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Original Thread: Legends Never Die - Let's Continue Playing Destiny



Destiny was released in September 2014 as Bungie's debut on the new console generation with their new decade-long partners, Activision. It released on the PS4 and the Xbox One--as well as their predecessors--to decent reviews. Most early reviews cited the lack of real endgame content on release as a reason why they weren't completely thrilled with it, but Destiny is ever-evolving. Patches for the game were being pushed for both balance and content until Destiny 2's release in 2017, and Bungie constantly monitored both the community and data collected by their servers in order to better serve their players.

Our tale begins with the finding of the satellite called the Traveler during an expedition on the surface of Mars. Over time, it bestowed humanity with gifts of technology and longevity. But, with these gifts came an ancient "Darkness" that aims to hunt and destroy the Traveler and those touched by its benevolence. Thus rose the Guardians, exceptional beings sworn to protect humanity from the Traveler's myriad enemies. We are one such Guardian, recently returned from the dead in the Traveler's time of greatest need to push back the encroaching armies and strike at the heart of the Darkness.

This LP will consist of two sets of videos per update: cut- and uncut audio, as always. Some updates may come with supplementary videos if necessary, and other additional material will be posted alongside the video portions.

But that's enough about that. Let's become legend.

(For the Vault of Glass, regular logo is Grayfawks and I. Inverted is with the fireteam)

(Click the banner to go to The Dark Below)

(Click the banner to go to House of Wolves)

(Click the banner to go to The Taken King)

(Click the banner to go to TTK postgame)

(Click the banner to go to Rise of Iron)

(Click the banner to go to Rise of Iron postgame)

Destiny is not a game that likes to give you everything up-front. Being a modern game, there is no real game manual that tells you what the backstory is, or what kind of enemy you'll be facing during gameplay. No, Bungie hid a lot of their plot fluff that isn't directly important to the game's story in a system called the Grimoire, and hid that Grimoire on the game's website. Every so often during gameplay, when you finish certain levels or reach milestones in your murderous rampage of the Darkness' armies, you will unlock Grimoire cards. These cards serve as both trophies and small libraries of knowledge. Some even improve certain functions within the game; for example, kill enough of a certain type of enemy, and you earn more cash for each high-ranked member of that enemy you kill.

Within every update I'll include a small selection of the cards we've unlocked for those that are interested in learning more about the universe, the Guardians that protect it, and those who would see them fall.

Playable Races
Humans, Awoken, and Exos

Enemy Races
The Fallen, Part 1
The Hive, Part 1
The Vex, Part 1
The Cabal, Part 1

The Vault of Glass
The Last City
The Dark Below
The House of Wolves
The Taken King, Part 1
The Taken King, Part 2

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