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Part 19: Endgame, part 2 (FINAL)

I get to do the entire arena again.

That's it.

I give up. I wasn't going to do this, but you know how it is.

This is the most overpowered strategy you can employ in Digital Card Battle. Your partners and 27 Options.

You might wonder how that could possibly work, because you would have to discard again and again until a partner comes up. Well unless you're insanely unlucky and they get put on the bottom of the deck or something, who cares, you have overpowered Armors and as many overpowered Options as you need. Throw in the Sevens if you like.

This also results in tons of bonus EXP because you're guaranteed Partner Win, Option Maniac (given for having 24 or more Options in your deck) and No Discard is pretty common since the game awards it for never choosing to discard, with this deck you have no choice. Throw in the twelve Digi-Jewels if you like for yet another bonus.

Four matches later, we face Apokarimon. The only Digimon I can think of that would be stronger than him is the guy that spawned him in the first place: Milleniummon. But apparently the developers didn't know what a WonderSwan was, so he's not here.

It's as if Analogman actually shuffled his deck.

The funny thing is the Apokarimon card isn't even all that fantastic if your deck is shuffled.



That's gotta sting, he gambled on the last move and got the worst card since X attack power does nothing for Crash attacks.

That is a monster EXP pot though!

Well, now it's time for the last run of Extra Arenas. At least there's only three of them.

...why is it three colors?!?

If you use too many colors than you practically HAVE to use Special Digivolve. I don't understand it.

There's KO number one. And two.

And number three.

Do I get a ridiculous outfit and the ability to enslave any Digimon I please?

I'll say. Guess what, you get to fight Imperialdramon five more times without leaving the Café AGAIN.

Well, that's a straight and to the point effect at least.

Next up: Sylphymon and Shakkoumon's final forms, which were not seen on TV.

In case you can't see it, the deck is named "Warrior Princess". Anyhow, Green deck, whatever, next arena.

Wha...I thought Vikemon was Zudomon's final form. What's going on here?

Oh shoot did I accidentally select the Yellow deck? Whatever.

The computer sure is using Special Digivolve a lot.

NiseDrimogemon so he can't stop my attack.

You won't.

Also in Igloo City is this guy. Two more Arenas await us. The first is Garurumon-themed.

I guess the AI decided to just give up.

In case you're wondering, no, BlackMetalGarurumon and BlackWarGreymon do not have their own cards. Do you know how expensive a recolor is to make?

..."Patriot"? I mean, I love, support and defend the Digital World, so if I were a Digimon, I'd be a patriot, too...?

Oh I'm sorry, I almost forgot to take any screenshots from that battle at all. Silly me.

There that should do it.

Yeah I'm a bitch. Don't leave just yet though, go back to the Café and beat him again one time.

It was five or ten times all the other times, but for some reason, this time it's just one.

That ALMOST completes the collection. There's one last Digimon card missing: Apokarimon. The way you get it is by far the most dumbfuck thing yet.

You need to trigger his appearance at Infinity Tower. How do you do that?

By having a nine in the ones digit of your wincount.

I'm dead fucking serious. He can appear in other locations hereafter, as well.

Beat him and you get his card. You can never get this by fusion, so you'd have to rematch Apokarimon each time you have a nine in the ones digit of your win count to get multiple copies. Which means there might be a limited number of these per save file if the win count eventually caps, but I don't wanna find that out.

We've exhausted literally everything at this point but the completion percentage is still at 98.7%. There is one opponent left. But to unlock him, you have to do something cute.

You need 300 wins.


If you've done only the fights required to have 98.7% by this point you should have around 260 wins. I have a few extra, but I still need to grind out 30 more games in order to finish the job for good.

So let's at least make it a little more interesting. I'm going to use this deck to do something special.

Evolve to SkullGreymon...

Get his HP over 2900 or so...

Use Grand Sevens...

...BANG. You need lots of luck to do this, but it's hella satisfying.

Ahahaha look at the prize they gave me

There are other EXP bonuses I haven't shown. One of these is "Rainbow" which requires you to use all five colors as your active Digimon in a single fight. You only need three KOs to win a match, so in order to use all the colors, either use an Evolution Option that ignores color requirements, or use a card effect to change your color, and it'll count. Note that Armors only count the color of the Armor, not the color of the Rookie AND the Armor.

Those numbers in parenthesis, by the way, show how many times you've gotten a particular bonus. That's a lot of KOs my partners have contributed.

Also, earning seven or more bonuses in one fight earns you the "Super Bonus". You can see that it piles on a LOT of EXP, to the point that the EXP Digi-Parts are suddenly a lot more viable.

