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Part 28: Let's play Last Hope

Let's play Last Hope

This is an exhaustive list of what I accomplished in this mission.

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We're in Beta Ac. today, but I'm not bothering with a new map for it, since it wouldn't really change much.

Let's meet the Manticore and ships that don't exist

Still no Manticore in the database. Not sure if, for some reason, it will show up even later, or it just bugged out, but there's no reason not to hear about it already, we've been killing it for the last 5+ levels. So screenshot off the wiki instead.

According to the commentary on that page, the Manticore is either a pretty big wimp, or the next best thing after a Dragon. To be bluntly honest, I have a hard time telling apart most Shivan fighters besides Dragons, since they all die without much trouble. I guess the Basilisk also stands out because it practically dies without even touching it (yeah, yeah, heavy shields, but it just sits there).

Now, because I realized I forgot to check out concept art for a long time again, but have no clue which ones I've used already (not helped by the fact that the wiki page has been reorganized since I last checked it), I found something else there to show off. Here's art for three ships that were never made. The names are what's on the files, and that's all I know.

GTB Notus:

GTF Enceladus:

GVF Chensit:

Also, here's the GTFr Chronos, which has nothing to do with anything, and is included here cause of silly mistakes.

That's it for today. We're entering the endgame pretty soon... 7 levels left, I believe.