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Part 30: Night Girl 6 - Good End?

The writer sure has gone the extra mile for the route before the last. This is a very special route that deserve infinite revive and I will cover everything we miss!

Night Six: Hostess Club

Music: Another Doozie Day

The Chinese translation names her occupation as Concubine/Prostitute, but I go with something nicer.

So profound! We probably won’t understand this until we hit some dead ends…

A day at the workplace…

Ring ring ring…
Who is it…



Then, at the Roppongi district!

Mr. Kanta is your name? Hmm-
Please tell me your phone number. We can have dinner next time.
Hehe, I would love to!

Ah, ya, ya.
You should send me a message too!

Tsu Ha~u ...! !
Hmm… Ms. Ami sent me a message.

Likes: 9
Customer: 17

I see… This is just to invite me as customer. Hm hm hm…
What should I do… I don’t have any special plan on Thursday so it’s completely fine to attend…

Reply: 5

Music: Night Life

Ah, no matter what, I should reply first!
Thanks for calling, I had lots of fun too. I can attend the dinner and look forward to it. You decide the time and location. This should do.
This should be fine, right?
Ring ring ring…
… Hm? It’s Ms. Ami! Oh ha ha! Here she is!

The day of the date…

Thanks for all the hard work! I will take my leave now- *Leave*

It’s already six.

Sorry, sorry, I got in’da a litte’ troube.
It’s all right. Yes, let’s eat.
Oh, then let’s go.

Ms. Ami is late…

Sorry, Mr. Kanta.
You waited?
Is alright, I just arrived too.
Ami is so hun~gry right now~
Me too!
What do you want to eat?
I want to eat sushi!
Yes, yes!
This sushi restaurant here!

The sushi here… Ehhh!

Sushi: 15
Western: 2
Beef : 4
Go home: 5


I’m so happy!

Welcome! Have a seat! Our establishment use basic ingredients to create our meal; Is there anything in particular that you dislike?
Nothing in particular.
Me too.
Then I shall begin.

Holy carp, chef. You just put a fish on a block of rice! That’s just lazy. :catbert:

So good!
Really! This is great-
So tasty!
Yes! This is amazing-
Sooo good!
Really wonderful!
All your order has been served!
We ate a lot of dishes-
They are so good!
It’s about time we leave.
This is great!
Leaving, sir? Thanks for your patronage, here’s the bill.
42,000 Yen!

Note : About $420 :homebrew:

So expensive... Tokyo’s sushi restaurant… Hold on…

Yes, sir! We look forward to your next visit!
I am so full!
Mr. Kanta!
It was so delicious-
It’s amazing-

Mr. Kanta.
It’s about time.
What? About time?
It’s about that time.
Oh, it’s time for the club to open.
(Won’t be good to not attend! What should I do?)

Entertain: 7
Go Home: 3

It won’t do if I don’t pay a visit!
Thank you.

(Yes! Quota achieved!)
Quota… Achieved?
Eh! Did I say anything?
Mr. Kanta.

At the entrance of the club…

Welcome, right this way.
I will go change into my cloth. Please wait for a moment.

Japan can’t afford to not have such scenery!
We must protect and preserve such oasis!
Thanks for waiting.

Oh dear!

What’s wrong?

Beautiful: 9
Joke: 7
Nothing: 5
Go Home: 8

So beautiful!
That’s not true!
No, it’s true!
I’m just average.
Ahhhh~ So happy!

Excuse me, Mr. Kanta.
Your time has expired…
Oh! Ah, yeah.
Would you like to extend it?

Extend: 16
Go Home: 15

Thank you.

Ah? What is it?
No… It’s nothing!

Excuse me, Mr. Kanta.
Your time has expired…
Oh! Ah, yeah.
Would you like to extend it?

Extend: 20
Go Home: 17

Thank you.

Ah? What is it?
No… It’s nothing!

Excuse me, Mr. Kanta.
Your time has expired…
Oh! Ah, yeah.
Would you like to extend it?

First option to get 10 votes decides the next choice.