Getting it is not hard either. In fact, let's go over all the possible EXP bonuses:

EXP Bonuses
All Same Attack - You used the same attack in every Battle Phase.
All Gamble - You topdecked in every Battle Phase. (This overrides Final Gamble)
Final Gamble - You topdecked in the last Battle Phase of the game.
No Support - You used no support cards.
No Digivolve - You didn't evolve. (Armors count as evolving)
No Discard - You didn't manually discard your hand.
4-of-a-kind - You get this when your hand contains 4 of the same card.
Empty Deck - Your deck was empty at the end of the game.
Partner Win - Your partner KO'd an enemy.
No Loss - You were never KO'd.
Comeback - You were KO'd two times, but then KO'd the next three Digimon.
Desperation - You scored 3-2 with an empty deck.
Nothing Left - You had absolutely nothing in your hand or deck at the end.
Ultimate Win - You KO'd an Ultimate.
Option Maniac - Your deck had 24 Options in it.
8 DP Card - You put 8 cards in the DP slot over the course of the game.
Lucky Seven - Your deck had exactly 7 cards remaining at the end.
Exact Change - You dealt the exact amount of damage needed to score a KO.
Digi-Jewels - Your deck had the 12 Digi-Jewels in it.
Rainbow - You used all five colors at some point in the game.
Damage Fever - You get this when you inflict a multiple of 1,110 damage.
HP Fever - You get this when your HP is equal to a multiple of 1,110.
Three Partners - All three partners were in your hand at the same time.
Partner Plus - You used all three of your partners as your active Digimon.
Partner Evolution - Your partner evolved to Champion level.
Super Bonus - You got at least seven other bonuses.
Lucky Name - Exclusive to the Japanese version. If your deck is given a certain name, you get this bonus. I don't have a list of names that get you this, unfortunately.

The most consistent way to get the Super Bonus is to use the deck I'm using: Three partners, 27 Options. This guarantees you'll get Partner Win and Option Maniac. If you have the 12 Digi-Jewels you can get that one as well. Make sure your deck has nothing but "safe" cards, meaning cards that can't mess up your plan if they come up.

Pick an opponent who has no chance of beating you. Ninjamon is the worst opponent in the game, so we'll use him. Now as long as you don't manually discard, you'll get the No Discard bonus, so that's three. When the first partner comes up, send him out, and in every Battle Phase, pick one attack and ONLY use that attack, and ALWAYS topdeck. This will get you the All Same Attack, All Gamble bonuses, so that's five.

Now, the remaining two bonuses can be gotten easily depending on how lucky you are. If your first Digimon is never KO'd, you'll get the No Loss bonus, so we need one more. And the easiest ones to get are Damage Fever and HP Fever. Using Digi-Parts and the stat boosts from leveling up, Digmon, Tylomon and Quetzalmon can easily be made to start with 1,110 HP, netting HP Fever. If your X attack power is 370 and it gets tripled, you'll have 1,110 damage for Damage Fever. The latter is much harder because you need more parts to turn your X attack into a "x3 vs. Green" attack and to boost its power to the correct amount, and equipping the part penalizes your X attack power. Not to mention that if you rank them up, they might gain points in a stat you don't want them to. I'm convinced the unlock order for parts and the stat gains are all randomized, so being able to do this depends on where you're at.

And another thing: Always be ready to deviate from the strategy if things look dire. Winning is more important than a bunch of silly bonuses, it doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. I feel like a FAQ writer. Let's get back to the game.

Holy crap. 300 wins. And you know something? The game awards you another title at 500 wins, so to TRULY 100% this, I'm NOT doing it.

Having 300 wins and beating BlackMetalGarurumon makes Blackosaurus travel back in time from Next Order to force you into another arena.

Before that, however, there's one other opponent waiting for us...

Betamon STILL offers the tutorial as usual, but if you play him for real, he's got a new deck.

He's got three copies of Download Digivolve and every Sevens card and the Digimon are nothing but Ultimates.

Sigh. THIS is your grand finale super boss? Why can't you un-shuffle his deck like Analogman? The only way this is hard is if he gets Download Digivolve and two Ultimates in his hand at once!

He's worth big buckets of EXP, though fighting Ninjamon for the Super Bonus is probably less risky.

Yep. Greymon-themed.

Did you know that in the Japanese version of Digimon World 2, BlackWarGreymon can appear in the game's intro?

He's not playable in that game, either. Someone has a weird sense of humor.

Come on, Deck Data, this is the final fight! Hype it up so- actually, there's nothing to really hype here. I've done 300 fights. That's how many cards are in this blasted game, we've basically explored every possible deck configuration.

Here's his first Digimon.

And his second.

And his third. Wasn't that fun.

It's a frigging card game.

And after that battle, the credits music starts and we're shown not only every card we have, but how many times it KO'd something or was KO'd, and the maximum amount of damage each of its three attacks we've done with them!

Which means that 9990 damage will ALWAYS be in our memory cards as well as our hearts.

As well as that counterattack on Analogman resulting in a massive amount of damage, wasn't that fun? This is like revisitng the memories of the entire playthrough.

Submarimon was the most-used Armor, to the surprise of very few.

Weep for cards that will never be seen.

I failed to mention it this entire run, but the decks of any opponent you encounter can be unlocked for your own use IF you own the number of cards needed to construct it. I used none of them, but the game remembers me using those decks I borrowed from the DigiDestined.

I did all my grinding on Ninjamon, so he was the one I got the most wins against. Rosemon was the runner-up.

Then it shows how often you got each of the bonuses.

Only 6 mutations

I wonder if it's a coincidence that I wound up using the three partners that each have a Blue Armor?

That number of saves is because I tended to prefer savestates for some reason.

Do I get Foxhound rank for that?

You also get a title at the end. It probably just refers to the color you used most often - we don't actually know how they work.

But there it is. 100%. I'm finally done. Let's have a video to celebrate:

That marks the end of another Let's Play. Special thanks to everyone who stuck with it for this long, I realize it was getting a little repetitive there at the end. Special thanks to Bandai for making this game, please do a sequel, etc.

Looks like that's everything. Have a nice summer, everyone!