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Part 14: Day Girl 7 - Success

Please read through the night route’s first and second girl before starting this.

Day Seven: Amusement Park

Music: Melody of Selection

We have come a long way for the day routes, let's see what the final has to offer.

Three months ago…

Carnival Day

I should check out that bookstore.

She seems familiar… Where did I see her before…
Ah! (It’s the female officer from that time…)

(I should…)

That umm…
Ah… That… Nothing really. *Run away*
Ah… Hello…

Get back there, Kanta!

That ummm…
Thanks a lot for that time…
A week ago.
At downtown… When we resolved an incident.
AH! Hello!
Hello. (What should I do…)

Ah… That… Nothing really.
Ah, alright.

Don’t be shy, invite her!

If you have time…
Um Hmm.
How about some tea together?
Eh! Ah… Alright…

Let’s stay in contact.
Oh… Sure…
Hmmm… To have something like that happens and we still meet again…
Ugh! I will send her a short message…

A strange and excitingly good feeling!
Will she just meet up with me just like that…?

EIIIII… Mommyyyy!



The police woman we met in the night version!

Amusement park? It will take all we learned so far to stop Kanta for messing this up! But this is an amusement park, so let’s have fun and vote whatever you like! I will cover what we miss later!

Two weeks later…

ALRIGHT! Tomorrow is the day to have a date with a babe in the amusement park!
I am so excited that I can’t even sleep. This condition of mine…
This pounding heart… Could it be… I am getting serious?
Speaking of… Amusement park… I don’t really like amusement park… Why does the girl always…
Want to go to amusement park so much!? Was it a place they must go no matter what!?
Now that I think about it… It’s a place I did have gone to as a school activity in the past.
Since ancient time, man has been the hunter that hunts the prey! Going all out to capture this prey and enjoy such trill!
Then… Next up…

Decision Time

Preparation: 15
Mufufu: 13
Sleep: 9

That was a tough tie to break, but the good route voters prevails this round!

For tomorrow… For the glory man of tomorrow… I must be prepare.

Hmm~ I see, I see…
So it’s like that after all… Not bad!
This is some good stuff!
… Although…

Keep going: 2
Sleep: 14

Not good… It will be bad if I don’t sleep now…


It’s… Already morning… Time to get up…

Music: Casual Day

Slightly early… I will wait…

… It couldn’t be! What should I do!

Sorry! I overslept… ♪
(Oh ho! I thought you won’t come!)
(Speaking of that…)
(She’s late!? HEY!)

Fun: 8

Let’s have fun today!
Hm! Yeah!
(Ehh, Kanta is really kind and forgiving. Although I feel bad for being late, but now I feel so happy!)
Then let’s go in!
Ahh! I am so excited!
Wow~ So lively here~
Oh yeah! At the entrance, there will be a mascot coming out to welcome us!

“Mr. Po is so cute!”
“Mr. Po look over here!”
“Give me a honey pot!”

Look! It’s Mr. Po!
So cute~
Mr. Po is so popular!

I wonder what Kanta would do.

Take Picture: 15
Jump kick: 14

Choice D is clearly the best choice for a couple.

So… Let’s take a picture with Mr. Po together!
Yes! Let’s do that!

Hello, welcome to Dreamland…
Can you take a picture for us?
Certainly, it would be my pleasure…

We are ready, sir.
Say cheese~

[Kacha! Kacha!]

Alright… Picture taken…
Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
Wow~ This will leave a wonderful memory!
The weather today is great~
The attractions here look pretty fun!
Yeah, I don’t even know where to begin~
(90 minutes is a long wait!)

The vehicle is too packed, let’s use the speedy tunnel!
Hm, alright!
Let’s do that!
Yes! Let’s go!

Oh yeah! Have you been here before?

First time: 13
Gay friend: 21

Our streak of good choices has been broken by a gay choice… What about it?

I come here a lot with my boyfriend!
Heh~ Boyfriend!
Gay friend?
(Hm, Rita seems to think this is funny!)

I AM GAY! :sparkles:

Ah, I see…

Nah, just kidding!

Ah, alright.

Oh yeah, the mountain ride should be open by now.
You’re right!

“It should be around here somewhere…”

Over here! Let’s hurry to the line!
(Seems like it will take a while…)

We can almost ride your favorite mountain roller coaster.
Indeed, my darling.
No time to waste! Let’s ride!
(He’s pushing…)

Quiet: 15
Pass: 1
Report: 8
Attack: 5

Look at him all scared!
Commoner should just go back to their village and get marry.

Stay away from dangerous people.
Agree… Conflict is not the way to go! It’s just like fighting tiger bare handed and wade rivers.

Note: Fight tiger bare handed and wade rivers (暴虎馮河 is a Chinese idiom (Boukohyouga in Japanese) base on the following story.


Chung Zilu is famed for his warred valor. He later becomes a student of Confucius and Confucius later tells other: “Ever since I accepted Zilu, there’s no one dare to insult me openly.”