Extend: 10
Go Home: 9

Okay, everyone who voted 'Extend' clearly want to go all the way, which this loop actually end at the forth time, so we will go all the way there!

It’s time to go.
Thank you for your patronage today!
Would you like to pay for the bill now?
… Yes.
Over here please.

Note: About $345

Such a dazzling smile! This is… Could be… It's…

Third choice is the abort button to those whom may concern.

Love: 10
Great: 7
Wake: 8

Ah, this is it! What should I do with such feeling!

A day at the workplace…

Ring ring ring…
Who is it…
Thanks for the meal last time, Mr. Kanta. It was so really delicious and I really want to meet you again. – By Ami
Ms. Ami~
Hoho, she sure is fast!

I doubt choice B can win without something to cause a minor vote swing, so let’s move on.

Message send… *Pip*
Ahhh, so happy!

Few days later…

I pretty much get the gist of Ami’s situation.


21 years old, currently studying at an university while doing part-time on Sunday at the hostess club. She returns to her family of single mother and little brother every vacation. It’s pretty unlikely that Kanta can visit her home and she doesn’t have a boyfriend… Is what she told Kanta

All these!

True: 9
Job: 9

Not waiting for this to tie-break again! I will do both!


Ms. Ami sure has it hard… Ah… I am tearing up from such touching circumstances. She even said I am the type she likes… Really, really…


Ohh, so traditional… I have tears just for the thought of it….
This is probably too hard for her.
Children… Maybe have one already!? Speaking of that… This relationship does feels a little weird.

What’s wrong, Mr. Kanta?
You are having naughty thoughts aren’t you?
I didn’t think anything!
Mr. Kanta.
Huh? Huh?
Anymore plans for today?
Plan after this…

Last chance to abort. Hopefully the last tie-voting match for this route.

I do: 18
Abort: 3

This result is refreshing.


Want to eat something?
Or karaoke?
I want to eat something!
We can do karaoke too!



There seems to be… An accident.
The karaoke was so fun!
That song you sang!
It was so good!
Really!? I am glad!
Mr. Kanta is a good singer too.
It was…
We can’t ever meet again.”
That! That is-

Battlestar Akegi!
Yes, yes.
The song name is “What a deep blue scarf”!

tiistai" post="418223998 posted:

Here's the ED of Space Battleship Yamato, called "Deep red scarf"

It has a drifting melancholy to it, not a bad song compare to…
“Battle of Midway”…
About right…
About right… About the right time, right?

Edit: First choice mean

: ∞
Love: 2
Go Home: 2


Mr. Kanta.
Not today.
Ah, okay…

Few weeks later…

Today’s liquor taste so good! Mr. Ami is cute too!
Thaaaank you, Mr. Kaaaanta! I like you the most!
Me too!

We are actually on track toward the good end with one choice-fix and picking the love confession.


If Kanta choose to confess with our points so far…

Music: Joyful Union

I love you…

…Mr. Kanta.

Music Stop

What are you saying!
Eh! What! What!
Really! It's time to go home!
See you next time!

Few weeks later…


Time to fix a choice!

If you want to be her slave, then give her your money and your heart! :homebrew:

I see… She is…


This will open up a new event after the trust-her-fake-story choice.

Today, Kanta-
I want to drink wine with you.
What kind of wine?
That… Dom Perignon…
Ehh, champagne... Or maybe Shōchū instead ?
Hmm… Hmm…
I will take that as a yes!
So what’s your plan after this?


I’m so happy!
Thank you, Mr. Kanta.

One bottle of Dom Perignon please!
Yes, ma’am!
Oh yeah…
There’s a place that I really want to go.
Where? Where?
Thanks for waiting, here’s your perignon.

Alright, let’s begin!



Finally, the time for confession…

Music: Joyful Union

Eh! Really…?
Ever since the first time…
Then could we...

Music Stop


Mr. Kanta! Mr. Kanta!

                             *Bee boo bee boo bee boo*

Hmm… I… That confession… Was just a dream…

Few days later…

Strange… Ms. Ami… This is… A dream… Right?

                   “… We will forever be together from now on…”

This count as a good end, right? Relationship wise?