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by Star Man

Part 51: Vertigo 17

Featured music - "Level 2", "Level 11", and "Level 21" from Descent.

Hello, my name is Star Man and I am your giggle box for the evening.

In this video, the final new robot makes its first appearance.

The S.P.I.K.E. isn't as bad as something like the sniper NG or boarshead, but it's still a pretty dangerous robot. Its weapon is an omega cannon. It doesn't fire in a stream like the one you use, but is instead like the Brimfrost boss and the shots are a volley. They don't have very good tracking, but the projectiles are fast enough that you will probably get hit by most or all of them and that damage adds up very quickly. As long as you can keep moving, you'll be okay and take little to no damage

This is also the final mine that has a returning robot from Descent 1. I'd say that perhaps you've seen it, but well...

It's the cloaked medium hulk. Because they're invisible, I'd put them on the same threat level as the spiders as it's hard to tell where a volley of concussion missiles came from in a dark room when fired by an invisible robot. The game leaves a nasty little surprise by leaving one of these guys in the exit tunnel to ambush you. If you have high shields, it won't be to big of a deal since you can fly into the tunnel and escape, but if you can't take a lot of damage, then it might kill you and make you start the next mine with all of your weapons and equipment gone. And trust me, you do not want to lose those earthshaker missiles that you're stocking up.