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Descent II

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Part 57: Themed Drink List

While the next update is in progress, please enjoy this treasure from the last thread:

Medium Hulk
1.5 oz Mountain Dew
1 oz 151 Rum
.5 oz Red Bull
Served in a rocks glass

Class 2 Platform Robot (green)
1-3 shots of Jameson, Jack or whatever Whiskey you prefer

1 shot glass containing:
1 oz Creme de menthe (green)
1.5 oz vodka
Take a single d3 die and roll it to determine how many 'concussion missles' hit you before you reach the actual robot. The number you roll is how many shots of whiskey you take. Shoot the whiskey shots and immediately shoot the second glass as a chaser. (Get it shoot hahaha )

And on that note, the Class 2 Platform Robot (grey) can just be the same thing with white Creme de menthe.

Small Hulk

1 part green crème de menthe
1 part crème de cacao
1 part light cream

Shake with cracked ice.

Goes down easy, just like the early enemies.

Cloaked driller

Don blindfold, shotgun a beer and have a friend punch you where and when you least expect it before you finish your beer. If they can make that fucking screeching noise while doing this, so much the better.

Medium Lifter

Shaker full of ice, juice of half a lime, shot of Ty-Ku (the green one), three shots gin. Shake, strain into a cocktail glass, then slowly add ~1/4th of a shot of chambord, razmatazz or sloe gin (something heavy, red and sweet) so that it sinks to the bottom of the glass.

Class One Drone

Find a spherical jello mold, or cut an orange in half, gut each piece and fill with orange jello that has been made as alcoholic as possible, let set. In a separate glass, make a whiskey sour, but strain out the ice. Carefully drop orange alcoholic jello hemispheres into glass so that they're once again roughly spherical.

Feeling the pain and need to recharge? Do an Energy Center!

Drop a shot each of Goldschlager and Absolute 100 into a glass full of Red Bull.


In a small glass of your choosing, on ice:

- 1 oz vodka of some variety, berry flavors preferred
- 1 oz Bicardi 151 or similarly proofed non-spiced rum
- 1 oz cranberry juice
- 1 oz blue curacao of some variety
- Add a splash to .5 oz Peppermint Schnapps for that cool Charon and Pluto seasonal briskness
- Garnish with lime slice to represent the eye

To invoke Insane difficulty:
- Substitute vodka for an additional shot of 151

For added style leave out the ice, slam this bitch, and then rasp out "HUUUUUURK!!!! CHAAAAAASE IT!!!!"

Class 2 Supervisory Robot
1 shot glass containing Blue Curacao

Shoot Curacao, and then select any rocks-sized cocktail, straight shot of liquor or pint of beer to enjoy at your leisure.

Cloaked Hulk
1 slices cooked bacon
half a green chile pepepr
1 habanero pepper
half a serrano pepper
16oz vodka
Mix together, making sure all ingredients are submerged in vodka.
let soak for 48hr. Strain, and drink each shot in 1 go.

The Spreadfire

Three shots of Bombay Sapphire, half a shot of blue curacao, shake and strain into three shotglasses.

The Smart Missile

This, but don't use ruby grapefruit juice (use yellow or whatever you call regular grapefruits), and watch the basil bomblets zing about.

Proximity Bomb
Half pint of Guinness or Stout of your choice
Shot glass containing:
1 oz Bacardi Cherry Rum
.5 oz softer whiskey like Jameson
Float with Grenadine until red enough for your satisfaction (or shot glass overflows)

Drop shot into Stout and drink quickly.

Mix 1 shot of each of the other hulk drinks together.
Add olive.
Eat olive.

Mega Missile
Just shy of a shotglass worth of Red absinthe with a thin layer of baileys floated on top.