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Part 8: Steep Road

This update is going to be short and sweet. We're headed to the final area on the map.

Steep Road is pretty much a filler area...though I suppose the opponents here have some interesting gimmicks to them.

The music is starting to remind me of Digimon World 2 as well. Can't remember which came first, though.

Megadramon is the local arena master, and he has zero faith in our abilities. When will they learn not to underestimate us, eh?

Ken's here too, and he's turned over a new leaf. Or rather, he's no longer possessed by whatever was obviously making him do bad things, heaven forbid a human choose to do something evil.

...what?! What are you TALKING about?!

Oh, and Ken gives us our third partner card. SOMEHOW, he managed to obtain all the partners and will offer us one that we haven't gotten yet.

The people have spoken, and they want Wormmon. I'm cool with that, Shadramon's Jamming effect is more useful than I let on.

Here's what our partners currently look like, and you get a look at Wormmon's...less than interesting grey background.

Onto the arena. No, you're not seeing things, Goburimon literally has all five colors in his deck. I almost wish there were five Goburimon variants, one of each color, but no, only Red, Blue and Black have Goburimon variants - the original, SnowGoburimon, and Shamanmon respectively.

That doesn't sound like something you'd answer with "Yes". Oh, and for no reason he also says, "It's hammer time" even though I don't see a hammer anywhere here, that feels more like a Zudomon line.

Seeing as this deck likely has nothing but Rookies, Mutant Digivolve is an expected card, I suppose.

Hint: Don't play Shamanmon against Digimon with 1st Attack!

DO mess up my plans entirely by outplaying me!

Of course it doesn't matter anyways, a deck full of Rookies will usually lack any sort of endurance needed to win.

Next up is DemiDevimon. He is a fun opponent.

He actually tries to lower your guard by saying he'll let you win, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but his dialogue melds PERFECTLY with his playstyle.

Bringing out the Blue deck for kicks, we see that DemiDevimon doesn't appear to be the smartest player out there.

I suppose there's incentive to not use Armor though. Notice, however, that he has 60 DP in his DP slot.

Behold: The WARP DIGIVOLVE CARD. You know what a Warp Evolution is, right? The one that lets you skip from Rookie all the way to Mega? That's what this card does! You need to pay DP for the new form though, so it looks like DemiDevimon has in fact pulled a fast one and we now face--


Wha- I don't-- PHANTOMON.

There's a perfectly good SKULLGREYMON in your hand! Look at these stats! They're through the roof and would actually make this fight exciting!


This god...

Well here you go, because he couldn't kill me at all on that turn, here's that Ultimate vs. Ultimate battle you were all waiting for. Hope it was worth it.

His topdeck luck isn't helping.

I fully expect every Black player to have one of these. I might just use the Blue deck on all of them.

Look at this. I got the stupid bonus for using only O.

The feeling's mutual.

Weird thing about Megadramon: His own card is Black, but the recolor, Gigadramon, is Red. Strange stuff.

Let's hope he puts up a fight, not looking good so far.

Okay I need to explain this one, because this is the ugliest reversal of fortune I've ever had. The Megadramon card halves the HP of both players, and I had 490 HP exactly before the battle phase. So in theory I should survive this attack with 5 HP. 490/2 = 245 - 240 = 5.

Except the ones digit of your HP is never allowed to be anything but 0, so the game has to round it down. It always rounds it down. So it rounded me down to 240.

This guy gets a KO because of a technicality. Wonderful.

I always time these poorly, but maybe...?


Who's laughing now, generic cyborg dragon?! Don't expect me to guide YOU to a toilet when you--


Okay, fourth round?

No, you get to do the ENTIRE ARENA OVER ONE MORE TIME. Now THAT is filler. At least it was optional when I was doing it solely for the extra cards and crap.

Also, I'm getting a nice amount of mileage out of Attack Disk X, it's so weird.

Can't really see his X attack power but I'm almost certain it would have been enough to nail me had he used it.

Okay! The ACTUAL boss of the arena. I swear if I have to do this one over again I'll be upset.

This is too hilarious, the recolor gets a worse card. I like the stats, but not the lack of any effects whatsoever.

Oh no, I can't evolve to Ultimate now, help

Gigadramon's deck has Red in it, which means a Blue deck is even more helpful. Wow, why does nobody use Blue decks in this game? They're great stuff!

Yeah he should have used X here, Self-Destruct moves literally ignore the displayed damage number entirely, so reducing him to zero would mean nothing, I would still take damage equal to his HP.


Thank goodness. You also get three prize packs.

Anyhow, it's as this point that I decided to use my excess cards to give my partners some extra EXP at Pyramid City's Fusion Shop.

Wormmon still has a ways to go to catch up to the others, given he came in so late.

Here's my revised Yellow deck. It's mostly unchanged.

Same goes for the Blue deck.

And here's a generic Green deck I put together with what I had and will probably delete it at some point, I just wanted a third deck.

NEXT TIME: Wisemon Tower!...I mean, Wiseman.