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by Star Man

Part 49: Vertigo 16

Featured music - audio of plasma emissions from Neptune

There is no new robot here. The game provides the briefing before this mine, but there are none here.

There have only been a few found at this point, but this is the part of the game where you're going to see more earthshaker missiles. It's really important to start looking for them because you will need to horde every one of them for the end. Vanilla Descent II provided more than enough that you could use about 10-15 of them on whatever you wanted and still have enough for the last boss, but Vertigo isn't that forgiving.

The switch for getting to the earthshaker behind the reactor is certainly one of the trickiest to find. It's not tricky like getting the omega cannon in level 13 was, but you don't expect that the control panel is hiding behind the secret level teleporter. This is possible because the portal is its own cube. If you enter a secret level teleporter for a secret level you have already cleared, you'll be inside a cube where all six faces are the teleporter door texture.