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Part 6: Level 05 - Venus Nickel-Iron Mine

Level 05 - Venus Nickel-Iron Mine -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- Level 5

All tunnels lead to the reactor.

In this episode, we finally pick up the quad laser accessory and reach the peak level of power that we can in the shareware version. No new weapons until we get to Mars. This mine also brings the appearance of one of the most dangerous enemies in the game:

These guys are Medium Hulks with a red pallet and fire homing missiles instead of concussion missiles. They yield more points (1,500), drop homing missiles, and take a metric fuck tonne of damage. Six homing missiles are needed to bring one down. Their homing missiles will activate our lock alarm, so their ability to snipe isn't as stealthy as their cousins, but they will deal more damage. I'm never sure what these things are called. I'm calling them Red Hulks, but I've also seen them called Heavy Hulk, Large Hulk, and Super Hulk before. They do not have a proper briefing like most of the other robots do, so it's all up in the air on the name.