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Part 6: Dark City

Dark City is our next destination, it's actually on a separate part of the map, the Giga Area. (Worst naming pattern ever.)

Spooky, isn't it? Only three cities here, aside from that island we'll be heading to in the post-game. And wow, I just now noticed the water is made of squares! What an interesting detail.

The music in this town actually plays in the Battle Café as well, but after beating the arena the usual Battle Café theme comes back. Kinda wish it didn't change back, the city themes are the ones you hear the least!

Wormmon's the only one here, and he's set up a neat little gimmick. EVERY opponent in this arena is him in his various evolved forms, including a new one. Three of the FIVE opponents here will have Wormmon armors and there's a variety of Black decks here.

You can imagine, then, why Patamon's card would have been helpful here, but don't worry, I got a Digi-Part that gives something even nicer to Gatomon for this!

Also I'm not using that X effect part, but I believe Gatomon's base X attack power is 100 but the counter she starts with sets it to 0. Either way, using this part has the amusing effect of giving her a 10-point attack. You know those bonus points you get every five ranks? Pretty sure they're random.

And here's our updated Armadillomon build. Now these are numbers I can get behind.

The decks here aren't the same as the ones we had to deal with before, but they are similar. Every last one of them has Dokunemon.

Oh look, he got Wormmon on the first draw. I could use Gatomon to bring out a Champion on the first turn.

Instead I use that awesome support effect I gave it. Normally I never change the support effect of my partners, because there's no point and I always use the armors, but this turned out splendidly - first turn KO!

Then Wormmon does this. I don't know why he played Warumonzaemon, it doubles your attack power but reduces HP down to 10. I'm just gonna KO it next turn.

God DAMMIT he topdecked Dokunemon! I was on my way to evolving to Monzaemon!

And he topdecks ANOTHER ONE. I'm lucky he used O there, otherwise I'd have lost.

In fact for some reason he kept using O over and over, and I kept using X over and over. Well, a win is a win.

Stingmon is up next. Let's hope he doesn't spam Dokunemon.

The Stingmon card sends one card in his DP slot to the discard pile in exchange for doing 200 more damage. It's one of the reasons Stingmon is slow to evolve.

Okay let me explain, I chose X, and played Disrupt Ray to change the attack he uses. My X reduces his O power to zero, his X can't KO me, so clearly he has to go for T, right? Well no, he chose O and it got changed to T because of Disrupt Ray. Starting to think the AI does cheat whenever it pleases!

I bring in MudFrigimon and KO two of his Digimon. You can see me using NiseDrimogemon's support effect well here: It forces him to use T, which means he's not using X, so I can do enough damage to KO him.

The third KO came shortly after.

I'm not even sure why they bother giving you 10 points in a random stat, you can only get it 20 times, and the difference isn't noticable if they don't all go to the same stat. No way would I reset for optimal stats anyhow.

Okay Shadramon, surely you can redeem yourself in this match like the other two forms did!

Oh. Oh. OH. You know what I'm thinking?


That support card is L-ToyAgumon, by the way. Why is ToyAgumon so GOOD in this game? I don't know. L-ToyAgumon reduces the opponent's attack power to zero if you have one or no cards in your hand, NOT including L-ToyAgumon himself. Very easy to set up.

I suppose I should have been worried that Shadramon would use his X effect, which negates Digimon support cards in case I haven't mentioned it yet.

After Shadramon goes down, I get the perfect hand for anything but an armor Digimon! Thanks, game!


Say hello to one of the most broken evolution options: Special Digivolve.

Special Digivolve allows you to evolve to any Digimon of the next stage, regardless of color, for 20 less DP no less, AND if your Digimon has halved stats due to starting as a Champion, THAT gets patched up too! I'm lucky he only used it to get to Phantomon, there are Black Ultimates that cost way more and have massively higher power levels.

And yes, lowering the cost by 20 DP is not a glitch in the game like a lot of people thought considering how misleading the card description is, this is how the card worked in the previous Digital Card Battle.

