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Part 9: Wiseman Tower

I was hoping this would get to another page soon, but no matter. If the page load starts to get really bad I can move these to the test poster.

So here we are at last, the legendary Wiseman Tower. I really don't know why it isn't called "WiseMON Tower" but I suppose that's a pun too stupid for Digimon, which is saying a lot.

The Player's Room is accessible from here. I've been following a 100% walkthrough for this actually (which just informs me of side objectives if they are there) and at this point I noticed I was 0.6% behind what I was supposed to have for story completion. Don't worry, I'll figure it out eventually.

MetalGreymon is at the Battle Café, and apparently, he is the same Digimon from way back in Beginner City! Even though if you travel all the way back to Beginner City, Agumon is still there and has absolutely nothing to say about Wiseman Tower...anyways, MetalGreymon and his five friends have set up the longest Arena in the game so far to test your skill. No need to waste any more time, let's get going.

First up is Togemon, who is a testament to Digimon's insane monster designs. Two words: Boxing Cactus. It's beautiful.

Togemon likes to use cards that enable her to attack first. That makes ToyAgumon strategies a bit more risky, but hey. It still worked this time.

If she has Palmon, that's also troublesome because attacking first with HP Absorb attacks is a very strong combination.

Ignoring the fact that I've made the same mistake for about the tenth time now, you can see that she'll survive this turn, just barely.

So this Option card is Beetle Diamond, and it lets you attack first while also raising your attack power by 100. If both players do something to let them attack first (My X attack and her Option card in this case) the game gives the first attack to whoever's turn it is anyways.

Next turn, I topdeck the worst option. I never changed Gatomon's support effect, so this card changes my color to something that isn't Yellow. I'm about to get KO'd anyways, so it doesn't matter much.

Okay, time to end this before I get even more embarrassed.

No need to be afraid this time, like I said, if we both have effects that make us attack first, it gives the first attack to whoever's turn it is.

One down, only five more to go!

Kabuterimon is up next. His deck hates Armors with a passion and has numerous cards that punish you for using them.

So obviously we should use Armors anyways!

It's unfortunate that a good chunk of his deck is no big deal if you aren't using an Armor, though.

He also shows one of the bigger weaknesses of Green decks that I didn't think about too much until now: Very, very few of them have any support effects. Like, at all. Green feels like a color you splash into other decks, not something you base an entire deck on.

Oh, and that Ice Altar card payed off. He can't evolve to Kuwagamon, who is actually pretty strong.

Wait, HE has a Hacking card too?! Arrrgh. Well, I guess it does make sense.

Didn't amount to a whole lot though.

Next we have a cruel flashback to Igloo City. It's an anti-Red deck! Good thing we don't use Red here!

You know, 320 is actually a pretty high number for a Blue card.

Hey, check it out. If I put this in the DP slot and survive the next two turns, I could simply discard until an Ultimate is in my hand and evolve instantly.

This hand stinks anyways!

Ah, there we are!

Here's a bit of trivia: Vademon is one of the five Digimon that, in the original line of V-pets, was one of the hardest Digimon to get, but also one of the strongest. Four of those five are cards in this game, and they're all Yellow, so I've actually been working towards that theme. I've got Vademon, Monzaemon, Etemon, and I just need Digitamamon.

The fifth would be ExTyrannomon, my favorite in fact, but true to my luck with this game, he's nowhere to be found in this game Maybe the "Ex" means "Excluded", because he's never in the games I want him to be in.

Joke's on you, deck, I already hit Ultimate, so I don't need this now!

Oh, this is also my first time getting the "Just Enough Attack" bonus, which you get for inflicting the exact amount of damage needed to KO something.

Oh thanks for spoiling the Arena gimmick, Ikkakumon. That's right, all six opponents here are the partners of the original DigiDestined Chosen Children. (Well, I do have to admit that calling them that loses a lot of meaning by the end of Adventure 02)

This is where you're allowed to save and you should probably do it even though Birdramon's not much of a threat.

She gets...oddly philosophical for some reason...

Also, the portraits are getting a little silly. Why are you burning a card here?!

She has Aquilamon's card, which is a bit notorious because its support effect is glitched and does absolutely nothing! There is actually a patch out there for fixing it and some other stuff, but, this support effect is so bad I would not want to bother.

Now it's time to bring out the Blue deck and set up another cooler.

Hahaha, Biyomon evolving to Aquilamon reminds me of Digimon Savers.

...I'm taking this card out of my decks for good after this.

I don't think I've done over 1,000 damage in one hit until now, but I just did. This game actually tracks the maximum amount of damage you've done with each individual attack of each individual card, which I think is actually helpful in spotting who your biggest damage dealers are.

Now any smart opponent would have went with Triangle here, but ending the battle one turn early is always nice.

Ugh. It's him again.

I owe you some payback, so I guess let's do it.

same blasted strategy as before huh?!

Well joke's on you, because if you actually go for the counterattack, I take less damage than if you attacked normally! My plan is flawless!

