
Of course…
I am so into it!
I can tell!

“I cosplayed as Freddi not too long ago!”


I want to see it!
Please show it to me next time!
Yes! Of course!

Sudden topic change!

So, you think there will have it this time!?
Have it…?

This is obvious enough.

Ah! That!
Yes, that!
I’m so excited! I’ve been saving up for it!
Ahh, good to know.

Serious: 6
Normal: 3

Ms. Hijiri…
How about we start hanging out?

L-let’s go back to work then…

That was really awkward. :cripes:

Runner-up: Serious invitation.

If you won’t mind… would you go with me to this sales event?

Hm! Hm!
Sorry, I already have an appointment with my friend…
Oh… too bad…
L-let’s go back to work then…

Looks like I won’t need to do failure route for this one.

Back to the normal choice.

Let’s go together!
I'm planning to buy something too, so shall we go?
That’s great, let’s go together!

The day before the sales event…

Tomorrow is the day, Kanta!
Oh! Yes!
So excited!
(Alright! Big sales event with Ms. Hijiri tomorrow!)

Sudden: 11
Not sudden: 2

Sadly, this is not the abort button. It’s the opposite for Kanta.

This… seems a bit too sudden…
Could it be a date? Is a date isn’t it?
Then I will take my leave for the day.
Ah, thanks for the hard work!

The day of the sales event…

“The meeting place… should be here…”


“Whaaaaat’s this!?”

Hello! Let’s have a nice time today!

(Hijiri is so cute~~)

What does Ms. Hijiri wears today? Starting from the top…

Three rapid questions here:

The top is:
A) Camisole
B) T-Shirt

The pant is:
A) Jeans
b) Corduroy

The shoe is:
A) Sandals
B) Ladies Leather Shoe

A, A, A

The fashionable era of Japan!
It sure is a lot of people.
Yep !
What’s our shopping plan today?
Right, we…

Hijiri first: 2
Split: 6
Drink: 11

How about we go for a drink?
Eh? Drink?
Eh! We…
We could do it afterward, right?
Ah… yeah…
Then let’s buy something first!

And Hijiri killed our drink choice… Runner up is split up.

Let’s split up!
Splitting would be more efficient!
Hm, that’s true.
Then it’s decided! *walk away*
Thanks…? (What’s with him?)

Ehhh, they have these merchandises here too.
Woah! So expensive!
Get me one of this please!

“… Hmm… where did Ms. Hajiri gone to?”

(Oh well…)

“Wow, this looks good…                               …Oh that looks great too…”

At least Kanta have fun.

Second runner-up is Hijiri first. Choice B is just Kanta shopping and Hijiri bored to death.

Let’s buy the stuff you want first.
Can I!?
Then I will take up your offer!
By the way…
What are you going to purchase today?
Ah, I am all fired up to buy a lot of stuff!

No rush: 4
Efficiency: 5
Time Waste: 3

We better work on the efficiency or we might ran out of time.

Shopping begins…

It begins… the accurate portrayal of man shopping with woman.

Oh they have this here.
S-so expensive!
Give me one of this please!

(… S-so exhausted… this is quite a manual labor… just walking is exhausting…)

Even so, Hijiri seems very happy and brought a lot of stuff…

“This cloth might seem a bit too colorful, which one is better?”

Match cloth: 2
Feel: 12
Both: 6

Match cloth is actually the best choice because ‘Kanta understand her’. Both is the bad choice.

How about this one?
This one?
I think it looks good on you!
Aww, thanks!

The shopping continues…

(Hijiri is unimaginably tough…)

(Yet I am all worn-out from just buying clothes…)


Hm, but I really want to check out the other stores first…
What to do…

Noooo Mooooore: ∞

Every man on earth has voted.

Enough, no more buying T-shirt…
When will this bothersome thing be over!?
Enough, enough!
I understand…
I get it…

“Nooooo mooooore!”

Kanta can't hear her anymore.

… There sure are a lot of cloths around here…
(I can speed this up by picking a shop for her…)
(This is such a crazy idea. Can someone like me really do it?)

I think Kanta is losing his mind from fatigue.

Rise to the challenge: ∞

Just this once… I will accept the challenge!

Real man challenges all clothing stores!

Ms. Hijiri, how about this store? Shall we go have a look?

                       “Eh!? This might be a bit too young.”

Let’s go, let’s go.

Umm! This is… too embarrassing…

Even older ladies are fine! It’s the coolest thing right now! Suuuper seeexy!
Ex-excuse us. *leave store*
Eh? Leaving so soon? Suuuper excitement?

To the next store!

Ms. Hijiri, how about this store? Shall we go have a look?

                                   “Eh! This place is quiet.”

Let’s go, let’s go.

Umm! This is… embarrassing…

This part can turn into rubber, very fascinating!
Ex-excuse us. *leave store*
Youngster these days are always in a rush… But, the senior won’t lose to you kid either! How does that older kid get her natural hair curl anyway?

Onward to the high class store! :homebrew:

Ms. Hijiri, how about this store? Shall we go have a look?

                       “Eh! The price might be a bit too high!”

Let’s go, let’s go.

Ah! This… might be… very expensive… this Gundam Officer Uniform.

Oh! Gundam Officer Uniform!?

Covert into Dollar: $2865.94

S-so expensive… how many cups of beef flavor noodle can I eat with that amount..!?

… Actually it is 465 cups, but maybe she is trying to scare away the cheap customer.

I'm sorry…! *run away*

Okay, Kanta is suck at this. Time to let Hijiri choose.

How about we try that store?
Sure thing!

Feels like any of these would go well with Ms. Hijiri.
Oh! This is it!

This is cute!

Gift Exchange: ∞

This looks nice and cute on you, let me buy it for you as a gift.
Oh, I can’t simply accept such kindness.
Then let’s do it this way. I buy this as a gift for you and you buy something for me as a gift!
Agree, let’s do it!
Here’s my present for you…

“What do you think? I believe it fits you well!”

(The price is about the same, but…I don’t wear sport shirt normally… would it suits me?)

Wonderful: 8
Embarrassing: 4
Suck: 13

This polo sport shirt sucks!
… eh?
It makes me look like one of those old men holding their dumb little handbag and idling like an idiot!
Please… don’t be like that… ancient people like that should be extinct by now.
Where’s the manager!?

“You call? Customer?”


The next day…