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Part 11: Day Girl 5 - Canon Failure

Canon Failure Route

When you woke up late…

More sleep is good.

“Even though I said that… sleepy…”

“I can’t sleep! I absolutely can’t fall asleep!”


It’s already night time… maybe I am not suitable for day job…

Better rush this time…

It would be bad if I don’t hurry!

Kanta is still late, so might as well have some extra time.

It would be terrible if I don’t hurry!
… Ah… it’s too late…

“… Since I am already late, I will take my time going there. No need to rush.”

I will pick this as canon since it means Kanta remember to feed his cat.

When confronted by the boss for tardiness…

Oops, my bad.

Good morning!
Good for you…
Sorry, Chief Kyouko! I overslept!


Kanta… you sure have a rich night life don’t you?
Oh no, not like that at all!
Then what is it…?
Really, it’s true! Really really true!
Uh huh…

(I am cover in cold sweat!)

When the phone rang…

(Don’t answer it, I must not answer it! I MUST ABSOLUTELY NOT GET THE PHONE!)

**Riiiinng riiing riiing... Ring…. Ri--!*

My work is done!

When asked to help out with overtime…

Nooooo mooooore!

Is it extra work?
Is it very urgent?
Very urgent.
… No… Way…
I can’t do it! So much pressure!
Too much effort!

Few days later…

Kanta, can you come over?
Right this side.

Resignation letter… you know how to write it right?
Resignation letter!

Rejecting is actually a good choice, so let it be canon.

I am very busy with my current workload, so I can’t help you at the moment…

I understand…
It can’t be helped…

When invited to lunch and ask what you like to order…

My boss is paying; I am too scared to order something expensive, so I better go with something cheap.

Please give me… the cheapest one…
You don’t have to be so reserve…
Not at all! I just want to see how the cheapest would taste!
Is that so…
Then, please give me an order of this and this.
Got’cha, we will have it ready soon…


Thanks for the wait.

“Have a nice meal.”

So tasty!
This mixed nuts is no simple snack… The homegrown nuts sprinkle with natural salt from Akō city, the chef here is… Amazing!
How is it?

What is this filth!?

This is…
Not good.

“The flavor is too strong…”

zurfenturf's Comment: When Kanta is criticizing/praising the food at restaurant, his hairstyle changes to characters from food-critic-centric, "Oishinbo": to its protagonist Shiro when he realizes the entree is drat good, and to Yuzan, Shiro's rival/father, if his response is lukewarm about it.

… And it’s too weak…
Ah! Is too strong… And then too weak…?
I’m done…

When creepily staring at your boss is not enough…

May my kiss reach her heart…

So scary…

Have to be louder…

… Ha—




When deciding to slack…

The internet awaits for my important post on the forum!


This is your “Kotehan.”


kotehan - This means "handle name". When the one holding the nama (Nico Nico broadcasts) asks for the commenters' kotehan, he's asking them to be un-anon or to put a name beside their comment (using @(name)) so he'll know who he's talking to.

Edit: It's pointed out by saihate that this looks like 2chan board instead of nico nico, so Kanta just comment about people name / username / alias.

Edit 2:

saihate posted:

1: OnonoimoTa: 08/02/08
Alright. How are you pigs doing!
2: OnonoimoTa: 08/02/08
Second! (´・A・`)
3: OnonoimoTa: 08/02/08
Third! Because I'm slacking off at work lol
4: Anonymous: 08/02/08
You’re the pig. Good job on slacking off.

Wah! Chief! S-sorry!
Please get back to work.
So sorry!

Good, she’s gone. Now to update my blog.


How many friends do I have now…?

About five!
I should make the Babes blog, Movie blog, Punk blog, hmm… and the Community blog!


saihate posted:

I like punk and metal. 28 years old. My favorite music label is Hell Cat! Meow~
It’s been a while, pleaase read the lyrics I wrote today

Edit 2 by saihate: Regarding Ononoimo, I'm not sure if it means Anonymous. In Japanese netspeak, anonymous is "名無し" (Nanashi/Nameless). I think it's a references of some sort, but I'm on a school computer without a Japanese keyboard, so I can't look it up now. I did get some results for a TV show. I'll just pretend he's trembling potato or something.

You done making the Community blog yet?
Wah! Chief! S-sorry!
Work… now.
So sorry!

The food is making me sleepy…

“I have eaten lunch, so full, so full.”

Yaaaaawn .

“Ku… ku…”

Get back to work.
Wah! Chief!
Eh, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t sleep.
I’m just closed my eyes to think! Really!
Please get back to work!
So sorry!

When the boss falls on top of you….

There’s only one answer.

Chief Kyouko…
This is what I most desired!

“I challenge thee.”


When it is time to party after work…

To the party!

Associate Party! The party is summoning me!

Well then, good job everyone!

When suddenly recall that you forgot to mail the work…

Not much to the shuttle choice, so let’s preserve our job.

Oh no, I didn’t send the data!
This is bad !
Since it has come to this!

Must… preserve… job…

Sorry, everyone. I need to go back to the company! So sorry! But I will be back! I will definitely be back!

I should go!

Hurr… hurr… this is the data…

There’s some errors….

Interestingly, this is one of the two choices Kanta can go to the party without getting fired, so this shall be canon. Oh and Kanta is speaking English on the second choice.

I back party now!
You understand ?

Go party now!

When offer for a new job position…

Changing job is too much

Chief Kyouko…

Changing job is…
Too troublesome….
I understand.

Few days later…

What are you doing over there, Kanta?
… No good.
That idiot!