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Part 30: Let's play Reaching the Zenith

Let's play Reaching the Zenith

Well, we're screwed.

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So, the command briefing says we're in Ribos, but apparently we're in Deneb, headed to the Altair jump node. I give up, you figure it out.

Also, we earned this for beating both cruisers today, though we didn't have a debriefing to see it:

Let's meet the Ursa, Harbinger bomb, and Disruptor Missile

So I hear we're totally behind the times, and we should catch up on these things that we only just were told about.

I totally forgot this is where the Ursa was created, as the super great kill the Lucifer bomber! I only remember it as FS2's super slow get yourself killed 'cause you can't turn bomber. To be fair, it's actually not that bad a ship, simply because while that critique is true of all heavy bombers, at least the Ursa, though the slowest of all, is built like a tank. What really is a pain is it's bizarre gun turret, which shoots three blasts way off to the left. But you'll see that later.

It's a bomb! Moving on...

I think I said the biggest problem with this thing in the level. Capital ships are just so offensively weak in FS1 that disabling their weapons isn't a good use of time. Give me these in FS2, and I'd be all over them. But they're not in FS2.