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by Nyaa

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Original Thread: All women are plaything in my hand! [Dekiru Otoko no Mote Life][CYOA][SSLP]



What is this game?
The full name is roughly translated as Popular Life of Capable Man Day/Night Lecture. It’s two humorous Choose Your Own Adventure dating sim developed by Takara Tomy and both games was released on Valentine Day in 2008, which this LP will cover both starting from the Day version since the Night version is clearly a sequel with more difficulty. However, this is not a typical 'dating-sim’ as it’s in fact a ‘Tutor Software’ to educate males on how to behave and impress a girl with insightful depiction and knowledgeable tips to getting a date.

Aside from a theatrical simulation CYOA stories, the game includes other features such as Admirable Brain Training, mini-games, coolness knowledge database, famous figures’ maxim, and love skill testing simulator supervises by Japan branch of SPA Magazine. Most are designed to play as couples in mind.

How I am going to translate this game
This is actually a localization translation of a localized translation from Japanese -> Chinese -> English, so I won’t bother preserving the content word to word, and instead focus on clarity and readability. I’m not a professional that capable of preserving every little detail of things like honorific and puns, nor do I know how the Japanese language works, but I will try to preserve character names and anything worth preserving if my research yield any results.

How we will be doing this LP
We will play this like a normal CYOA and vote it scene by scene. In the spirit of CYOA you all get one chance for each girl unless you run into a quick dead end and we will move on to the next, but I will make a follow up bonus update for anything fun that we missed, so vote seriously and aim for her heart! Other game menu features will be showcased in a bonus update later. Any suggestion to improve the experience of this LP is welcome, and I personally don’t mind just showing everything.

The difficulty of this game
It gets progressively harder as we unlock more girls and slightly easier when we continue to the first route in the night version. However, the real difficulty actually comes from our protagonist, Kanta.

You see, this humorous game is actually a parody of dating sims, so it's really more like a comedy. Our job is to get the protagonist to go out on dates with coworkers and hairdressers and such. The game really doesn't take itself seriously and there's nothing even remotely NSFW in there.

However, if you pick the wrong action for Kanta, then he will, in the most creepy and goony way, mess it up big because he’s a manchild or as someone call it, the incarnate. So keep that in mind when you vote!

Character Roster Index

All completed chapters will be complied into one post and be linked to the related words. Please read the top link first for maximum enjoyment on the second link. Click portrait for character profile.


Day Girls

SuccessSuccessSuccessFailure (b)Near SuccessSuccessSuccess
FailureFailureFailureSuccessCanon FailureFailureFailure

Day side Mini-Games

Day Side Characters (Some name are descriptive title instead. Ex: Kurofuku mean Black Suit)

Other Menu Features


Opening Movie

Night Girls

SuccessSuccessSuccessSuccessSuccessGood End?Goon End
FailureFailureFailureFailureFailureTrue Good EndYour Route
   Canon Normal End Abort Route (b)Scene Index (below)

To follow your own path through the final date, start here!

Scene Index Night Side Characters

Night Side Mini-Game

End Credit

The Special Girl

The Invitation
Happy Times
The Struggle
The Answers
Victory: Basic
Victory: Power
Victory: Popular

Fan Art

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