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Part 16: Day side Mini-Games

Day Version Mini-Games:

The “Wai wai Game Collection”! The description mention it include a cheating function so you and her can have more fun.

First game is the “Two Person Three Legs”!

Oh no, I need a girlfriend for this… But considering the target audience for this game, I guess the game meant my left hand.

Yep, my left hand should do.

Oh, so I can’t cheat if I took the right side!

Looks simple enough.

Steady… Steady… This is going well… I think we can speed this up…


30 seconds and eight meters later…

We reached the pool… With our legs still tied. This is not dangerous at all.

Off we go!

Rapid fire!

We did it, left hand… See! We are com-

Excuse me while I go cut off my left hand.

Next up is “Paper Airplane”.

A great way to get my girlfriend’s spits all over my DS.

It increase by 10% for each press, but she obviously would be suspicious if we get a high score without beating the game.

All these balloons are the obstacle, not that I can see with my mouth on the blow hole.

Far enough. Pretty sure I broke the Guinness World Record.

Pardon me while I go replace an artificial lung.

Welcome to “Neurasthenia”!

Thanks, game. I will be sure to put this into good use.

No one would suspect a thing!

Time to up the ante!

First choice from the love icon, I set it to warm hug.

Food choice, I go with EXPENSIVE PUNISHMENT.

She will pay. She will pay it all!!

I am suddenly very motivated to play this game multiple times.

Weekend is for staying home and rest, so we will go buy a pizza and go home.

Oh mighty god of cheating, please let me land in this category.

Foot is more satisfying.

“Hi, I don’t know your phone number and email, but would you play this game with me?”

It's alright, I will keep your secret to the grave.

This will be the only thing you can win, woman!

You did win! But in the game of Match Two, you only get the advantage if your first pick is lucky enough to be correct! Otherwise I will know the card and be in the ad-

Oh. This is just beginner’s luck! I will come back ver-

Okay, you can stop being lucky now. Seriously.

Hahaha, this will be your ends!

Now I just need to flip a card and press the L button...

Where’s the clue?

… I knew I should have practice this first.

Of course she just had to get the last four cards right, which makes the last two cards a freebie for her total score.

Time to resign to my fate. This is what happens when I get cocky, and now I-

I-I win! YESSSS.

Thanks game, I will work on my honesty after I cheat through this!

I will go with relaxation. Time to see how compatible I am to myself.

Weekend? I sleep.

”Man please answer” posted:

How do you plan to meet on the day of the date?
-- > Stay home
-- > Meet at a certain place

”Woman please answer” posted:

How should you handle lunch when you go on a date with your boyfriend?
-- > Bring homemade meal
-- > Let boyfriend treat

”Man please answer” posted:

Going shopping with girlfriend, but you still owns some debts… What to do?
-- > Tell her about it and ask her to endure it for now
-- > Go for it

”Woman please answer” posted:

Eating chilled noodle on a hot day, what kind would you eat?
-- > Chilled wheat noodle
-- > Chilled Veggi noodle

”Man please answer” posted:

What kind of bait would you use for fishing?
-- > Artificial bait
-- > Worm bait

”Woman please answer” posted:

It was so fun to fish with your boyfriend, but suddenly, your boyfriend falls into the sea! Oh no!
-- > Jump into the sea to save him
-- > Yell for help

”Man please answer” posted:

Winter season, what activity would you like to do?
-- > Ice-skating
-- > Enjoy a snow beer in an outdoor sauna

”Woman please answer” posted:

Snow is falling outside the window, speaking of snow…
-- > Build snowman
-- > Snow fight


Please Wait

That’s all I got. I guess I am not Narcissistic?

Next time: Night Version Mini-Games