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Part 7: Pyramid City & Sky City

Looks like we're going with Wormmon! I never used him before, so this ought to be interesting.

We're back! I've built myself a Blue deck seeing as I have a decent collection of cards for it, and we're about to step in an arena with a couple of red decks!

That passcode Wormmon gave us lets us move onto Pyramid City.

I don't get it. Why a Pyramid? Considering Angemon's here, you'd think it'd be a cathedral made of ice as a nod to Digimon World.

...easy Yu-Gi-Oh joke maybe?

T.K. (what kind of person is referred to ONLY by initials?) here tells us where to find the best card players in the entire Digital World, so naturally our new goal is to make our way there.

Don't tempt fate, Angemon.

Rosemon is vague as usual and cryptically refers to a "He". If she's referring to Ryo Akiyama, I quit.

The first arena opponent is Centaurumon...can't really think of anything clever to say about him.

Well, this situation is interesting. We can both do 450 damage, but he's got a Mega Defense Disk X.

Tried to Disrupt him off it, but the Centaurumon card forces him to use O anyways and adds a big attack boost to it.

My second Gizamon fares a little better, just barely hanging on. Can't remember why he wouldn't use X here actually, but I do see a Cross Hitter in my discard pile.

I then evolve to Hyogamon, who has a O counter move. You remember that bitch play Garurumon had? The one where his own card forces you to use the move you're countering? This deck has exactly that.

You know, I've pretty much been using the same Option cards in every game so far because none of the opponents past Beginner City ever really drop any.

Now this is one of the big cards I've got. IceDevimon triples your attack power against Red Digimon. A real cooler, you might say. (Nobody is going to understand my Poker jokes...)

Well let's see, I could use the Garurumon counter combo to end it here, or I could pointlessly extend the match to do something cool.

It's the latter, of course! Panjyamon, by the way, is better known as "IceLeomon" these days.

Centaurumon doesn't last much longer than that. Next up is Tyrannomon.

Ah, now this is proper Disrupt Ray timing. Going to power up your O attack? Disrupt Ray changes it to something else.

This is the only Garurumon card I've got at the moment, so I can't use the counter combo I've talked about.

I don't really know why they gave Tyrannomon a Red and Green deck, maybe they wanted him to evolve faster? Anyhow, he used a Fire Spot to change Vegiemon to Red...which means we might have to fight MasterTyrannomon if he plays his cards right.

Ah, I get it, MasterTyrannomon's effect of doubling your damage only works on a Red Digimon, that makes sense too!

Of course I still KO his next two Digimon. For some reason he played Tyrannmon directly instead of evolving to it...he wasn't really low on cards so this is a strange play.

You are very happy about losing it seems.

Angemon is unfortunately not the climax to this arena you're expecting.

Not with your crappy deck.

His deck is pure Green, and in this battle I realized I could do something similar to the Garurumon counter combo with ToyAgumon and NiseDrimogemon here.

I will remember that one.

Anyhow, something like 99% of the support cards and X effects in Angemon's deck inflict extra damage to Black Digimon. As you can imagine, anyone who isn't using Black Digimon is essentially fighting a series of easy-to-overcome beatsticks.

Bad Disrupt Ray timing again, however, makes things more difficult than they should be.

Guess it's time to send in Submarimon again.


You're probably not used to playing in general.

SWEET. The bonus ultimates for Pyramid City and the next city over are from a multi-colored pool, so you could get a Red ultimate even if your partner wasn't Veemon. Glad I got this one, though!

Also, if you chose Patamon as your second partner, T.K. will give you the first armor for Patamon, but we did not choose Patamon.

There is also a second Fusion Shop in Pyramid City. This one lets you fuse Champion level cards in addition to Rookies and Options.

Anyhow, that arena was boring, so I feel like doing a double feature.

Sky City has a neat theme song and another Player's Room for some reason.

