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Part 156: The Special Girl - The Struggle

There suppose to be an “Hmph!” scene by Tanaka to show she is still angry at Kanta, but too much modifying that “PURPLE COLOR!? Kyahahaha” image.

Follow: 11
Cop: 2
Home: 5

Ah! Over there!

HEY! I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let Tanaka go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

I was ignored…

There suppose to be a “Stop a Truck” choice, but it would probably win and I don't feel like copy/pasting a certain hospitalize ending.

Leg: 3
Taxi: 11


Harumi!? My friend got kidnapped!


Run over that car, driver!
What!? Hell no!
I-I… Fine.

Ah! They stopped! Now I will follow them to their hideout.
Kanta, who are those people? We should call the police…
You do that, baby. But this is too dangerous for you to get drag into, so let’s have a date after this is all over! *Leave car*

OH NO! I lost them!

Huh! An enemy?

No! I don’t have time for this! I need to save Tanaka!
The girl that purple guy was carrying on his shoulder!
Ohhh! Your princess got kidnapped?
Yes! You saw her?
Your princess is in another castle~~
Which castle?

So they took her to an abandoned warehouse… I must save her.
You suuuuree? Purple man is dannngerouss~
I will be fine. *Leaving*
Waaaaait~~ Tell meee, why you go sooo far for princess?

tlarn" post="424478072 posted:

Fingers crossed that his cab driver turns out to be BD Joe.

BD Joe would be like "HELL YEAH", slam the taxi at the kidnappers, save Tanaka, and earn tips.

Coworker: 1
Princess: 10
Save all: 6
Don’t know: 4

‘Don’t Know’ is a great answer for a certain scene later.


Y-you can speak fluent Japanese?

This statement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor making you smarter.

But I should get going. Thanks for the info.

I-is this a Military Sneaking Suit!? Where did you get this!?

Equip: 11


(There’s a guard near the entrance… How should I get pass him?)

Attack: 2
Procure: 12
Other Route: 1

(Ah! There’s light from that room!)

Let me go you purple fat ass!
Sure, after I sold you to the client. You will love all the tropical scenery in that country.
Yell all you like, no one gonna hear your plead.

Dramatic: 8
Other Entrance: 11

(I would be outnumbered if I charge in there. Maybe if I can get closer to surprise them…)

(An exit. This should b-)

*Horrific diarrhea noise* I didn't think that was possible.
(Oh. It's the bathroom next door) Hehe.

(Oh no!)

Silent: 1
Cat: 9
Hi: 1
Dropkick: 2

Ohhh… What a weird cat noise. It must be laughing at me. Even the cat is laughing at my misery.

After it’s safe to crawl again…

Look like an old man has walked into the room.

Dramatic Entry: 1
Dropkick: 10
Wait: 2

(I can dropkick and probably take down one of them, but who?)

Old Man: 2
Blacksuit: 4
Tanaka: 11

…and a little bird told me you were doing some side business under my nose.
I-i-i-i-it’s not what you think, boss! I’m just getting rid of h-
Untie me, you bastards! Or else you will all face my fury! I bet my friend Kanta would have called the cops to arrest you all! In fact, there might even be a secret agent who will jump out of the ceiling and dropki-

Kanta! You aren’t suppose to dropkick your true love in her own route! You have caused a time paradox!


Give the space time continuum some time to fix itself and we will continue with Blacksuit choice as the winner.


Purple: 0
Blacksuit Mr. Po: 4
Old Man: 2
Tͬ̒̽̐̓ͯ͞ǎ͙͔̉̈́̓ͮ̑̅͠n̞̰̝̐̍a̧̞͔͈̙̎ͨk͖̬̗̀̚aͪ̃̽̂ͣ̒ͤ҉̫ͅ:́̽͑́ͪ̋́ ͣ̊ͥ͏̹̯̫̙͚̤1͖ͮ͡1̎̾̅̽͋́͝

Oh no! Only six people have voted! Is this thread going downhill!?

…and a little bird told me you were doing some side business under my nose.
(… Strange, it felt like I said that before).
I-i-i-i-it’s not what you think, boss! I’m just getting rid of h-
Let me go you bastards! Or else you all will get it!
Guhhh! Why did it feel like someone gonna dropkick me and it will hurt a lot!
(Hmm? Strange… I don’t recall wearing this bear suit from my day job. Where’s my black suit?)

That explains why Kanta have the sudden urge to fly-kick Mr. Po in the other route.

Kurofuku! Huh? Why are you wearing a bear suit?
… *Out cold*

Huhuhu… Are you an assassin? From the government?
No, I am just here to pick up a friend.
Ahh… The hero who come to save the damsel.
That’s me.
How precious… You do know that you are in the den of the lion, yes?
Of course, there’s a lot of your underling out there and I am clearly outnumbered.
Good. You understand your predicament, but I am a man who enjoys a fair game.
What do you have in mind?
A bet.
A bet? At what term?
Since that girl is to be sold into a life of servitude…
In exchange for her freedom, you will have to bet your life of servitude to me! And there will be no repercussion if you win! I can promise you that!
No! Kanta! Don’t do it! The old man is scheming something!
I accept!
This is why I love you naïve heroic type, always willing to bet your life away for someone.
What’s your game?
Simple. If you can defeat my purple underling here, then you win.
Nooo, he’s too much for you, Kanta! Just run away!
It’s too late to back out now.
Huh? You serious, boss? There’s no way he can beat me.
Do it and I will forgive your little transgression here.
U-uhh, yes boss!

(Hmm… I was bluffing and acting cool so far, but I don’t have the confident to win this…)

Music: Duel

Fight: ∞

Fight: 4
Intimidation: 12

Did you just frigging punched to me, you purple fatass? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Japan Self-Defense Forces, and I’ve been involved in numerous disaster relief mission, and I have over 300 confirmed saves. I am trained in bus driving and I’m the top driver in the entire JSDF. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the crap out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my goddamn words. You think you can get away with punching me like that? Think again, bastard. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of bus drivers across Japan and your location is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re so dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can end you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the JSDF and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little pig. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “strong” punch was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your arm. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will bring fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re so dead, kiddo. I dare you to hurt me more!

Ah… Ah… So… Many stars… I'm... Reaching my limit...

Ultimate Technique: ∞

That’s enough Kanta, Please, stop it! Just give up! You don’t have to fight anymore! Please! I will be fine!

Stand: ∞

Hoho, this kid just won’t give up.
You should have stayed down.
Kanta… Why did you go so far for me?

That’s right. Stay down like the loser that you are.
Hmm… How disappointing.