Fortunately, Phantomon is about as powerful as your average Champion, so I didn't have that much trouble, but still, I had no idea the computer starts using that card so early in the game.

EXP Bonus, anyone?

Oh right, I forgot to screencap it, but at one point Digmon had 1110 HP, which gives you the HP Fever bonus. Wow, five whole bonuses in one go!

And now for Wormmon's second armor. Unfortunately it's not the one from the CD Drama, but a semi-insectoid clown would probably ruin the suspense, adorable as it is.

Quetzalmon is one of the only two THREE (EDIT: Was thinking of Black, there are only two Black armors) Blue armors in the game.

I was about to say "This is the Digital World, there are no gods" but there is this one group of four Digimon that kinda count.

Quetzalmon plays a Blue and Black deck, which means this might be a hurdle to Red decks. Green decks must also watch out for the Devimon cards, because they hit hard against Green.

Also, gotta love starting with good Cross Hitter timing.

Fourth opponent in a row to try using this!

You're not even completely safe if you use a Red or Green deck, either, because he can use the Rare Altar card to change your color to Yellow!

Fortunately, Gatomon and Monzaemon just so happened to pop into my hand. You're DEAD NOW, Dokunemon! Monzaemon can do FOUR FIGURES with his X, possibly even more with a good Opt--


I mean, I'm up two KOs to one anyways, but holy crap.

I decided to discard and re-draw until Armadillomon came up so I could finish this sometime today.

Demolishing an Ultimate like you did would feel pretty great, I guess. Well, there's only one opponent left in this arena.

This is the one time I will show more of the dialogue for this match, because it is EXCELLENT.

Sounds like 80% of the bugs in Digimon World.

Well, finally, the player character has meaningful lines!

Digimon and Pokémon in a nutshell.

BURN, BABY! Let's get this fight started!

So much for "useless bugs", Ken is using Quetzalmon too. Man, now I wish Kimeramon was in this game.

That Black Gear card changes his color to Black and halves both players' HP. Pretty dangerous, he could nail me in one shot here.

He used T in that last turn, I used a Recovery Floppy which took effect before the Black Gear, so now I'm down to just 30. Close one.

Oh great, I just wasted ToyAgumon trying to topdeck something. Well, that's the first time I've ever used it to heal.

I'm set up pretty nicely for evolving to Ultimate but I don't think I'll draw one in time.

This animation happens every time an Armor Digimon gets KO'd by the way.


That's Shamamon (I think that's how it's spelled) and it halves your opponent's HP but doubles their attack power. Semi-annoying, but I did get to do four figures of damage.

The rest of them go down fairly quickly though.

Hahaha his name is too big for the screen to contain

Ken's worth a nice bucket of EXP.

Another sick burn, doubly so because it's true!

Naturally he scuttles away, and we return to Wormmon to get the passcode.

Also, Ken left the arena, so it's technically a separate arena. We also got no bonus Ultimate.

You know what this means, right? GOTTA RUN THE ARENA AGAIN!

Still, the concept of Wormmon evolving after every fight is kind of cool. I hope they don't abuse the shit out of this idea in the post-game!

Wait, seriously? We get another one now?!

Wow...I didn't remember getting it here! I thought you had to wait until post-game for the second armor!

Armadillomon's second armor is Submarimon, one of the other Blue armors. I actually like this one better than Digmon because I don't have to waste a Digi-Part on giving him an X effect, and I don't mind less attack power.

Anyhow after the second arena run, I get a pretty decent Ultimate.

That's it for Dark City and the first "story arc" as it were!

Quick announcement, however! Just two updates from now, I will be getting the third and final partner card, so this time I'm going to poll the audience ahead of time!

Cast your vote for our third partner! Your options are:

Veemon - You've seen him already, and we can still get Flamedramon, but note that Veemon can no longer get his third armor, in case that mattered to you!

Hawkmon - We haven't seen him in action yet, but we have a Green partner already if that matters!

Patamon - Yes, we have another chance to get him too, you know why he's good in my opinion!

Wormmon - We've been fighting him this entire time and will soon have a chance to get him ourselves, so if you want me to put him to good use, get voting!