Zilu wasn’t a studious person, so Confucius urges him, but Zilu reply: “The bamboo of the northern mountain is not straight without processing, cut it down to make arrow and it can pierce the touch skin of rhino. So there’s no point studying!” In which Confucius reply: “It could be shot even further with feathers and arrowhead.” Zilu ignores.

One time, Zilu ask: “Confucius, if you are the commander in chief, who would you want to be with you? “Confucius say: “He who fight tiger bare handed and wade river, thinking he’s brave and might is not the one I like. I want a calm and collected person that achieves success with wits and planning.

Later, Zilu become an official in the state of Wey. A civil war broke out within Wey and many people have died. When Confucius heard about the news, he say: “Ah, Zilu is in trouble!” True to his word, Zilu rush back to the capital city all alone, resolute to request punishment for the people that revolted, but was murdered.

Fight tiger bare handed and wade rivers is to describe people with bravery but no wits.

Next is our turn~
I am so excited!
Then let’s go!

… Gatangoton… Gatangoton… Pofffuu…

Wow~ So fun!
(Roller coaster lately is too intense!)
Next up… To where?
Next one…

Oh! I am looking forward to that…
Ghost… Is so scary!!
Very much so!

It’s alright, you got me!
Th-then let’s go!

Taking a rest after the Haunted House…

Dreamland is really fun!
Hm, yeah.
Pi pi pi~~
Pi pi pi~~
Kanta, your phone is ringing.

Who’s calling?

Chief and close: 1
Chief and answer: 11
Close: 1
With you : 10

Ah, it’s from the chief.
Ah, right.
Sorry I will have to answer the phone…
Thanks for the hard work, Kanta!
Yes, yes, alright, I have time next week.
Alright, thanks a lot.

Sorry for the wait.
Nah, it’s fine.

The softcream looks good!
Want me to buy it?
Can you!?
But… I can’t eat all of it.

Let’s do it this way!
I will eat the leftover!
Ahh, I can’t wait!

At the end of the day…

_Speaking of late, there’s a popular night parade tonight!)
(But it’s quite late at night… Should I invite her?)

Of course: 5
Go home:
Opinion: 8
Force: 1

There’s still a night parade… Should we go?
Is it…?
It’s late, let’s go home…

On the way back…
Today was fun!
Me too! It was so fun! Thank you, Kanta.
Then… We should go our ways.
Hm! Thank you very much for today!

Pi pi pi~ You have a short message.
Ah! Short message! Was it Rita…?

What the heck!? Ah! Could it be THAT site!?
It said it was free! It’s a free streaming service!
Wahhh… What can I do?

We did well, just not enough points… To even reach normal end…

Time to redo FOUR choices.

When she ask if you had been here before…

Is D. Didn’t I mention it’s always ask the girl is the bes—Oh yeah, that gay choice.

Have you been here before, Rita?
That umm!
I did came…!

Kanta is not the only one with failure route, and don’t be an ass.

It bothers you?
Ah~ That’s not it. Everyone has their past~
That’s surprising…
Kanta is so mature!

When someone is cutting the line…

Restore order with the local official!

Hey… Mr. Staff…
Excuse me! Could you deal with the people over there?

Woah! Mr. Po… Could there be a horde of them…? That sure is scary, man.
Please stay in line…
Mr. Po sure is working hard.
Calm down, Kanta!
Yeah, it’s not really a big deal.
Behave with perfect composure.
Taizen Jijaku!! (泰然自若

When you got a call in the middle of a date…

Choice D is a tricky one. Her reaction depends on how much points you gained so far.

Today I am with you... So I won’t answer the phone!

When there’s a night parade but it’s getting late…

Come with me! :sparkles:

Let’s have fun in the midnight parade!

Yes! I really want to go~


Guys likes girl like that right?
Eh, I think Rita is the best!
Huh? Really?
Don’t have that kind of confident...

Fashion: 2
Smile: 10
Chest: 5

I think you have a wonderful smile.
Eh! Ahaha, is not that great.
It’s true! It’s true! I really mean it!

Today’s date…
It was honestly fun… I don’t even want to go home yet… Should I… with courage…


Music Stop

… The parade has ended…

Was fun…

Approaching the closing hour of the park…

Music: Joyful Union

The park is about to close…
It’s so fun in the amusement park…
Yeah! Today is full of happiness!
Me too! Super happy!
Thank you… Kanta.
Thank you too.
The park is closing, it’s about time to leave.
The firework is about to start, Kanta!
Firework! I want to see it!

“So pretty…”

“And so we become a couple.”

“There were many things happened...”

“And there were times… When I feel… I can’t go on anymore…”

Even so…

Why does grandma want to marry grandpa?
Grandpa is… A good person…
A good person~
Umm Hmm.

“I am very happy… To be with her is so wonderful…”

He’s a kind person. You should become a good man like your grandpa too.

Let’s go to the amusement park again next time, Kanta.