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Part 3: Day Girl 2 - Success

Day Two: Hairdresser

Next we have Shibata Yuko, the hairdresser. She has the opposite preference of Arata and prefer interesting people, so logical choice is not required if you can keep it interesting, which could be tricky.

My Advice: Impression is the key point this time since you don’t get to meet a hairdresser everyday like your co-worker, so try to get her to remember you. Most safe normal/ordinary choice would be less effective in this route, but don’t push it too far with the memorable crazy choices.

Sunday afternoon…

Ah, hello.

To be clear, Kanta didn’t have an appointment, so the second choice is a lie. Should Kanta lie?

Don't Have an appointment 11
Have an appointment 9

Welp, Let's hope she's not busy with cutting someone else's hair then!

I don’t have an appointment…
But you have time for me, right?
Ah, I understand.
Please wait a moment while I check the record book.
Please do.

Would now be a good time?
Ah, alright.
There’s no problem with your time?
None at all!
Thank you very much, then…
You need any specific hairdresser?

This is pretty obvious.

Let me think…

“It’s you! You are the murderer!

“Very well! Thank you very much!”

You’re welcome.
Then please come this way.

“This girl’s name is…”

“What is it!?”

Did you look at the name tag on her shirt? Anyway, moving on.

What kind of hairstyle would you like?
Hmm… let me think…
What do you think, Ms. Yuko.
Eh! Ah my…
… Name… you remembers.
I try to remember everything that’s cute!

Then… what kind of hairstyle would you prefer?
Hmm… I wonder…

Here’s a fun choice, depend on what you pick here and the sub-choices, Kanta will end with different hairstyle. Those hairstyle will affect Yuko’s impression of you later.

Let her decide: 14
Make it cool : 15

Another tight race that proves your vote matters!

Let me think…
For today…

More handsome?
Yes, please.
That uhh…
Do you have any concrete visual?
Eh? Concrete visual?
Yeah… if you have some sort of concrete example…
Let me think…

Note: Bald haircut choice doesn’t end up as bald haircut because Yuko said shaving is too difficult for her, but she will get something close to it.

Bald: 6
Fashion: 12

Let’s see…

This kind of feeling

“Here… isn’t this popular lately? Just like this, the front hair at the middle will cover up the face.”

. Uh huh…

“And, make it look shorter… the top should have the feeling like the rooster’s comb...”

Ah. Like this, and invert from the right side to intersect?
Yes, yes! That’s the feeling!
I see! Then, would you like it shorter?
Hmm, yeah!
Alright, I understand.
Then I’m all yours .


In that case...
Let me give you a hair wash first, please come this way.
Ah, alright.

“Is the water temperature alright for you?”

Yep, good.

“Ah this feels great… amazing…”

Any place itches?


For those who vote yes, please also vote the next choice ‘head’ or ‘elsewhere’.

Head 1
Elsewhere 8

I think it's… over there.
Over there.



Or here?
… Nah, is not the itch on the head…

I will wash off your hair now…

After washing the hair…

Your head is all washed, please come over here.
Are you ready?
Next I will begin the hair cutting, please wait for a moment.
Is there any type of magizine you prefer?
Ah, let’s see... I will…

Sport: 2
Fashion: 6
Humor: 3

I think…
Give me a fashion magazine if there’s one.
I will go get it.

Yes, thanks.

“What kind of clothing is this…”

What happened to this country to have this kind of thing being popular!?

Eh, it’s…

I can see the result already and yes, it's a real job.

Office Worker: 2
Avoid Topic: 3
Don’t Work: 1
Checking Sexer: 13

Actually, I am…
I am a...

“Chicken Sexer!”

Note: I think the original wording use ‘Massager’ instead of ‘Sexer’.

Eh! Chicken Sexer!
Hehe, it’s very interesting!
Oh! It does sound fun!
Yeah, everyday, massage!
It sounds really joyful!
Anything special happen there?
Of course!
My eyes…
When I pick up too many chicks!
I will help you spot the chicks in that case!

Thanks for the wait, It’s done…


“How is it? It’s a bit shorter though!”

We got a Mohawk!

Hmm umm…
How is it?
Is there a problem?

Lost Generation posted:

Is each girl going to be 'harder' than the last, or is it just the jump from tutorial to full game? I can only imagine who Kanta could try and woo for a final boss date.

All of them are very hard. The latter one just get more instant dead bad end and maybe trickier ways to woo the girl. I will rewind for those instant bad ends, but the main problem is that certain single choice will drop you off from good end, so messing up on those is a slow way toward bad end. For example, the 'report to boss' in Arata's route is one of this case.

To deal with this problem, I will now save you from one bad choice once to get you back into the good end like how I did it in Arata's route, but only ONCE per route so if you mess up twice for one girl, it's over for her. Exception would be if the route is especially hard or long.

Anyway, smiling choice win.

This is the first time I experience such feeling!
Truly feels wonderful! This feels good!

Thank you.
I was worried if I might have cut it too short.
Thank you very much!
I should be the one to say it, thanks!

End of the haircutting session…

Please come again next time.

She said “Please, you must come again next time!”

Alright! I will go there again next time!
FOR HAIRCUUUUT! (But when should I go there again?)

Tomorrow 5
One Month 13
One Year 1
Wait outside 6

I’ve decided! I will go one month from now!
Hello… yes… yeah, appointment at one month later and have miss Yuko as my hairdresser!

One month later…

It’s been awhile.
Thanks for appointing me as your hairdresser, mr. Kanta.
I will take good care of you again like last time!

She remembers!

Some times later, inside the tram after work…

What should I do when I get home…

What a coincidence! What is this fortunate luck! This must be destiny!

Hey there, Yuko!
Mr.Kanta, right?
How are you?
I am fine, thank you!
You look…
Really nice with the suit!
Yessss! She remembers me! Alright, time to go on the offense!

Ask 8
Too Sudden 1


                            “Have time for a drink together?”


Yeah… I was surprised too!
Me too…
I’m not sure if I should ask you a question all of the sudden…
Sure, go ahead, ask me.
What is your dream.
My… dream?

Last choice. Win or lose decision.

booksnake" post="413470120 posted:

Metagame answer: Introduction says her job stresses her out because her customers talk about their own things all the time. Sounds like a hint that we should ask about hers.

Thankfully someone figure out the first hint is actually the solution to the last answer! That sure broke the dangerous 10 to 10 stalemate votes. Told you it’s getting tricky!

Tell her: 10
Ask her: 17

Let me think…
My dream wasn’t something grand, but what’s your?
Eh! Me!?
My dream is to have my very own shop, smaller one is fine too!
But my skill and funding is still not enough.

You sure have given me a deep impression the first time we met. Today chatting with you really shows that you are a conversational person. It’s so easy to get along with you!
Next time, contact me if you have time!
Of course!

Kanta, come over here~~
I’m coming, Yuko!