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Part 35: Bonus Video 04 - Destination Saturn

Bonus Video 04 - Destination Saturn -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- "Primitive Rage", "Robotic Menace", and "Virtual Tension" from the Descent Redbook Soundtrack

Destination Saturn is the name of an extended demo of Descent that was advertised and packaged alongside gaming accessories in 1995. The demo features fifteen levels and one secret level, but there are some changes. Level 7 has been altered to replace the Super Hulk with a reactor and level 15 is a unique level that replaces the Titan Mine in the retail version. The Super Hulk is the boss of this new mine. An expansion pack full of user-created and Parallax-created levels called Descent: Levels of the World includes Destination Saturn as a standalone mission, and this is the edition that is featured in this video.

And I absolutely hate it.

Compared to the quality of the other mines, Destination Saturn is very low. No robots drop any energy power-ups, leaving you with only any primary weapons and the few energy power-ups available to replenish your weapons. The only energy center in the mine is behind the red door and is very difficult to reach. Otherwise, the only way to replenish your weapons is to be killed and start over. It is really only playable if you enter the mine coming from level 14 and with a full stock of weapons already. Playing this mine naked is extremely difficult on any difficulty level above Trainee.

Some cheat codes were used at the beginning of the level to make the mine more manageable, but without the ability to recharge my weapons until so late in the game, I just can't bring myself to make a video of the same quality as the previous videos. So, enjoy what I have to present to you all.