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Part 19: Night Girl 1 - Success

Night One: Night Escort

This is the girl we met at the Associate Party in Chief Kyouko’s route.

Geez, it says it like there will be lots of crazy street encounter or something.

Some day some hour at the place of Associate Party…

People that play the King Game!

Note: King Game is a Japanese card game where everyone picks a card with one being the king and the rest are numbers. The person who got the king is the King and can order any two numbers to do anything. The one with the number must act as command.

This Associate Party is so fun! But more importantly...

What a wonderful person, I have already fallen for her!
Sorry, everyone…

Hm? Dog-lady…?
I have to leave… sorry~~

Sorry. There’s a hungry little doggy waiting for me at home…
…This… could be a chance…
Sorry guys…

So I am leaving early too!
Take care~

Ha! What a great idea!

“Ms. Naoko… Where did she go…?”


Stalking never work!

Ms. Naoko!

Going toward the tram station?
Me too. Let’s go together since it’s dangerous at night!
Ah, right…
Then I will be in your care.

*Street noise*

Going home already?
That’s too early~ the night has just begin! So how about browsing our store! The merchandise are very cheap! Come have a look!

Next Time: 11

Really, our merchandise is really cheap!
I will have a look next time!

How about right now~~
No thanks.
It’s unfortunate!
I will come in next time!
You absolutely must come back!
I will remember you!
In fact, please have my business card!
I will wait for your return.

So maybe next time.
*Chuckle* Sounds good.

*Commotion noise*

“Is there a fight?”

*More noise*

“This is a fight!”

Fighting is…

Hey, hey, hey! You muthafuka... I havta beat yo ass to fix you up!
Ah! Please spare meeeeee!
Hell no! This ain’t settle that easily!
Oh dear… Will that man be alright…? So scary…

Cop: 15
Stir: 2
Ignore: 3

Ms. Naoko.
Can you go on ahead?
*Nervous* Okay...
Excuse me! A moment please!
Who da heck are you!?

Save me…
It's alright, I will call the cops!

                              “Mind ya own business!”

Don’t you dare!
There’s a violent incident on the street where a man has injured another man!
Yes, yes. It’s at the crossway of the three-way intersection of Cherry C. Street!
What did I do to you!?

                                              “BE QUIET!”

Thank you very much for calling the authority!
My pleasure.
Mr. Kanta!
Ah! Ms. Naoko!
That was scary!
Sorry, I wasted your time…
Not at all!
That gave me a good scare though!
Sorry about that…
It's alright!
And I am really glad!

We didn’t talk much at the party…
Now that you mention it, yeah...
Let’s stay in contact from now on.

You must be a really popular person right?

Popular: 4
Not Popular: 13
Deny: 2
Cherry: 8

Not at all, I’m not popular at all!

It’s true! I am not lying!
Not popular at all!
Really not popular!
You seem like a popular person.
… (Is that really the case?)
Oh! By the way…
What kind of breed is your dog?

… Chihuahua~ Its name is Peachy~
Ohh~ So cute!


                  “Ruff, ruff, arf, au, grrrr, ruff, arfff, grrrrr, arf, arf!”

This is!
A wild dog!

“A Chihuahua!?”

Music: Battle Theme

A Wild Dog (Chihuahua) Appeared!

Note: Kanta is the one with 50 HP.

Pig Trotter: 10
Dream: 3
Biscuit: 3

 Chihuahua (Wild) has sat down!

 Chihuahua (Wild) has been tamed by the Pig Trotter…

 Ms. Naoko is smiling! 

Phew~ That was dangerous just now!

Very much so.

*Windy noises*

Hmm? Today is pretty windy.

What a flashy car~~ too bad I will never get to ride it~~




“The signboard fall on the car!”

“Hey! Missy!”

Look at what you had done!

Prove: 20
Run: 2
Punch: 7

Excuse me.
Oh? What you want?
I-I saw it just now… The strong wind swings off the signboard and scratched your car.

                                       “What? Wind!?”

                                        “Yes… is wind.”

Umm… Wind.

                          "Kid! You dare blame it on the wind!"


Wow! What a strong wind! If it’s the wind then it can’t be helped! My bad, bro! My apology to you too, ma’am!
Is alright!
Mr. Kanta…
Thank you very much!


Note: Only the word “dangerous” is in Japanese.

Yes: 3
No: 8
Run: 1


As expected of you!

Disaster has passed…

We are finally here, Mr. Kanta. There sure is a lot of things happened today.
Hmm, is it?
Have you done this before…?
Like with Martial Arts!?

Tale: 8
Nothing: 3
Karate: 5
Secret: 11

… It’s a secret.
If it’s a secret then you must had done something! What is it?
Nah, it’s nothing.
Aww, please tell me.
Oh well, what do you think of tonight’s party?
Hm? About what?
What do you think about the alcohol?
Ah, Alcohol!
I like liquor the most.
Ehh, I see.
What do you like to drink, Mr. Kanta?

So you know a lot about alcohol, Mr. Kanta?

We all know the “ask the girl’s hobby” answer is always the best answer so far!

Ms. Naoko seem to love alcohol.
Yes! I love Shōchū the best! I’m the type that can’t live on without alcohol~
Eh? Is that so?
Yep! As for the Screwdriver Cocktail… What was the combination that would go well with orange juice?

The answer is : Vodka

Yes! It’s Vodka! As expected of Mr. Kanta!

At the entrance of the tram station…

Tram station!

(This might be…)

                                     (THE LAST CHANCE!)

Since you mention last chance…

Ms. Naoko, can I have your cell phone number?
Ah! Cell number… of course!
… An-and…
Thanks a lot for today!
I will wait for your mail.
Eh, ah! I will definitely message you!
Thanks again for the help!
You welcome.

*One month Later*

I found a few good diners lately, wanna go together?