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Part 8: Let's play Out of the Dark, Into the Night

Change of plans. That map has been more trouble than it's worth, so I spent even more trouble and flat-out made my own. It's got everything in about the right place, but I moved stuff to make it less cramped. Plus, I labeled the blank systems. For now at least, everything is green to reduce confusion.

Let's play Out of the Dark, Into the Night

And thus, the actual game begins.

All we gotta do it make it there alive... Click to get going.

Or use the official Viddler player or the
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No movement on the map today. Antares was "almost clear" a minute ago, but someone's gonna have to come up with a new plan quick...

Let's meet the Aten, Faustus, Osiris, and more menu parts

Well, I can't share anything about the phantom ships yet, since no one knows any more than what we saw at this point. Instead, a bit on the Vasudans we encountered today.

We didn't get to see much of this ship before the phantoms destroyed it, but it could have easily taken out the Plato, a science vessel:

The GTSC Faustus is extremely weak, and probably one of the hardest ships to escort safely, even when given a fair chance.

Quick question part 3: GTSC?
Quick answer part 3: I have no idea. Everywhere I look, its type is listed as "science vessel". The Wiki has no listing for _SC on its list of ship terms. The Faustus is also the only ship I can find that uses the label GTSC. Presumably it means Science Cruiser, or Science Craft, or something like that.

Next up we have the ship that took us down with a single laser turret shot:

Always bested by the weakest. To be fair, it was one of the phantoms' missiles that took out half my health in one shot. To be even more fair, it did that because I was stubbornly chasing my target and didn't even try to dodge. I really am way too used to FS2's "you have 30 (weak) missiles chasing you at once", and so underreact when I see just one.

Last, its the menu that describes the cutscenes. This description almost seems like a spoiler and/or meaningless at this point, but it's there now.

So to be clear, all that stuff was not about Terrans. It's just an allegory.
(Oh, and don't get confused, the phantoms are not the Ancients either).

And the listing for the intro movie.