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Part 18: Endgame, part 1

Okay. So. My card collection is probably going to be stuck at 98% or something like that. I'd have loved to get 100%, but there are certain cards that are pure RNG to get, so you'll have to forgive me for not doing it. Same goes for the rest of the Digi-Parts since you just have to max your partner ranks for them. I've spent like 60 hours on this LP already, between playing the game and writing every post.

I love this game, but holy shit. The endgame is mostly just time-consuming.

To make this at least a little more interesting, here's my favorite gimmick deck: a Crash deck. It focuses on using the Crash ability. Remember, it does damage equal to your HP, then sets your HP to 10. Only two Rookies have this and you're looking at one of them. The rest are all cards that can abuse Crash.

For example, you can see many cards here that would set my HP to equal the opponent's. You can also combine Crash with Absorb HP (Aruraumon is actually preferable to Dark Bone here) which will cause your Crash attack to refund all the HP you spent on it, and Shogun's Order makes the attack of both players zero...but Crash doesn't care about attack power!

The one thing you need to be wary of if you play this way is X counter. Remember how counterattacks do as much damage to you as you would have to them? How much damage does Crash do? Yeah.

So the only fight available right now is MegaKabuterimon. His deck is just strange.

Green, Yellow, and Blue. What?!

Well, NiseDrimogemon forced me to not Crash, so there's that. Hacking and Super Recovery Floppy are great Option cards to use after using Crash, since a Crash attack leaves you with 10 HP.

If you're not attacking first, however, Crash is less likely to get a KO because the enemy will damage you first.

I just love using ModokiBetamon after a Crash. I'm taking a KO here, but imagine if I had Crashed for 10 damage and actually gotten a KO.

Izzy is up next.

Are you ready to lose your shit at what they did here?

Yeah. So I thought, "okay, insect deck, clearly he has Wormmon, I don't know why, but whatever".

Also, my partners are in my deck to collect EXP and serve as backup.

Partners are still massively overpowered, as you can see.

Then he used the Partner Finder, and, as you can plainly tell, there is no partner in his hand after using it.

Izzy has no fucking partner cards in his deck, yet he has Partner Finder.

See, I thought Joe having Imperialdramon was a bug, but how do you explain THIS?

You're the fucking BRAINS of the DigiDestined, you wield the crest of KNOWLEDGE

and you needed a lesson in how not to deckbuild!

I apologize, but I can't imagine the reason for this happening as being anything other than "the devs got so lazy they just stuck the cards on a dartboard and determined people's decks that way".

So yeah, you get the Mutation data, now the Fusion Shop won't tell you what card a Mutation will actually give you, so now you have to take every Mutation even if it doesn't give you a Digi-Jewel.

Beating Izzy also unlocks a new arena at Infinity Tower.

It's a Dark Masters Arena! Have I mentioned how I think MetalSeadramon was always the most boring of the bunch? The Dark Masters are comprised of evil Pinnochio, Pennywise, the final boss of Digimon World 1...and, uh, MetalSeadramon. See what I mean?

Ah, Psychemon, never stop being so great in this strategy.

Shogun's Order is also excellent for keeping me alive at 10 HP. The only way he could do damage to me is if he had a Digimon card that raises attack power (an Option won't do it on his turn because his card would go first) or a Crash attack of his own.

Data Copy is an Option card that copies the enemy's HP, attack powers and their color too. But it does NOT copy the X effect.

I brought in Shadramon to finish up the rest of it. MetalSeadramon has quite a few of those Mega Defense Disks.

You know something? Now that I think about it, there's actually an important distinction between Defense Disks and Mega Defense Disks: The latter has a faster support speed.

I wonder why his deck has Black in it? MetalSeadramon didn't.

One of the rare instances of hilarious (and accurate!) Deck Data.

This time I just ran him over with my Armors.

The spoils are just amazing. I actually looked up what the different prize packs you can get are, and the best one is the "Great Pack". Grinding is best done by finding an opponent that gives that pack in particular.

Anyways, we already fought Machinedramon ages ago, so LadyDevimon takes his place. Wow, I can't believe it. They actually gave us a new opponent instead of recycling someone.

I wonder if I should use an Angewomon deck?

It's...probably not necessary.

Yeah, ToyAgumon basically does it again!

Did you know Pierrotmon's English voice actor was specifically going for a Tim Curry voice? That's actually pretty cool.

Also, just wanted to show the portrait here because I love it. Unfortunately, this deck is forced to have three colors, so I don't expect much.

Here's Crash number one.

Yeowch, he got me that time.

Yeah, back to Armors.

Oh hey, Special Digivolve, this should be good!

Nah it's just Tekkamon.

He's not kidding. There's another bonus you can get if you beat Pierrotmon five times without leaving the Café. I really hate it when the game does this, but I might as well.

Dark Sevens. Whatever.

After beating that arena, Pixiemon appears at Steep Road, and thank goodness you only have to fight him one time for his reward!

This deck, however, is loaded with bullshit Option cards like crazy. LOTS of Golden Bananas.

Lots of Cherrymon's Mist, too! Negating my Hacking!

What you see here is what the whole thing came down to. Holy shit that was close!

Anyhow, your prize is probably one of the best Sevens cards, especially for a Crash deck, but I haven't been using the Sevens cards at all so far.

Our next destination is Wiseman Tower.

This has to be the worst padding in the entire game. The arena's changed, but...'s LITERALLY just the six Ultimate Digimon you played against in the various Cafés, but now they're all in one giant arena! Fantastic. Forcing me to beat people I've already proven I can fight!

You get absolutely nothing of interest for all this, so let's move on.

You and me both, buddy, but we're stuck like this for a good long while!

The new Infinity Tower arena has two dorks we've already beaten. It amuses me how much they have to dance around saying the word "Hell" since they apparently can't, even though "Fiery pit" and "Hades" are perfectly acceptable.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Infermon evolve to Diaboromon?

If so, that means Diaboromon talks to you in the Café, downgrades to Infermon for this fight, then evolves to Diaboromon again for the final fight.

ugh this is such a waste of time nothing's getting any harder

Diaboromon reminds me of that one film - I forget the name, but it's where the quote "The only winning move is not to play" comes from. Sounds like it's describing, well a LOT of things, but collecting all cards in this game would be one of those things!

Hm, I just googled it, the film is called "WarGames" and the film Diaboromon is from is called "Our War Game". Hrrrrm.

...It's a fucking card game, guys.

Uh, if it's your turn, you select your support card second, so I have no idea why he would use Cherrymon's Mist after confirming I'm not using any support...

So after beating Diaboromon, guess who shows up at Wiseman Tower! Thaaat's right, and instead of just challenging you where you stand, he forces us through the entire arena AGAIN!

Apparently Garudamon didn't get the memo, because Omnimon counts as only one opponent, unless she's referring to the two Digimon that combine to create Omnimon.

Which raises some questions. If I'm playing against Omnimon, does that mean he has a brain with twice the processing power? Or something?

Yeah, it's red and blue. I wonder if it has both Omnimon cards.

Wait, BLUE star and RED moon?

What the fuck? You have it BACKWARDS! I know about Bloodmoons, but when has the sun been BLUE?!

I'm so frigging bored I have to get angry about minor shit like that.

Talk to Omnimon afterwards to get the second Armor for your third partner. If you didn't choose Veemon at the start, this is the last Armor you can get.

Quetzalmon isn't all that bad at all, pretty good in fact. Both X counter and Shadramon's Jamming are niche effects that can serve you well, but personally I think I'll take the Jamming.

Fucking hell.