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by Nyaa

Part 162: The Special Girl - Afterword

This LP started in the summer of 2013. Back then, I am free for the whole summer and decided to do a really short LP that I could finish it in time before the autumn semester begin.

I later realized that everything is frigging long for a Translation LP. Translating and lping both games took half a year, which is pretty fast all things considered. Unfortunately, the forum favorite minor character, Tanaka, was never a pursuable target. Both heroines who ended marrying Kanta were pretty bland and the route feels rushed for completion. The fact that only one of them is alive after a few dozen years later also leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am thankful to the creators for making this great and humorous game, but this will not do.

Ultimately, I decided to create a perfect ending for Kanta. One that involves him and his wife still being alive at their elderly age, and Tanaka is obviously chosen due to being the only character with the same/compatible personality as Kanta. This devotion manifested into another half year long creation. The route was, originally, pretty simple and only have half as much choices. However, given the long amount of time to make it, creative juice gets to flows and more ideas are added in the form of more choices. Many of them are inspired by the posts of people in the forum, and that’s most certainly true for the forth time/space choice that we have voted for. Special thanks again to tiistai for drawing many of the custom art and help trimmed down the time toward the next update.

I am glad that Kanta finally gets the happy ending that he deserve and I thank everyone for voting the right way into this ending where Kanta is free from the control of the player. It’s something that happen at the last possible moment when I offer the final three choices and the majority voted for a non-existence forth choice right after the climax of Kanta breaking free from the Choice Room.

Speaking of the three choices, I secretly told myself that if somehow, the majority voted to have Kanta made the terrible choice of calling Tanaka his plaything, and affirm his choice again to Tanaka outside, I would make it canon. This would result in an instant normal end and unlocks the Dark Tanaka Route, which change the perspective to Tanaka and Kanta become the target. On this route, Tanaka will take revenges on Kanta for playing with her feeling by systematically sever all relationships that Kanta have built up till this point, and ultimately turns Kanta into her plaything. It’s a fun idea, but I am happier with the current ending.

Thank you all for reading this LP, and I wish you all would find your own true love someday.