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Part 32: Let's play Black Omega

Let's play Black Omega

Oh mighty Harbingers, you promise such power, yet are so understocked.

Or use the official Viddler player or the
backup on Dailymotion

Of note on the Harbinger, its damage is about double of the Tsunami, but its subsystem damage is godlike - 51,200 compared to 3,000.

So, thanks for the post above. Someone mentioned that registry hack pages ago and I totally forgot. So I did it, but I'm not really seeing a difference. Here's a comparison shot:

Unless for some reason it doesn't apply to the models in the database, but dunno why that would be. Anyone think it looks better in-level?

Let's meet the Horus and Ma'at

Up against the fastest thing the Vasudans have, and I'm stuck in an Ursa. I hate relying on AI to cover me...