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Part 10: Day Girl 5 - Near Success

I hope you all are ready for something harder than hard mode, because the next girl is literally…

Day Five: Boss

The Boss Stage

Yes, she can fire you. So please don’t let Kanta act weird in front of her.

A day in the workplace…

The person who developed this project…

Going to be a huge success!

Damn! I am late!

Rush 3
Make a call 14

Oh no! This is not good!
I will make a call first!

… Hello, this is Kanta… ah, sorry, I overslept… ah, ah, my apology… yes, alright.

Sorry for the delay and thanks.
… To the office…

Arrived at the company…

Allllright, I have reached the company!

… I will sneak in quietly…
Thanks for the hard work, guys…


(Although she is a beauty… But she is super scary!)

My bad: 12

I’m really sorry for being late.
You are very late, please be more aware.
My bad…
Phew, surprisingly not angry…
I must be early for tomorrow.

*Riiiinng riiing riiing!*

Someone get the phone…

“Everyone is busy?”

I will have to get it…
Hello, this is Injane Planning, nice to meet you.
Ah hello, hello? Nice to meet you.
kigdmia… agmk…
(What is he saying, I don’t understand a thing…)
(Everything sounds Martian to me!)

It’s sad that I seen people do B and C in real life.

Uhm… excuse me… your signal seems to be bad…
Oh! Sorry! I am Nonaka from Takatomi Commerce
Ah! Thanks for all your collaboration in the past!
Is Ms. Tobimatsu Kyouko here?


Sorry, she’s not around…
Ah, I see.
I will inform her to call back when she returns.
Great, I will leave it to you.

“No problem, bye.”

That… umm… Mr. Nonaka from Takatomi Commerce called just now.
He asks that you call him back as soon as you are return.
Thanks, I understand.
You welcome.

Noon time.

Alright! It’s noon!
What should I eat?
Or maybe take a nap…

No, I can’t just sleep like this.

Can you come over?
(Ughh… did I do something wrong again?)
Yes, what is it?
I was notified by Mr. Nonaka from Takatomi Commerce that they wish to have a new proposal for the business discussion.
Oh, kay…
I want to have that finish by today… can you help me?
(I have a lots of things to do today.)

(So… what to do…)

Work! : 15
Have to work… : 7
Noooo mooore: 4

Of course I will help!

I will help out too, so let’s work hard.
However… you don’t have to be that whatever monkey thing.
Roger that!

Chief’s lunch hour…

What… she’s coming this way…

Let’s go to lunch.
(Oh no… what did I do wrong this time…)

Welcome, two person right? Please come this way.

(What does she want… so scary!)
No one from work come to eat here, so you can enjoy your meal.
Ah, is that so.
Please keep it a secret!
Ah, of course…
Today I will treat, so don’t be shy!
Phew, it seems like there’s nothing wrong… great.
What do you want to eat, Kanta?
Ah… that…
I will have the combo.

Alright, got it.

What should I eat?

Poor Kanta just trying to survive.

Same 2
Recommend 22
Cheap 2
Expensive 3

I will let the chief recommend then.
Ah? If I recommend…
This one!
Isn’t this the same as yours?
Yes, that’s why I would recommend it.
Make senses.

Then please give us two order of this! Thanks!
Got’cha, we will have it ready soon…


Thanks for the wait.


(The ingredient of this salad is the best of the season and it's all homegrown… There’s no foreign product in it… this Italian Style Ketchup Stew Meat Rice is absolutely delightful… This chef is amazing!)
How is it?

Slight translation fix: This ‘dinner’ is actually ‘lunch’.

Tasty: 20
Ignore: 1
Horrible: 2
Normal: 22

Damn, tasty is actually the best choice. If only those other votes goes to tasty…

… This is good.
Really well-made.
I’m done.

Back to work after lunch…

Phew~ I am stuffed from lunch.

