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Part 34: Bonus Video 03 - Cheat Codes

Bonus Video 03 - Cheat Codes -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- "Pinhead" from Leave Home by The Ramones, "Kill All the White People" from Bloody Kisses by Type O Negative, and "Somebody Put Something in My Drink" from Are You Dead Yet? by Children of Bodom (Ramones cover)

At last, it's the cheat code video. UZworm was at my side for this live recording, and my directional mic doesn't pick me up as well because it was facing him more so than me, so I sound much quieter.

In this video are as many cheat codes as I could think to include. In order to activate them, enter GABBAGABBAHEY. Activating cheat codes will reduce your score to zero and you will not be able to gain points for the remainder of the game and the score will display "CHEATER!" everytime you destroy a robot. The score penalty will be saved if you save the game and reload that save. Here is the list of cheat codes featured in the game.

ALL VERSIONS - These cheat codes will work in the shareware version of the game and retail version.

ALT+F - Reveals the entire map while viewing the automap
FARMERJOE - Warp to any level in the game. Cannot warp to secret levels.
GUILE - Activate cloaking field. Lasts for the duration of a cloaking device power-up. Enter this code again to disable it.
MITZI - Gives you all access keys.
RACERX - Activate invulnerability. Lasts indefinitely, but must be reactivated every time you enter a new level. Enter this code again to disable it.
SCOURGE - Wowie Zowie weapons! Gives you Laser Level 4, Quad Lasers, Vulcan Cannon, Spreadfire Cannon, and full payloads of Concussion and Homing Missiles and Proximity Bombs. Enter again to refill your secondary weapon payload.
TWILIGHT - Resets your shields to 100.


AHIMSA - Disables enemy weapons.
BIGRED - Super Wowie Zowie weapons! Gives you all weapons and full payloads of all secondary weapons. Enter again to refill your secondary weapon payload.
BRUIN - Gives you an extra life.
BUGGIN - Activates turbo mode. Enter again to return the game to normal speed.
FLASH - Illuminates a pathway to the Exit from the starting point of the mine with energy power-ups. These power-ups will disappear eventually.


ASTRAL - You can now fly through doors and grates. Enter again to deactivate.
LUNACY - Robots' shots will travel faster, but they will fire less often at you. Enter again to deactivate.
PLETCH followed by a number from 000 to 999 - Fire at a robot to change their texture. Choose 999 to cancel. Try numbers 940, 917, 590.
POBOYS - Destroys the reactor and places you at the exit.
PORGYS - Mega Wowie Zowie Weapons! Gives you all weapons, rapid fire, higher than maximum payloads of all secondary weapons, and Concussion and Homing Missiles will double-fire.