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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 50: Vertigo Secret 03

Featured music - "Music Is Math" and "Beware the Friendly Stranger" from Geogaddi by Boards of Canada.

This is the shortest video of both this LP and Descent 1. It's also a really empty mine, too. In fact, the secret levels of Vertigo Series are all pretty easy. The first one is tricky in places because of the robots inside, but it doesn't have any of the kinds of puzzles that the others had in vanilla Descent II. The worst that this secret level will do to you is get you lost a bit and you might miss a control panel. I'd say that the room with the earthshaker is easy to miss because there's just a panel on a wall that disappears when you shoot it, but the force field is in front of it so it's kind of obvious that something's there.

What is noteworthy about this mine is that it's the second of only two levels to use the ice texture set. The first was level 15, the bouncy castle video. Secret level 2 was the first of two to use the alien 2 texture set, but it really only used the dark green rock textures. It's also the final appearance of the ITD, the PEST, and the compact lifter. The compact lifter is the first new robot in Vertigo to be seen and it's used very little. We're actually going to be seeing a very small selection of robots in the next few videos; namely the most difficult ones to fight.