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Part 12: Post-game, part 2

While preparing for Desert Island and its "No Options for thee but plenty for me" ruleset, I came across this card. It is a Digi-Jewel, which are a set of 12 cards you can only get if a Fusion Mutation occurs. And every last one of them is worthless aside from providing buckets of partner EXP (from what I'm told.) These are the reason players tend not to 100% the card collection.

Anyway, this arena is actually a pretty good lesson on how to construct a deck in this game. I've talked about how the best cards are the ones that are the most versatile. Now you have to make a deck with as many of those cards as possible. Our Yellow deck is similar to what it always has been, sans the Option cards.

The Blue deck was a little harder to work with, since I didn't have a lot of Blue cards that have good stats AND support effects. Most of what I'd got basically have one or the other.

The Green deck, which I still haven't used, is even worse off. Most Green cards have very subpar support effects, or worse, none at all. They evolve faster, sure, but we NEED those support effects in this arena.

So here we go. Hey look, we finally get the obligatory Leomon KO!

They're called "DigiDestined" in the dub, but either works.

Everyone ready for some hilariously bad luck?

23 cards, and Gatomon, whose support effect is unchanged from "change own color to Green", was the one I topdecked.

Leomon so happens to have his own evolution item in his deck. The Shining Mane card might be a problem for Submarimon - I've pushed his HP over 1,000 with Digi-parts.

Anyways, that fight was more of the usual, so here's round 2: Devimon! Now I see where this arena theme is going.

Uh...that doesn't seem like a Devimon line at all.

Devimon plays dangerously. I like the nod to Digimon World, though - Devimon sells the player Devil Chips in that game. In this game? The Devil Chip card discards 1 card from your hand and gives both players +600 attack power. Very dangerous, it got me KO'd here.

I topdecked a partner again a little later. Not a good time to have my attack power match my HP.

This combo hasn't failed to save me yet.

And neither has this. Next round!

Well, at least we got Etemon in some form.

Did you know he has another form called KingEtemon? Talk about King of Swing.

Well, it's a Yellow deck. We've seen that. Brought the Blue deck for this one in case he had Vi-Elecmon or something.

You would not believe how deceptively annoying this fight was.

Of course, he has this, it's Etemon's evolution item and all.

I anticipate this and use my weakest move.

Been waiting to give this guy a try. Have I mentioned Zudomon is freaking awesome in general? Gamera + Thor + Walrus + Viking...Digimon designs are so awesome, they might just be TOO awesome, if that's possible.

Unfortunately, things start to get very messy. He topdecks a Golden Banana.

So, okay, that delays the KO a little, but now he's got a malfunctioning Etemon, what danger could I be in?

Well guess what? He topdecked MetalEtemon. It has a similar effect to the Golden Banana, but it only counters O instead of anything and your HP isn't halved.

Then he topdecks Metal Banana, which halves your HP and makes your opponent's attack power 0!


Four INSANELY lucky gambles...but it's over now. Holy shit.

Okay...finally, Myotismon. By the way, "Myotismon" (name taken from a kind of bat) is an infinitely better name than "Vamdemon". Thank you, dubbers, you did us a favor with that one.

Shock and awe, he has Dark Lord's Cape in his deck, a card that's actually pretty good. If your HP is higher than your opponents, this card gives +400 attack power. I like that the opponents here are keeping a theme going, but it would be great if we saw this in a Green or Blue deck.

Myotismon plays as dangerously as Devimon did.

The Myotismon card is a revival card, like Phoenixmon's was. It's very appropriate...Myotismon does come back over and over again. Darn humans, calling him forth with praise and tribute.


I use this way too many times, but it's so EFFECTIVE!

You get absolutely no reward for beating this. They just tell you "please come again" and kick you out.

So we head back and inform Tai of what happened. For some reason he won't play us just yet.

Oh yeah, Babamon disappears from the city permanently after this point. I don't know why. But who wanted to play her again?

For some reason, MetalGreymon is now just plain Greymon. Maybe the cyborg parts are painful and he wanted a break.

Rosemon's here too. Not the same one, mind you.

Hey wait a minute.

matrix (ma'triks)
n. A situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained: "Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every form of freedom” ( Benjamin N. Cardozo).
n. The womb.
n. Anatomy The formative cells or tissue of a fingernail, toenail, or tooth.

Uh...I'm just gonna go with the idea that Rosemon broke a nail. It's funnier that way.

All she has is another sidequest. Fabulous. Aside from "more gameplay", why is it the player is the only one capable of doing stuff?

When we get there, we see that a new option has popped up.

It's Myotismon!...Again? Actually, no, it's implied that this is a different Myotismon, perhaps even the one from Digimon World, considering this guy is significantly less dangerous than the one from Digimon Adventure.

I have no idea who this "Sweetheart" is, but I can guess.

Depends on what that phrase actually means. I don't think he's holding a grudge.

Myotismon challenges us to enter the Haunted Arena. I forgot to mention that the letter "A" in "Battle Arena" is highlighted in red whenever you enter an arena, which one poster speculated was a reference to Analogman.

So, what do you think the U means?

You'd expect some kind of gimmick to be in place considering the arena title and new music, but no, it's just an arena based on Grey Lord's Mansion from Digimon World. Though this Bakemon does speak normally.

Bakemon doesn't want to die. He has tons of recovery cards.

But can he outlast a Blue deck? I doubt it.

That didn't take long. Bakemon? More like Bakamon

("Baka" means "idiot")

(Nobody ever thinks of that joke, I'm so original)

And for round 2 we have...Devimon? Again?! Like Myotismon, it's probably a different Devimon, but come on, you couldn't give us Pumpkinmon or something? He's in like two games in total.

Honestly, we're at the point where every deck starts to look same-y. Nothing interesting happened there.

Nothing scarier than a Metal Gear made out of bones.

I can OHKO this with my powered-up partner. Partner cards are so powerful that one strategy you can employ is to make the partners the only Digimon in your deck, and load the rest up with powerful Option cards. You have to discard a lot, sure, but your partners are so overpowered by this point that they can survive with any cards still remaining.

I even used nothing but O this round.

Please, PLEASE make this interesting.

........I think we know who Myotismon's sweetheart is. Shame they don't go anywhere with this. Maybe it's a holdover from some sideplot in the previous Digital Card Battle.

...oh my god. Next Order has a Myotismon and a Rosemon that have some interactions. And Lillymon fought Myotismon in the show, and her Mega form is Rosemon...coincidence?

Hey look, Myotismon has a Sevens card!

The worst one! When is this ever good? When you have Ultimate vs. Ultimate maybe?

Anyhow, we report back to Rosemon, and hey, she's willing to play card games with us. And by play card games, I mean actual card games, get your mind out of the gutter!


You can win a special bonus from Rosemon, but how exactly you get it is...up for debate. Most players reported that you have to beat her ten times. Without leaving the Battle Café. Others have reported that the number of wins is less, that you can save in between, it could be random for all I know. So we just gotta keep playing her I guess.

The mysterious Rosemon deck is.........Red, Black and Green. Yawn.

I got a bonus Option card pack, though, and it had some sweet rewards in it.

And I...I got it?!

I fucking got it?

I only beat her ONCE!

...I'm not complaining. Next time, we take a closer look at the metagame, and the post-game gets ten times more boring!