......oh I actually play this? He couldn't possibly pick Triangle here, right?

YES! That was close.

Fabulous, he added stall cards. It should be noted that counterattacks don't care if your own attack power is halved or whatever, since they work off the enemy's attack power.

Oh look, I can evolve to Etemon.

Hey, maybe he'll finally give me that Ultimate vs. Ultimate battle I've wanted since the beginning.


You're reading that right, this fucking Option card guarantees a counterattack, no matter what either side picked, all for the cost of half your HP. And what an ironic twist, considering the Golden Banana was originally Etemon's evolution item!

Or actually I could be scared for nothing because WereGarurumon never used them at all.

Artificial Intelligence! DO! BETTER!

He actually ended up having to throw them all out and re-draw anyways.

And he played a Champion directly for his third Digimon. Well then. We know how this ends.

Sorry Wormmon, you'll get your chance soon.

You mean you don't regret not actually playing your Golden Banana? Okay then.

Let's see what the boss of this town ha-- OH NO. Three colors. You're kidding me. How the shit is his Evolution Speed higher than the other stats?

I'm the one with Evolution Speed here, I just got to Champion on the first turn! And Speed Digivolve is in my hand!

Oh yeah, not sure if I explained this. There are, in fact, two MetalGreymon cards. One of them is the original, "Virus" form, and the other is the more recognizable "Vaccine" form. They're both Red cards in this game, but in the original, Japan-only Digital Card Battle, RealMetalGreymon was a Yellow card. Dead serious. Other weird color changes include Etemon and Meteormon being Green cards originally.

This is way too easy!

Of course the computer won't let us get away with it too quickly, he's got Special Digivolve and is going to use it to try and fight back.

Shame he can't put up much resistance. Maybe if he had a Hacking card, he could punish me for this.

Mutant Digivolve?! Why would you ever want that?! Honestly, it wastes deck space!

Wow! Look at all these bonuses I got! What a disappointing end to this Arena, I'm so very sorry...but I guess it kinda goes that way sometimes after playing so long.

Okay, first thing to do after exiting the Arena (and collecting three packs of cards as a reward) be sure to talk to WereGarurumon, he's got a gift for you. A lot of people miss this, and it's CRITICAL to dealing with the final boss.

Our deck is fucking STACKED now.

Then talk to MetalGreymon to open the final area of the game.

It's called Infinity Tower

I wonder if that means something

Something Digimon related

Not only do you get an Armor for your third partner at last, you also get the ability to trade cards with other players.

What, you didn't know they lock you out of that function until you've made it this far? I always thought it was strange to do that, but you don't really need the trade function for 100% completion, so whatever.

And here's Rosemon being vague and unsettling one more time.

She also gives us her name finally.

Can love bloom between a human and a Digimon? I've got two words for you: "Forbidden Temptation".

It's Rosemon's attack in Digimon Savers, I swear!

Also, the final Fusion Shop is now available. Any card can be fused, at any time, and the best part is, you're now told the exact card you're going to get before finalizing the fusion. So now, I think it's time to go more in-depth about card fusion.

While there are only a few combinations that always give the same card, there are a few consistencies to keep in mind.

You can determine what color you get by looking at the colors of the cards you input:

Red + Blue = Green
Red + Green = Black
Red + Black = Yellow
Red + Yellow = Blue
Blue + Green = Yellow
Blue + Black = Red
Blue + Yellow = Green
Green + Black = Blue
Green + Yellow = Black
Black + Yellow = Red

Additionally, two of the same color always makes an Option card, and any Digimon plus an Option always gives a card of the Digimon's color.

If you're getting a Digimon card this way, you can also determine the level of the result by the levels of the cards you input:

Rookie + Rookie = Rookie
Rookie + Champion = Champion
Rookie + Ultimate = Champion
Champion + Champion = Champion
Champion + Ultimate = Champion
Ultimate + Ultimate = Ultimate

If you fuse a Digimon and an Option, the level of the result depends on what Option card you input, and I don't really know how the game determines it, but you'll always know what card you're getting in the third Fusion Shop anyways.

Really, the reason I'm telling you all this is so that you'll be wary of any time the fusion result deviates from the expected result. Anytime this happens, you know you've encountered one of the dumbest mechanics in the Fusion Shop: Fusion Mutation!

Rarely, the game sometimes gives you one of thirteen extremely crappy cards in place of what you would've gotten. Fusion Mutation is the only way to get those thirteen cards, so if you want to collect them all, you've just got to fuse a LOT and hope it comes up. There's also something REALLY stupid involving Mutations, but that won't come up until a good while into the post-game.

At any rate, here's our three partners after all the boosts I gave them.

Here's a very important Option card I got from fusing stuff. It's the only true search card in the whole game.

Here's our revised Yellow deck with some of the new Options I've gotten.

And here's our Blue deck with the same Options.

Next time: Infinity Tower's big secret and the only decent plot twist in the whole package.