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Part 10: Infinity Tower

Well, here it is. I've got 85 screenshots to commentate over, so strap yourself in. The "Infinity" actually refers to the length of this post.

This is another area where the music gives me a Digimon World 2 vibe. And the best part?

This is the ONLY city in the ENTIRE game where the music for the city sticks EVERYWHERE outside of battles. It plays in the Café, during pre-battle conversations, deck selection, it's great!

Hey look it's Xehanort. I mean, uh, VenomMyotismon!...why him? What a weird Digimon to select for the final arena. Devimon? Apocalymon? I guess they're not enough.

Anyhow, there's an arena with a bunch of evil Digimon, go stop their evil plan by playing a card game.

Ah. Hm. Bad start. Yeah, it's the Blue deck, I don't want to risk running into Dokunemon.

What a fabulous card, requires a full hand to be useful.

This is the Missile Pod card: Discard 1 card for double power. And then my support card negates it anyways.

Oh right, I forgot about that card too. Come to think of it, a Green Digimon might be bad here considering the Anti-Green cards you see in Black decks on occasion.

The reason I didn't use the Hacking card here, even though it works, is because my HP would get slashed in half AFTER the swap, not before. If I use it next turn, I'll have more health and likely KO him.

There are very few attacks that can't KO something with 40 HP.

KO number three came not too long after.

Oh like you're any better. How about equipping that Counter Crest you're holding?

Cut the cards, Phantomon.

NOT LIKE THAT! Well, it's your card, so no matter.

Hey look, Blue Ultimate!

Bracchiomon happens to be one of the very, very good Blue Ultimates. 600 is high for the color, and 2300 HP is massively high in general, and the card itself gives 20 DP. Something tells me I should do a tier list of cards or something in the future.

Why do I still have this? Ah well, didn't make a difference this time.

What, NOW the regular prize packs are giving me Option cards? Kind of late for that.

Oh good, I was hoping it wouldn't be nothing but Black the entire arena. If it was, you could just run them all over with an Angemon deck or something.

MegaSeadramon also talks like a robot for some reason, with lines like "Beginning search for target. Target acquired. Battle routine, set."

(That last one's a lie, sorry)

Suka's Curse? That's a card that attacks the hand. What's he doing with that?

I am faced once again with a difficult decision. Play Submarimon, or survive a few turns and hope an Ultimate comes up?

Ha, of course you know what the answer there is.

Blue opponents have so much HP that using cards to copy it onto yourself is like a hard counter.

Of course, on occasion I goof like this. Frigimon recovered his HP after it had been set to 200 by ToyAgumon. Oops.

Well, I can Speed Digivolve into NiseDrimogemon.

Much better. Less tension when your opponent has shitty cards in their hand, right?

Although at this rate, I may end up winning before I even hit Ultimate again. I'm so close anyways I think I'll just discard until I get one.

Fucking. Hell. They were at the absolute bottom of the deck.

Well, anything to deliever a death by teddy bear. So round 4 is next, which means there's a save point.

Hey look

It's Machinedramon

The final boss of Digimon World

That can't possibly mean something

Coincidentally, did you know that in Japan, he's called MugenDramon? "Mugen" means "Infinity" you see, hence why you fight him in Infinity Mountain/Tower and his finisher is "Infinity Cannon".

That card is not a good support card don't use it that way

It's very early in the game and I'm already down to 7 cards in the deck. I don't know how viable deck destruction is in this game, really, but I ought to try it at some point.

He didn't use Triangle here?? What, was he afraid of the Panjyamon card?

He then started stalling like mad, this Kokuwamon support actually left him with a tiny bit of health.

Interesting how he's basically activate this at zero cost to himself.

Why are these guys just...defeated when they lose at cards? You've got a cannon with literally infinite ammo, the only limitation is your MP bar! I really kinda wish there was more to him in the show than just being another Dark Master, but he was badass anyhow, I'll take what I can get.

"What is a Mon? A miserable little pile of data. But enough talk, have at you!"

Wow, I am just 10 points short.

Dark Bone is one of the best Option cards in the game. It makes ANY attack absorb HP. Any of them.

He stays alive long enough to evolve to Bakemon. Just barely enough to nail me. Must be going for EXP bonuses.


Wow...22 cards and I get one of the worst ones for that situation.

One Armor vs. three Digimon. I almost thought I would have to go back.

And then...

KO, KO, KO. I really pumped up Submarimon's O attack power.

There's also an EXP bonus if all three of your Digimon were partners. But to get it you'd actually have to take KOs.

After collecting our prize packs, VenomMyotismon suddenly starts repeating this line over and over for some reason.

Maybe it was just a recording the whole time. Would explain a lo--


(Screenshots do NOT do this part justice, if you've never seen this part before please watch here: )

Yeah, guess fucking who!

The screen even changes colors. Fucking with the familiar interface is a lost art, I swear.

