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Part 34: Let's play Clash of the Titans (part B)

Let's play Clash of the Titans (part B)

Warning: this goes well.

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I win. This level, I realize, is really buggy. (A lot of FS1 seems to be). Enemies each attack once, then sit around bumping into the Bastion. This means once you shoot down a bomber's first launch, it's better to go after another target than take him down.

No Let's Meet for this part... nor next time I think. I have just enough database left for the final episode.

I have discovered that Athenas, listed as a light bomber, can't carry either kind of bomb. Was there some weaker bomb in the early game that's gone now, cause I remember using them and liking it. (Turns out no!)
Blah. And back in ep 13 I was all like "Oh yeah, Athenas are pretty good bombers, cause they can bomb and maneuver too! " This is totally Let's Play pretend I remember FS1 by assuming it's just like FS2. On the plus side, only 2 more levels til FS2.