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by AccountingNightmare

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Original Thread: Flip a coin... heads, we murder demons! Let's play Devil May Cry 2! [VLP]


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Devil May Cry 2 was developed by Capcom Production Studio 1 and released for the Playstation 2 in 2003. A sequel to the stylish demon-killing action title Devil May Cry, it once again features Dante, a half-human/half-devil. As he takes demon-killing jobs for people in need, he meets a new character, the mysterious Lucia.

Check out my LP of the first Devil May Cry here!

How will you be handling this?
This game will be LPed on Dante Must Die mode (the highest difficulty) with new characters.

New characters?
Yes, this game has two separate sets of Missions. One for Dante, and one for the new character Lucia. I'll be playing through both, as there are a few unique bosses for each, and their secrets are also in different places.

So you'll be getting all the obscure secrets?
I will be getting all blue orbs/blue orb fragments, and completing all Secret Rooms.

ALL Secret Rooms?
Yes. ALL.

Is it as difficult as other Devil May Cry games?
For the most part, no. There will be a couple rough spots, but it won't be too tough overall.

Should I buy this game?
God no. Watch this LP instead.

The Videos

For best quality, you can download the original videos from the Viddler mirrors if you have a (free) Viddler account. Make sure you're logged in, then click "Download This" -> "Original", just below the video player.

Dante's Mission 1 - A brisk jog interrupted by demons.
Dante's Mission 2 - Who put all these puzzles underground anyway?
Dante's Mission 3 - Bring on the first highly creative boss!
Lucia's Mission 1 - Attack of the goddamn birds!
Lucia's Mission 2 - A level and boss unique to Lucia. Yay!
Dante's Mission 4 - Oh boss designer, what were you thinking?
Dante's Mission 5 - The most hilarious boss in the entire Devil May Cry series.
Dante's Mission 6 - An epic battle between Dante and... well, you'll see.
Lucia's Mission 3 - The horror returns!
Lucia's Mission 4 - A valuable lesson in recycling.
Lucia's Mission 5 - The factory with... no employees?
Lucia's Mission 6 - The drama! I CAN'T HANDLE IT!
Dante's Mission 7 - The quest for a better plot!
Dante's Mission 8 - Fun? In Devil May Cry 2? Surely you jest!
Dante's Mission 9 - The game tries to instill a sense of urgency and fails.
Dante's Mission 10 - We take Trish for a walk and she MURDERS EVERYTHING JESUS
Dante's Mission 11 - Well, at least the boss fight is fun.
Lucia's Mission 7 - Pain, misery, and depression. The worst boss in the Devil May Cry series, by far!
Lucia's Mission 8 - The game attempts to apologize for cruelly violating us last Mission by giving us some variety!
Lucia's Mission 9 - Wine does not help you aim.
Dante's Mission 12 - Bosses never really die, they just go to sleep.
Dante's Mission 13 - Dante shows Lucia how it's done.
Dante's Mission 14 - Switch hunting in one messed-up town.
Dante's Mission 15 - It is time to learn from old god.
Dante's Mission 16 - Time for the variety half-hour!
Lucia's Mission 10 - Goth Lucia starts playing catch-up.
Lucia's Mission 11 - Stop with the filler Missions, Capcom!
Lucia's Mission 12 - Dante and Lucia somehow avoid crossing paths.
Dante's Mission 17 - A moment we've all been waiting for.
Dante's Mission 18 - Dante's climactic final showdown against... well, you'll see. You'll see and you'll cry.
Lucia's Mission 13 - Lucia grits her teeth and finally ends this.

Bonus videos!
Blooper Reel - What happens when your eyes glaze over while playing this game? You screw up, that's what!
Dante's Secret Rooms 21-40 - The first half of Dante's later Secret Rooms, with the difficulty ramping up suddenly in places.
Lucia's Secret Rooms 11-30 - All of Lucia's Secret Rooms, ranging wildly in difficulty and creativity.
Dante's Secret Rooms 41-54 - Play-testing? Who needs to do that? It'll work fine, I swear.
Dante's Secret Rooms 55-60 - Biting off WAY more than we can chew. Who could have guessed the game could get this brutal? And I thought Mundus 2 in DMC1 was bad! The terrifying conclusion to the Secret Rooms.
Bloody Palace - A quick demonstration of the very first Bloody Palace of the series.
Retrospective - Now that it's all said and done, it's time for a look back at the game that tried so hard, but didn't quite succeed.


~Dante's Weapons~

Rebellion - First introduced in this game, this is Dante's favorite sword. It's a good all-rounder, and has returned in both later games.

Vendetta - A weapon (supposedly) like Death's scythe, this sword doesn't have the range of Rebellion, but hits very hard. My weapon of choice.

Merciless - A sword with engravings of snakes, this weapon trades off power for range. Very useful against groups of enemies, but against a single target, the power trade-off isn't worth it.

~Dante's Guns~

Ebony & Ivory - Dante's beloved hand-made guns, these beauties can fire ridiculously fast, never need to reload, and, like all other Devil May Cry guns, have infinite ammo. Hell yeah.

Shotgun - The Shotgun makes a triumphant return. Its punch at close range is very nice, and it can knock enemies off-balance. It also has some very unique hidden moves.

Missile Launcher - The spiritual successor to the first game's Grenade Gun, this weapon lacks versatility, but packs one hell of a punch. Amazing against bosses.

Submachine Guns - Faster firing than Ebony & Ivory, the Submachine Guns don't have much air lift and are only useful in very particular situations. Can be handy if your thumb needs a break from mashing the Shoot button, though, as you only need to hold it down.

~Lucia's Weapons~

Cutlaseer - Lucia's blades of choice. Nicely balanced in terms of power and reach, Lucia wields these in frighteningly quick combos.

Klyamoor - Found lying out in plain sight, we gotta wonder if these are any good. Surprisingly, they are indeed pretty efficient at killing demons, especially in groups. Less damaging than Cutlaseer, but they have more reach.

Zambak - Lucia's version of the Vendetta, these blades are useful on multiple play-throughs, but are found way too late in the game to make them useful here. A real shame, as they pack a nice punch.

~Lucia's Arsenal~

Throwing Daggers - Created solely to kill demons, these silver daggers are dangerous and... limitless. Where Lucia pulls an endless supply of these from, I don't know, but who cares, right? As long as they kill things.

Darts - Short swords ideal for throwing in a wide spread. Not as effective for general use as the Throwing Daggers, unfortunately, which makes them mostly useless.

Cranky Bombs - A strange choice of weapon for Lucia, these bombs do a ton of damage but are a little tricky to aim with. They can be dropped on the ground or thrown at an enemy with destructive results.

Bowgun - Underwater sequences return to test our patience and sanity, and this weapon makes things much easier. Only usable underwater, it fires fast and does a lot of damage.

Random Stuff

Thanks to Dizzybone:

Jolo posted:

Perhaps this is just an older more peaceful Dante who just wants the fighting to be over. A Dante that just wants to curl up with a good book and some cocoa.

Dizzybone posted:

This awful image stuck in my head and I had to make it happen. It was supposed to be funny but there wasn't room to draw the goofy stuff I wanted like cats and quilts and things, so it looks like I was actually being serious with this Hope you guys enjoy the kinder, gentler DMC2 Dante and keep up the good work AN.
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