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Part 5: Junk City

GawainStark posted:

Gatomon Her 2nd armor form was very useful from my experience. I haven't used Patamon in a long time so I don't quite remember what his 2nd armor can do.

It's tied with Veemon's 3rd armor for highest attack in the game.

The viewers have spoken! We're choosing Gatomon for partner number two. (I may or may not have been pushing her too much, but oh well.)

Despite not matching colors with the current deck we've got, partners should always be in your deck, and they can be made into decent cards regardless of color. Digi-parts can change the support effect and add a lot of DP - no card in the game can ever give more than 30, so this is excellent, it's like having an "instant evolution" card.

I also like the pink Gatomon background, much nicer than Armadillomon's yellow or Patamon's orange. Not that bright a pink, though.

Next up is Junk City. We've seen a city based on every color except Black and Yellow so far, and "Junk" doesn't really imply Black cards. (Well it MIGHT, but...)

Machine Digimon are in a weird place in this game, they're split between Black and Yellow instead of getting their own color. Then again, there are actually not a lot of Digimon per color (about 180 Digimon that aren't armors, and 5 colors)

Oh great...KingSukamon is in this. Regular Sukamon wasn't enough.

He's not even under anyone's control. Somehow. Probably because this is the last Digimon you'd want control of.

That...that's a word???

He downright ORDERS us to take out Wormmon, and promises us the passcode if we do. REMEMBER THIS.

To the Arena! First up is Hagurumon. I've always wondered what "Haguru" means but it's probably just the word for "gear" or something, it comes up in a couple other games.

He clicks quite a bit.

I've already stated quite a bit about Yellow Digimon having strange effects. Starmon's is just strange, ClearAgumon does the same thing but always works.

Probably why he evolved to it instead and KO'd me.

In an attempt to shoot me with my own bullet, Hagurumon forgets that ToyAgumon is less effective when it's not your turn.

Of course that did allow him to KO me next. I used that Attack Disc X and SandYanmamon's X effect to at least do some damage before bringing in our best card so far.

It's 2-2 so far. Vi-Elecmon is another Digimon that I believe debuts in this game? Anyways, some Yellow Digimon have X attacks that triple in damage against other Yellow Digimon, go figure. In fact, my deck has some.

However, Vi-Elecmon has, for some bizzarre reason, no support effect, so not that dangerous in this situation.

One down, two to go.

EXP that you get isn't distributed among your partners, instead every partner earns the same amount of EXP. Another reason to always have your partners in your deck, so they can collect EXP.

Next up is ShellNumemon. ShellNumemon has little in common with Numemon in my opinion, he's pretty much a Numemon snail. He's got an okay personality though.

His deck has lots of cards made to attack the DP slot and hinder evolution. This card, Evil Program, knocks out my entire DP slot at the cost of one of the cards in his slot.

I know no end of misfortune, so naturally I get the PERFECT hand for evolving to Ultimate, I just need 20 DP to get to Champion, and only Monzaemon gives 20.

Then I draw an Option card. Fuck.

Next turn I draw ANOTHER.

Whiffed the Lucky Mushroom timing too.

Evil Program again! Dammit!

In the end, it's over before I can even reach Ultimate. A win is a win, sure, but winning with a teddy bear would be just amazing. Anyhow, ShellNumemon won't give you much trouble since he kinda left out the part where you're supposed to do damage.

These bonuses can pile up against particular opponents.

Ha, the game's self-aware.

I've never felt the need to wash my hands before playing a card game.

If you're wondering if he could just let you win, the dialogue implies that's what he's going to do.

I just want to highlight the support card here: It's Nanimon. "Nani" literally means "What", which is what I was asking myself when I saw this card. It shuffles your hand into your deck. That's all. Why would you want that?

Wow, I like this draw! A Champion, an Ultimate, and Speed Digivolve!

That's KO number one!

But you have to be careful because KingSukamon has a lot of cards that attack your hand.

He's not using them though, maybe he really is holding back.

He evolves to Sukamon. I gotta be careful about that Option Card. It is Net Worm, and it forces you to throw out your hand if both players use different attacks.

He didn't use it though, and I soon evolve to Etemon and get the other two KOs.

This city never really caused me any trouble. Yellow Digimon aren't that great in terms of raw stats, and unfortunately AI players are reliant on raw stats since it's hard for them to strategize.

Shadramon is the first of Wormmon's two armors. That means in this battle he can actually use an armor for once. Shadramon is as strong as Flamedramon, in fact, but with a worse X effect.

He also has Red Digimon in his deck. I dunno why, Shadramon is a Black card.

Oh boy...the first thing that happens is he evolves to Stingmon. Lucky bug.

Stingmon has Eat-Up HP as his X effect. Remember, this lets him recover HP equal to the amount of damage, so his survivability is very much increased.

So we need to output a little more damage.

Maybe I can catch him with this since he likes his X effect so much?

Oh, oops.

Well I guess we won't need to worry about Shadramon since Wormmon's card just got used as support to keep him alive for one more turn when he's going to get KO'd anyways.

He brings in Flarerizamon, an excellent Red Digimon - lots of damage output and for only 20 DP, too.

It isn't enough to stop me, though. Hey look, Gatomon and an Ultimate!

These attack names make me wonder what the battle animations are like. I wonder if there's a compilation of them on Youtube or something.

Well, that was actually quite simple!

Gatomon gets some extra...X attack power? Her X attack is a counter, what does she need those points for??

Well he didn't give us the passcode, or our prize packs, so I don't know why you'd say that.

You fucking did NOT! You promised to give me the passcode if I booted out Shadramon!

That's right, he pulls the "I let you win" card and forces you to re-do the entire arena. Which I would've done anyways, but for some reason, it being mandatory this time makes it all the more annoying.

Well, there were some fun moments in the replay. This particular turn went 100% perfectly for me for instance.

Then I got the perfect hand.

Here we see why mixing Green Digimon into your deck can be a good thing. NiseDrimogemon's X attack triples in damage against Yellow Digimon, so I ended up KOing all three opponents using that exclusively.

There's even a bonus for it. This is the highest bonus I've gotten in the LP so far. If you get seven bonuses in one game, you earn a mega-bonus, though I haven't really found an easy way to do that.

You fucking did NOT!

And the bonus ultimate is a...a WHAT?! MetalSeadramon is a fucking Dark Master and I get him now?!


This game teases me.