The second choice is call ‘mince meatloaf’ in Chinese and ‘mince’ something in Japanese, but they both are probably using slang for annoying. Let’s go with watching.

So scary…

“I should work hard for afternoon…”

Thou shall not slack!

Keep up the good work!
Thank you!

Some time later…

It’s good to be done.

“Such intensity! Kyouko works like she’s possessed by the god of Asura! So cool!”

…Completely different in comparison to me. Is that the power of the chief?

Eh! I seems to forgot something!
What could it be… I…

Hmm… it has to be…

No! The data! The data is still not done yet!

Will I make it!?
I will make it! I must make it! I must make it in time!

Alright… I’m almost done…

Thanks for the hard work, Kanta.
Ah! I should be done in two hours!
Well done.
No, no.
I will say this in one sentence!
Eh? What?

This work…
Almost done!
Hmm hmm…


While taking a break…

“This coffee heals my heart…So this rest is over… about time I get back to work.”

Sorry… I seem to be a bit tired…

Are you okay? : 23
Fallen for you: 3
Ignore: 1
Sumo: 13

Fallen for you seem like the best choice, but this is good also. I will talk about my understanding of how this Boss Battle is so different from the other girls later.

Chief Kyouko…
Are you alright?
Hmm, thanks, I am fine.
Are you tired?

Closing hours…

Complete! All data has been processed! Today’s work is over…
Now to go return the DVD and I will rent a new one…

*Cell phone rings*


“The targets are all these babes!”

No way! It has come! I want to go! If I don’t go…!
… If I don’t hurry now…!

Here’s an interesting situation. The girl in the phone is actually the first girl for the night version of the game. So in canon, Kanta does go to the party and maybe ditch the boss. A is good choice and B have a second chance to go back so I will go with the longer choice B.

In that case, I will mail the data to the chief!


Chief… the…

(She seems to be very busy…)
Well then, good job Chief, I will leave first!

Few hours later…

(Super cute!)
Today sure is fun!
Best of the best!

*Cell phone rings*

“Hm!? Oh dear… it’s Chief Kyouko.”


Kanta still want his job.

“Thanks for the hard work, but the data you sent me have some errors that needs to be corrected.”

Eh! What did I do wrong!?



On the previous choice A, if Kanta let the Chief check his work first, she will find the error and make Kanta fix it, which cause him to be too late to join the party. Both choice can lead to good end, I checked.


Few days later…

There’s a new job position at the newly created toy division, are they in operation?

Yes, they are in full operation.
Do you want to join the new division?
(I have gotten used to my current work though… although it might have some trouble… it might not be that bad… it’s the dreamlike toy development team!)

Transfer: 18
Too much effort: 1

Chief Kyouko…

To the new position!
I have a feeling you will say that.
Good luck on your new position.

Few days later…

What are you doing over there, Kanta?
This place has a good feeling, Ms. Kyouko.
So, from now on, I will be here...

Toilet/Plumber Bot created!

Our relationship has gotten better…

This is a normal/friendzone end. The only difference with the good end is that Kyouko would invite Kanta to dinner and a picture of Kyouko in her office suit in a nice pose.

The only wrong choice we missed seems to be not picking the ‘fallen for you’ choice back there.

Okay, so you might have notice some differences in this route already. Kanta is not actively pursuing Kyouko, in fact, he fears her.

In this route, it was Kyouko who’s unintentionally causing all these dating situations with Kanta, in that sense, Kanta is actually the female role in this route. His correct choices are consist of being nice and subtle like a girl, and actually ‘confess’ his love for Kyouko via the ‘fallen for you’ choice like the female role of a dating game. The last choice even has an “I want to stay with you” choice, which is also the correct choice along with transfer. Transfer can also be seen as breaking away from the restrictive tie of boss and worker relationship to pursuit a better more equal standing relation as Kanta finally refer Kyouko with the title Ms instead of Chief.

So that's the boss stage of a dating sim.