We fade to black, and a mysterious man starts talking with us, mostly just him being In the background, you can actually see his face flash with a creepy sound effect every few seconds. I'd love to screenshot it, but, that takes timing since it's only there for a few moments.

The player character challenges the man to a card game, and he uses hacking to open the arena up. He allows us time to edit our decks, which is rather polite. Should I be scared?

Here's a shot of what the tower looks like now. You cannot save or leave, you get an error message if you try it. They don't let you do that because the final boss requires a VERY solid strategy, and if you don't have the cards needed to beat him, well, time to reload your save, back out of the arena if you saved there, and go build a deck prepared specifically for this boss.

How Rosemon got here is beyond me. I wonder how the rest of the world is reacting to all this, if it's even affecting them.

Rosemon tells us the first letter of the mystery man's name. Enough with the vagueness, we know who it is!

So yeah, apparently this game is set in an alternate dimension, and Analogman did not in fact die when Infinity Mountain exploded in Digimon World 1, he hopped dimensions at the last minute!

By who exactly?! See, I'm not exactly a fan of alternate dimensions in storytelling, because anytime one dimension gets obliterated or saved from the villain, and they just hop to another dimension to try it again, kind of devalues the effort taken to beat them the first time, right?

Rosemon also reveals that, just in case Analogman came to this world, she devised the card game we've been playing and placed a trap routine that activates if he plays the game and loses.

When we see how Analogman actually plays, you'll realize that this was a fucking dumb decision and it should activate when he wins. Or plays the game at all. Or touches a card. And where did he get his deck from? How does he know how to play this?!

Yeah, too many questions, I know...

It also turns out that Rosemon is actually the Digital World security program, not an actual Digimon, and was just using the image of Rosemon to speak to us. Seriously? Instead of a Digimon, the security program loves us? That is the weirdest ship.

One arena, one opponent, one messed-up looking portrait.

Make that two. That deck of his is described as originating from evil darkness or some crap. Well, it IS a pure evil deck. This match isn't like any of the others before it.

Fun, right?! That's not even the worst part.

Analogman is the only opponent to not shuffle his deck. The order the cards come out is the same every time, and this opening hand always has DemiDevimon, Download Digivolve, and bar-none the strongest Digimon in the game.

What does Download Digivolve do? It allows him to evolve to ANYTHING. DP? Not needed. Color? Who cares. Level? He could evolve to Shoutmon X7 if he wanted to. It's broken and he has four copies of it, strategically lined up so that even if you KO Apokarimon (wow that spelling) he's got another Ultimate lined up.

Thing is.

He evolved to Ultimate on the first turn.

Yeah. I feel sorry for you if you missed this card. Even if you did, though, the same Yellow cards we've been using the whole time are amazing here.

Speedrunners have their own strategy. Because Analogman's deck isn't random, you can actually "script" the battle, since the AI will perform the same moves, given the same player input every time. Your deck is still shuffled, but you can still feed him the same actions.

What they do is evolve to something with O counter and an HP value between 990 and 680, because this HP value makes the AI go for the KO more often, even if their attack is about to get countered. It's usually smooth sailing from there.

As for me, he decided to use a Self-Destruct move! Brilliant. I guess he wanted me to get the HP Fever bonus?

I'm not completely out of the woods yet, because the next contestant is VenomMyotismon (irony!) Wow, this is starting to feel like a fucking boss! We need this kind of thing more often!

Oh yeah, you might be wondering about that Option card in his hand. That is Holy Sevens, one of the "Sevens" cards, the strongest of them all. It raises his HP by 1000, and the others are plenty powerful as well. Guess what, Analogman has them all! You actually had to collect these in the previous Digital Card Battle, but here, they're post-game only.

Well, we can keep him at bay for one turn, but we're going to need a plan for what to do with--

NO YOU FUCKING IDIOT DON'T-- can't be real

What you just saw was Grand Sevens. It raises your attack power by however many HP you have...and I was guaranteed a counterattack that turn.

So an AI quirk kills him in the end, huh. Even if the deck isn't random, the computer still has to act like it doesn't know what card is next.

This is Speed Sevens. Makes you attack first, absorb HP, and gives you 200 more attack power.

ToyAgumon to finish.

I'm so sorry. That battle was hyped by the game and I've ruined everything with my horrible luck.

The trap activates instantly.

Was fun while it lasted.

Can't he just type "cd" and then the new directory? Oh I'm sorry, that was supposed to be a badass one-liner.

The ultimate punishment.

And now a self-sacrifice that wasn't part of the plan, but okay.

As we learn in Next Order, this doesn't stop him for good, assuming this game is even canon at all. If it is, I fully expect Mirei to be Rosemon's true identity.

Red text for some reason.

The credits roll over an FMV with the original Digimon World credits theme.

In an emulator it lags and looks bad, so check this out on Youtube if you like.

There is indeed more, thank you Tai.

Much more.

Perhaps too much?