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Part 33: Let's play Clash of the Titans (part A)

Let's play Clash of the Titans (part A)

Warning: this doesn't go well.

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"It'll be as easy as the first level!" the wiki promised, if I used all bombers. Yeah right. The reason I don't just stick in one bomber is that if it's me, I'm useless the rest of the level, and we lose. If it's an AI, they might not survive until the Bastion is safe and the enemy is low enough to finish off. But I think that's probably what I'll have to try next time anyway.

We're in Sirius, headed to... wait... Yeah, well, ok.

Let's meet the Centaur and Poseidon

Freaking support ship, with your "oh yeah, um, I'm obstructed. So I'm just gonna go the other way for a while..."

Aaand... this guy.

So when I manage to do this, I'll make a single good video out of whatever way I find to be the best. Keeping this one for... the variety? Also won't be including briefings again next time, so even if you skip over all the failure vids, at least watch the intro of this one for those.