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Descent: Freespace

by Goldom

Part 27: Let's play Exodus

Let's play Exodus

This level is about Hornets.

Or use the official Viddler player or the
backup on Dailymotion.

It's clean map time, as promised.

Updated the node colors based on the info in the briefing today. Changed Vega from yellow to red based on the briefing animation alone, since it makes sense. You'll also notice that the visible nodes in today's level actually conform to this map, for one of the first times ever.

Let's meet the Banshee and Hornet

I'm not normally a fan of shield-only guns since you have to pair them or switch around, but I got over that today and found it pretty good. Also I guess this isn't a pure shield-only, but it's certainly not worth using for its hull damage.

Think I've said enough about this guy.