Gatomon and Kari are here, and Gatomon states Kari has the ability to sense THE DARKNESS and is being affected by something further ahead. Unfortunately Gatomon's too much of a pussy to check it out herself, so we get to do it for her. Such is the destiny of a Princess of Heart.

Yeah, whenever Kari comes up, I can never resist a Kingdom Hearts joke. Sorry.

The player character decides to ask Kari if she knows Rosemon, but unfortunately for him, only Agumon and Gabumon ever reached Mega level in the show. Man, I wish they would release that PSP adaptation of Digimon Adventure into an RPG.

Anyhow, the arena...I guess Wizardmon isn't dead in this continuity. It's a good thing.

Wizardmon uses...Blue and Black? Well, I know there's a white, ice-themed recolor of him called Sorcerermon, so I suppose it makes sense.

He opens with Soulmon, which is nothing but Bakemon with a hat. I make short work of him.

His second Digimon was SnowAgumon, who goes down quickly because he decided to play WaruMonzaemon, who drops his HP to 10 in exchange for double damage. If he used X, that would have been enough damage to KO me, but I suppose my next Digimon would have finished the job anyhow.

Hey, lucky draw. I can get my HP back up.

Aaaaand he topdecks another Warumonzaemon! This sets his HP to 10 before Psychemon copies it instead of after. Oops!

Of course I still managed to get the third KO afterwards anyways. Onto match 2!

Ah, the next form of Veedramon!...That doesn't really fit the theme of this arena, come to think of it.

AeroVeedramon REALLY wants to punish you for evolving too much. Many cards here are based on Digimon levels. Strange for a Green deck, which evolves the fastest, I'd expect this from a Black deck.

Or maybe he plans on staying a Rookie the whole game? Well in that case.

Oh...or he could play an Ultimate directly. But why? Look at the stats, it's barely worth it!

And it still counts for the EXP bonus!

I don't think I've mentioned it, but SandYanmamon is a great Yellow card. Costs 20 DP, so it's a quick evolution. It forces your opponent to use O, which is great for counterattack strategies.

I managed to evolve to MetalMamemon, but this could be trouble, he's got a Silver Ball card!

Which was Mamemon's evolution item in Digimon World. Irony?

But he instead topdecks Leomon and gets killed. Also irony? We needed at least one Leomon-related death. Maybe this doesn't count.

I'd love to make some kind of cat pun, but I promised my friends I wouldn't do that.

Gatomon combines quick evolutions with some heavy-hitting Option cards. Boy would I like one of these.

Feels like a gun duel, we've both got Cross Hitters at our hips.

They're both blanks.

Bad Disrupt Ray timing is starting to become a running gag...maybe I should take these out of the deck.

Submarimon moves in for the KO. It should be noted that Elecmon's support effect punishes Blue cards, so be careful if you're using Submarimon.

So R-Gatomon has Cross Hitter and her X effect is to reduce my X attack power to zero...seems redundant.

Second KO comes with little fanfare.

Oh SHIT. If she uses X and that option that's a guaranteed KO. There's got to be a way to get her to not do it.

HA! BLUFFED HER! I choose my support card first, so I picked the card that doubles my X attack power even though I wasn't using it.

Sure, the AI could have just made a misplay, but it's more fun to imagine I actually pulled off a bluff.

Oh! I know a Japanese cat pun.......yeah never mind.

I win a second ToyAgumon from this battle. BINGO.

And the bonus ultimate is...MetalGreymon? Well, okay then.

Specifically, it's MetalGreymon Blue, the original MetalGreymon from before Digimon Adventure introduced the more recognizable orange variant.

Since we chose Gatomon as our second partner, we get Oathkeeper her first armor from Kari (god fucking dammit I can't stop typing "Kairi" there) about as interesting as Submarimon, but she's not bad. A 500-point attack is still pretty good, and this is before I add any parts.

I think I'll keep the DP part equipped, though.