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Dekiru Otoko no Mote Life

by Nyaa

Part 18: Opening Movie


The Hensei period of peace and prosperity…

A life of luxury and dissipation; extravagant and loose life …

The young and old are all troubled…

… For they must become popular!

A fast text scrolling of some sort of –ism of modern Japan.

I am so popular!

“Truly thankful for your support…”

The game then dumps you straight to the credit. Best game OP ever.

Okay, I am not popular…

“This isn’t really a good question for you all who had obtained [Dekiru Otoko no Mote Life].”

“As the saying goes, precise knowledge of self and precise knowledge of the threat leads to victory…”

“Circumstances-what are circumstances? I make circumstances”

In the style of the warnings that say this is a work of fiction, resemblances to real life is coincidental etc:


This software does not define 'being popular' to be just walking around 
outside and having girls you never met start falling head over heels for you. 


“You’re already very popular!?”