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Part 21: Night Girl 2 - Success

Night Two: Gōkon (Group Blind Date)

All OL naturally gravitates toward Kanta.

All the hints you will ever need for this route. I am 50% sure.

A day at the workplace…

*Ring tone noise*

Ah? I got mail~ Let’s see… Kanta, we will have a group blind date, so you better come! I also attached a photo…

You will participate right!?
Wow! So cute!
I will participate!
I better reply!
I can’t wait~~

The day of the group blind date…

How are you all doing?


Then, let’s go! There’s a restaurant nearby. Everyone follow me!

Direct answer from the hint: Be normal.

I am starving.
Me too!
You have been here before?
Not me…
Will this goes well?
I done my research on the web, it should be fine in logic.

Will this really goes well!?
Should be fine…

(What’s with everyone!?)
(… Ah!)
(Seating arrangement!)
(It’s everyone’s first time after all, I should think about this…)

Someone have to break the ice.

Please have a seat before we begin.
How about we sit alternately between male and female?

“Ohh, that works.”

(Should I sit next to Ms. Hiromi? Should I? Hmm…)

Pretty straightforward. We go for it normally!

Ah, sure.
Good evening~
Good evening~

Draught Beer
Two Draught Beer then.

“I want lemonade” “Me too!”

Two lemonade it is!
Then I will have Umeshu.
Alright, Umeshu. Eh? We’re missing one… Kanta?

Note: Umeshu are Liqueur made by steeping ume in alcohol.

In the good route, Kanta can handle anything!

(What should I drink?)

Shōchū is a Japanese distilled beverage. It is typically distilled from barley, sweet potatoes, or rice, though it is sometimes produced from other ingredients such as brown sugar, buckwheat or chestnut.

Draught: 7
Bottled: 3
Shochu: 3
Cola: 0

I will have… Draught Beer!
Alright, three Draught Beer it is!

Next is the self introduction! We will start with the men. Kanta, you go first!
M-me first!? That… Uhh…

Name: 4
Hobby: 10
University: 0
Income: 2

B, C, and D have sub-choices.

Nice meeting you all… I am Kanta. As for my hobby, it’s…

All these choices also have sub-choices. The failure route will be long.

Mister Roboto posted:

So wait, did Chief Kyoko dump Kanta or something in this timeline?

Read her canon failure route again. They never get it on, but Kanta did good enough that Kyoko will tolerate Kanta angrily for now.

Exercise: 2
Movie: 8
Music: 7
I can’t tell you: 2

What’s in failure route, stays in failure route.

… Watching movies. I regularly watches some Hollywood hits!

It’s very interesting and amazing!

After the self introduction is over…

Mr. Kanta is it?
Nice to meet you.
Same here!

I see the word ‘normal’, let’s go with that.

So, how do you get to know Murayama?
Ah, yes. I had attended a dinner party with Mr. Murayama before and he invited me to this blind date.
Oh… I see…
(That son of a bitch… He already dated her before! That bastard…)
You blind date demon lord!

Get it: 1
Ask for it: 9
Ignore: 0
Eat it: 2

Hey Nishimura, can you pass those fry chicken over?
Ah… my bad, I didn’t notice!


Wow~ Thanks~
(Kanta is very sharp~)
(Ah? Ms. Hitomi’s cup is empty.)

The only polite choice…

What would you like to drink, Ms. Hitomi?
Ahh, I will have Oolong Beer
One Oolong Beer, please.
Sure, please wait a moment.
(Now that I am getting pretty familiar with Hitomi, I should… In one go!)

Both choices works and have their own sub-choices, so pick whichever you like.

Party: 13
Talk: 13

Perfect draw, so be it. You shall get a glance at both sub-choices and pick one from each list. Ex: Party D and Talk B.

                                                Party                                                                                              Talk

Hobby: 19
Boyfriend: 0
Erotic: 3
Food: 3

What’s your hobby, Ms. Hitomi?
Ah… It’s nothing special…
Ehh, is that so…

Back to food it is.

What kind of food do you like?
The kind that you really like to eat?
I do… Have one…
I love to eat meat!
Meat! Such youth!

Roast meat is my favorite!
Really… Then, next time we should go have some!
Ohhh, ye--

Want to drink something?
Ahh, I will order it later!


Now for the other choice before we proceed with that good result.

Saga: 2
Joke: 9
Imitation: 10
Drink: 2

Who shall Kanta Imitate?

Nobunaga: 11
Prime Minister: 6
Tightpants: 3

Now… I shall take the lead… To Toast! CHEEERS! A toast for me to imitate the King of Zipangu, Oda Nobunaga! Ohhhhh! Here it begins!


That was a lot of reference. Now back to current event.

steinrokkan" post="415568728 posted:

So, did the impersonation have a positive effect, or what? From the graphics (I don't get the references) it seems like Kanta basically did a Japanese version of the "Let me talk like Hitler" routine.

Looking at the code, it adds zero relationship points, so no effect.

Happy: 4
Hitomi: 6
Children: 2
Can’t tell: 3

Happy is actually the best choice.

The long hair type like Ms. Hitomi.
(Eh… Doesn’t that…)

The code shows this choice gain us 2 points, so it’s a good result.

Halfway point of the blind date…

Ms. Hitomi is now more familiar with me!
With this… In one shot!

Talk to the girl!

How should I do this?

Kindness: 2
Pet: 19
Confess: 2

Do you like cat, Ms. Hitomi?
I love Cat!

So cuuute!
I want to raise a cat too.

“Ohhhh! It looks good!”

You like Takoyaki?
I love it! I often make it at home!
(… AHH!)

Subtle: 8
Joking: 1
Remove: 2
Ignore: 9

Ignore is the good choice.

Takoyaki is so good!
Want one, Mr. Kanta?
Sure, thanks.
(… Ahhh, I still can see it!)

About time to end…

Ehh, is it really like that?

She’s clearly worrying about the time.

It’s about closing time for the restaurant!
Ah, yes!
Oh, it’s that late already!

Group: 6
Two: 5
End: 3

How about we go to Karaoke next?

Better hurry before the last train is gone.

Final phase of the group date…

Tonight was fun~
Yes it is!
Let’s do it again next time!

No point waiting, do it now.

Be brave and ask for it.

Ms. Hitomi, can you tell me your phone number?
Ah. Please tell me yours too, Mr. Kanta!

Right After: 1
Get home: 1
Tomorrow Morning: 15

This one is a trick question.

The next day…

Ding ring ring ring~~
Mr. Kanta sent a message…

Anyone who partied till late night would usually want to sleep through morning. Some key event that tell us that they partied very late are “Restaurant closing” and they go to karaoke after “The last train has left”, which usually pass midnight for most country, if not all.

Few weeks later…

Great work today, Ms. Hitomi.
You did well too, Mr. Kanta.

You have a pretty good relationship...

It’s been awhile, neutral end, but I must reject you because…

ONE SAVING CHANCE ACTIVATES! We will send it right after she gets home!

Few days later…

Although it is very good!
It is!

A month later…
Ahh… I want drink a delicious wine for tonight…