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Original Thread: Cyborg dragons play card games in Digimon: Digital Card Battle



Things have been pretty good for the Digimon franchise these past couple of years, especially outside of Japan. For TV shows, there's Digimon Adventure Tri, thing, and for video games, Cyber Sleuth and its sequel got exported, Next Order got exported (which I just had the pleasure of finishing - pretty solid game!) in spite of western people basically thinking the franchise was done for outside of Japan all the way back in 2008. How times change, huh?

Ah, but enough about the present. All this new Digimon stuff is excellent, but in the midst of it all I wanted to make time to go back and play an older game from the golden years that people probably don't remember that well. That would be Digital Card Battle, a card battle game for PS1 that I still enjoy quite a bit these days, as it's one of the few card games with more depth to it than you might think at first glance. In fact, I like it so much that I actually re-created the game in Tabletop Simulator for people to play.

Of course nothing beats firing up your old PS2 (or in this case an emulator) and playing the actual game, so that's what we'll do. It's worth noting that the game we're playing is actually a sequel! There was a second card battle game before this that never left Japan - fortunately, it's pretty much the same stuff but not as good. Digital Card Battle is packed with endless battles to fight and cards to collect - perhaps too many - but in that time I intend to show as many of the different strategies you can pull off with this game, from the horrendously game-breaking to the silly and impractical.

It should be noted: This is NOT a story-centered LP. This game has barely any story to begin with and I'm too lazy to transcribe dialogue anyways so we're focusing entirely on the gameplay, which is what you're even playing this for in the first place, right? Not to say that there aren't a few choice lines in the script, of course.

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