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Part 9: Let's play Paving the Way

Let's play Paving the Way

This doesn't look very good...

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Pretty sure I said this already, but that medal was for taking out a Shivan last level AND keeping the Galatea over 50% health this level. If you didn't even get a look at a Shivan last time, the Galatea would start at 83% health instead of 100%.

New progress on our map. Bastion info is marked in blue, and I've colored in contested systems in yellow, and those the Shivans have overrun in red. I'm using just what we're told in briefings, not trying to interpret the animated maps during briefings that showed a ton of yellows already.

You can see here how the node map starts to fail. The briefing claimed that the safest way from Antares to Beta Cygni was two jumps away. This seems to be impossible on the map. This is why I'm just marking the paths in a straight line, rather than guessing which nodes we use every time.

Let's meet the Arcadia, and more menu bits

Still no info on the Shivans in the database. So here's what we've got today.

The GTA's only type of Installation ever. (There is one other GTI-class in FS2, but it shouldn't really count, I don't think).

Despite its size, the Arcadia isn't really very strong. Most any enemy bomber (or FS2 capital ship) can take one out, if unguarded. And of course, it can't move.

So, we're on board the GTD Bastion for now. Despite being an Orion just like the Galatea, it seems to be laid out a bit differently in its menu:

Last, it's the barracks, where you can change your player and look at your stats. I'm not doing so well.

That's our picture in the corner there. Not too good looking, but we don't have a lot of better options: