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Part 31: Let's play Running the Gauntlet

Oops, I finished this yesterday and totally forgot to actually post it.

Let's play Running the Gauntlet

Anyone who watched my last LP may be aware that I have a propensity to throw linguistic references in where they don't belong. I would just like to say, this time, they started it.

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What was that bit I said? No, I'm not a creepy hair stalker. As found here...

2001-02-04      LFH Survey

We are compiling a list of scientists who have luxuriant, flowing 
hair (LFH). The initial list, assembled by a subcommittee 
comprised of seven members of the American Association for the 
Advancement of Science, is meant as a nucleating seed, from which 
the larger list will grow. Here is the initial list:

        Steven Pinker <>

If you know of a scientist who has luxuriant, flowing hair, and 
who therefore should be included on the list, please send info to 
include a URL that points to an evidentiary photograph or drawing 
in which the luxuriant, flowing hair (LFH) is clearly evident.

Let's meet Steven Pinker

Pinker's a pretty crazy guy. Seriously, Google him and check out his webpage.

Oh wait, this is a FreeSpace LP.


Let's meet Amazon(s) and Ra

So I did a little checking through the entire tech database. There are currently 9 entries left that haven't been covered. Not sure whether any more have yet to be added. So here we go with random things.

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