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Part 5: Day Girl 3 - Success

Day Three: Movies

Another Co-worker this time, but the focus is actually a girl with the same hobby as you, specifically, the movies.

The hints are getting scarce, but this route is pretty straight forward with proper respects and being a movie nerd.

A day in the office…

(I have won movie ticket from the newsstand…)

(In fact, it’s for two people…)

“But it’s boring to just go by myself…”

Thanks for the hard work, Kanta.
You too.

“Ah! That’s…!?”

Oh yes, I know that… thing.

Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton! This is awesome!
Ah! Kanta!

“You knew about this?”

Of course!
(Ms. Kana seems to like movie a lot…)

Kanta won’t be shy to invite a girl!

(Okay, I will try to invite her!)
Excuse me.
… do you like movies, Ms. Kana?
Ah, yes.
I have a pair of free movie coupon that we could… go see together?
Eh! Really!?
I want to go! Thank you very much!
Then… how about Saturday?
This… Saturday…
… This Saturday have a speech by French director Luc Besson …
… And I already booked for that…

(…Luc Besson!!)

Likes 7

Luc Besson…

Is awesome!
Is that so.
I like Luc Besson a lot!
Ah, I see.
As for the movie…
I can go on Sunday.
Then Sunday it is.
Great, it will be fun!


(She does dress cutely, huahuehuahue!)
Sorry for the wait.
Not at all! Let’s go into the theater.
(So cute!)

Do you come to watch at the theater often?

All movies : 20
Not that often : 1
Date only : 4

Is that so.
I like small theaters too!
So which small theater do you go to?

This seems like a quiz about which of these have small theaters because Kana doesn’t recognize two of them having it.

The one I usually goes to are…
Ebisu Garden Cinema.
I go there regularly.
Oh! What a coincidence!
Maybe we even come across each other over there before.

We sure are!
There’s so many~~
Which one would be good…
Hmm, this is tough to decide …
Which one to watch?

Note: If anyone knows Japanese, please translate the following movie titles for me. In the meantime, I will just make up the name with what I got.

Note 2: Thanks Crepuscule Adepte for the translation!

Harry Potter Magic Boy and the Sumo Stable

Neverending Story: The Anime Inuemon

Matrix: High on Cloud Wild Bang

Geisha Art of Nose Picking America

Note: The choices correlate to the order of the movies listed, so you can choose by what movie you like instead!

Director: 14
Let her choose: 7



Sam Peckinpah?
You know the Japan-America co-produced action film that have samurai vs ninja?
Oh! I really like that one!!

“Inspired by Hong Kong director John Woo, this movie is equate as a man’s dinner. A movie that’s recognized internationally! ”

                                  “Yes! Yes! You understand!”

Wow~~ I can’t wait!
Me too.
Oh, but we must get some popcorn if we are watching movie! Do you eat popcorn?
I will go buy some!

Split: 3
Let her treat: 17

I will tone down my hints from now on since you all are getting the hang of it.

Thanks for the treat!
Pick whatever you like!
Then I will have… banana flavor!
Oh! That tastes great! I will go buy it!

Easy choice, but it’s an important reminder for everyone. Turn off your phone!

Before the movie start…

Please turn off your phone
Be careful not to kick the seat in front of you
Farting is forbidden during the movie, please do it in the bathroom.
The movie will now begin.

(Farting!? Forbidden…)
(I better be caref--)
(Wait a minute, this is a strange rule!)
It begins…

“Speaking of farting! Let’s do it now!”

(This couple is chatting nonstop after the movie started! So noisy!)

Quiet down: 23
Cough: 3

Excuse me… can you be quiet?
Oops! My bad. Sorry.
Thanks, Kanta.

Not far into the movie…

Oh no, I am getting sleepy…

(He falls asleep… that really ruin the mood…)
Snooze… snooeze....
Ah? He’s sleep-talking…

Look at all these landmines. Better go with Kana.

“Ms. Kana…”

Ah! Me!?
What could it be?
I wonder what he is dreaming now.

Back to the movie…

(This scene is… boring…)

(This scene is awesome!)

End of the movie…

Hmm, this wasn’t very good…
Too bad!
(Ah? Kana look dejected too… she thinks it’s boring too?)

Lunch: 14
Interesting: 1
Boring: 2
Complain: 2

Oh, yeah…
Are you hungry? Let’s go to lunch!
Yeah, let’s go.

At the diner…

… Yeah, today’s movie have a really great scene!
Oh? Which scene?
The one where the kid apologize to the mother!

(This scene is… boring…)
(Ahh, that scene…)

It's Great: 1
My Favorite: 4
Fit Character: 11
Cancer: 6

I see.
It really suits you.
YES! It embodies the kindness deep within your soul!
Th-this might be a bit exaggerated…

The next day…

Ah, thanks for yesterday, Kanta!
Nah, I should be the one to thank you for the date!
Oh, by the way, could you recommend me a good movie on dvd?
How about Call of the Male Dog?
Oh? What kind of movie is this?

Two of these are good choices, and it’s obvious enough, so let’s go with D.

Although it’s a movie from the 80s, it doesn’t feels archaic at all.
Mm hmm.
It’s a stop motion animal film using pan motion camera to record the citizen of the Male Kingdom, and manipulated into a great fantasy work.
You sure know a lot of details, Kanta!
Nah, it's just common knowledge.

After work and approached by Kana…

Ever since my school life begins, my life is always just watching movies on my day off.
I don’t have any friends…and my classmate would roll their eyes and calls me nerd when we go watch movie together…
Mm hmm…
… Am a useless person right?

Make this right, goon.

Talk Movie: 16
Useless: 7

You’re not useless. I have fun discussing movies with you.


Really, you know a lot of things that I don’t.

Few days later…

Yeah, this movie is great, Kanta!