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Part 160: The Special Girl - Victory: Popular

To be a Popular Man

Pardon me, may I have a seat here?


Ahhh… The vigor of today’s youth. Such potential…
Who are you!?
Me? I am Igor. A fellow passenger of the same destination as yours.
You are joining the army at your age!?
Hoho, not at all. I am just a guide in this destination.
Oh, of course. The tour guide…
Hold on, why would the army need a tour guide?
Who knows. What we will discover at the end of this journey might be grand and surprising.
Huh? You are new to the camp too?
Yes. It should be interesting.
Oh, of course, this is the ‘new recruit’ bus after all.
If you are bored of the army’s life, I can show you a few nice place around the camp when we meet again.
You mean sneaking-

Hmm? Where did he go?

This is great! Thanks for showing me all these great places and teaching me all these survival skills!
You welcome. They will be instrumental in guiding you toward the proper path in the future.
Eh? How so?
Forming social links. You will meet many people in the future, and you will become a popular person among them. I can just see it.
Oh… I doubt it. Failing to become popular was the reason I am here in the first place.
*Chuckle* Maybe you just did it wrong.
You think so?
Yes… For example, did you know that talking about lewd story when you are fishing with a girl is the most attractive thing to do?
Yes. You should try it out when you have the chance.
I doubt I will ever get a girl to like me.
Silly boy. Have more confident in yourself. Someday, the bond you share with your friends will give you the strength to get through all obstacles.
I will try…
Yes. Friendship and love is such precious things. How about I show you how to drive a bus next time!
Oh, that would be awesome!
Kukuku… You will impress some ladies with that skill for sure.
These bonds will drive you to your true potential someday.

Phew… Looks like he finally gave up.
I’m sorry, Kanta! It’s all my fault!
That’s unfortunate. I was expecting more of him.

Welcome. You have finally reaches this room.

Geez, overtime is rough.
You can do it, Arata!
Heh, I will do my bes-
He’s off today.

Thanks for coming, sir.
It’s my turn, now sharpen my Mohawk!
Haha, alright, kan-
Ahh… He’s not here.

Kana, let’s the new Madoka Rebellion movie this weekend!
Oh! I’ve been waiting for that to come out sin-
He’s not here… I guess I daydreamed again…

Choose me, Hijiri.
I meant the cloth, silly.

Snooore~ Sleep, sleep, slacking off, snoore~~
Get back to work, kan-
Ah… He’s off today… I guess I worked too hard lately.

We could go on a date~~
No thanks, I-
Hmm… Why did I just thought of that pervert just now?
He holds my hand without permission, stare at my chest, told me about the creepy thing he plays on the computer, and…
Talk about his lewd story while fishing…

The street at night is really not safe at all.
Don’t worry, I will protect you!
Thanks, Kant-
Oh… I must be really scared…

The last blind date was great! We should do it again!
Yes, we should the same guys again from last time.
I move the sky! Part the sea! Shake the earth!
Agree~ That Kanta guy was such a party-animal.
Can’t have a party without him!

Get it? Get it? Hurr hurr hurr~

It’s alright, he will fall asleep any second now.
That would be gr-

Do you think Toiletbot: Revenge of the Broken is a good title?
It better have card battle on top of motorcycles.

Phew… Another night is over.
It feels like I am missing something though.
Oh! Kanta wasn’t here tonight.

Yes, officer. My friend Kanta is following the culprit right now.
Kanta? You mean Tateishi Kanta?
Huh? You know him?
Well… Yes.

These are the affections gathered from your popularity.

He’s out, girl. Just look at him.
NO! Kanta is a strong man! He can stand back up anytime!

Your hero has lost.
No! he hasn’t!

It’s a shame that he didn’t get some help at all.
Huh? He can get help?
It would be more fun if he would bend our agreement a little.
Kanta don’t need help! He is the most capable man in the world!

Why? What made you trust in this man to such degree? Or was it out of desperation for your hopeless salvation?
Kanta hasn’t lost!
Kanta may act like a stupid idiot sometime…

With this amount of power… You can change the world or even destroy it.
He might not take things seriously, but when it comes to his friends, he always express his true self!

When we are together, I understand his feeling completely!

We are the same kind of people that understand each other! We do whatever the hell we like! Even defying logic! And I know he will save me!

Hooo… How fascinating… So that’s your choice…
… Why did you sever the power?
I really appreciate the help, but…

It seems… He has reached the destination all by himself.
What an intriguing person.

When Kanta say he will save me, he will do it!
Hah! Tell me how that dying corpse over there can sav-

H-how could you…
Oh… You seem… More confident…

I am always confident.
Hahaha! So you plan on continuing your hopeless battle?

Ohh? Do tell.

For our previous agreement?
What is… Your new wager?
Since our original term were my life for Tanaka’s…
The only fair raise to this wager would be giving up everything I have.
You mean…
All my persona property. My house, my car, all my savings in the bank, everything.
And you think I want your junk?
I also happen to held the creator patent for the popular multi-million dollar franchise, Toiletbot.
You lyin-
No. I can tell he’s telling the truth. Very well, I can accept that, but what’s your condition?
Simple, have the fatty fight me with only his right hand.
I can beat you with a mere finger!
Is that all your ask? I was expecting more with the amount you offered. You do know he’s right-handed, yes?
Removing the weaker arm will be more than adequate for me to win.
Hah! Your overconfidence will be your doom.
However, just in case you pull any tricks on this condition, I want his left hand on his back.
We won't need cheating to beat a weakling like you.
Hmph. Cutting your brute strength by half is more than manageable.
Fine! I accept this new wager. Now, entertain me!

Well… That’s two thing.
What is it?

Eh… O-of course I know that. I will beat you up with just straight punches!
As for the second thing.
The purple really looks terrible on you. That girl should have ditches you way earlier.

He used his left hand!
Agh! No way!
Since you have breached the term of our agreement. This is my win.
Hah! So you did.
You knew I were aiming for him to accidently use his offhand in reflex.
Of course. I also knew you are actually at your limit. Raising your arm would be the last thing you can do at this point.
So why did accept my ante?
I get to see a batman gambit in action and I get to punish either one of you in the end. There’s nothing for me to lose!
Hmph. What a scary old man.
How about you work for me? A whole new world of riches, women fling to your arms, and fame will be all within your grasp.

Gahahaha, so be it! The girl is yours! You two are free to go!