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Part 5: That Would Have Been Good to Know

Last time on Disgaea 3 we got our clocks cleaned by a giant hand. Today, we begin the next Episode.

Scene- Mao's Room. Enter Almaz and Mao.

Drama- Episode 2 Intro

I don't know what to tell you. It's not like you'll automatically win just because you're a hero…
What are you saying? It's impossible for a hero to lose to an Overlord!
My calculations can't be wrong! I've done the research with all of this reference material and data!
But, these are…! Just a Super Hero game series! I have the same games at home!
"Super Hero Quest", "Super Hero Legend"! You even have "Super Hero Fantasy"! Wow, they're popular in the Netherworld?
Oh, and these comics and this anime!? And… Superalloy Seed Destiny!?
Could it be, Lord Mao… That you admire the Super Hero, too?
Do you recite the Heroes' Oath? I think it's awesome. He's like, the hero of all heroes.

Me…? Admire…? The Super Hero…?
What an insult! Stop humiliating me!
I thought I told you I HATE heroes! This is all merely research material to achieve my ambitions!
Sorry! Now that I look at it, Superalloy Seed Destiny looks pretty beaten up…
Hmph… I hope you're prepared. You're bearing a heavy responsibility for losing a battle we should've won.
Whaaa!? That's my responsibility!?
Of course it is. There's no other reason I could lose.
That doesn't even make any sense…
Now, accept responsibility.
Wh, what do you mean by that?
Heh heh heh… I've always wanted to experiment on a hero. I'll use your body to-
W, wait! You've got it all wrong!

What!? You're not… a hero?
I just… admire Super Hero Aurum so much that I call myself a hero… But I'm really just a guardsman…
I only did chores, but never fought. So even if you have my title, you might become weaker instead of stronger…
How could this be!?
I demand a refund!!
I said I want to return this! I'm gonna shove this forgery down your throat! Hey, Fake Hero! Let's get going!
Uh, where to…?
The Heart Bank, of course! I need to go withdraw that title!

Exit Mao.

But if I can get it back… lucky me! I can't go home with a demon title. I like Hero, even if I gave it to myself.
Wait, what? My title…
System Message: Almaz's title has become Demon Flavor!
Demon Flavor!? Wh, why did it change…?
Whaaa! Now that I look closely, my fangs and claws are longer!
And I actually don't feel half bad. But why!? Does this mean my heart is becoming demon flavored, too!?
Could I be… that it's progressing?

Enter Mao.

Oh hoh? Your title… It seems like you're turning into a real demon now.
A real demon?

Enter Geoffrey.

* huff* * huff* Oh, gotta snap out of it. Looking at such an interesting specimen gets me so excited.
…Spe, specimen?
Heh heh heh… I'll have to add a new page to my evil research paper.
At this rate, I calculate that you'll be a full demon in 666 nether hours. Of course, you'll never be human again.
What!? I can't go back to being human!?
In terms of titles, you'll be a demon cadet for 7 levels, and by the 8th, you'll be a full Demon forever.
Th, that's quite a detailed analysis…
Hmhmhm. This is a great opportunity. Once you've completed your training, you won't be moved by anything.

No way! I don't want to be a demon!
If the Princess sees me like this, I don't think I could even bear it!
…Hmph. Don't jump to conclusions. I said I wanted a refund. I've no need for a fake hero's title.
I'll give it back to you, so come on. And after that, you're on your own.
You're really going to give it back to me!? You promised, right!? You have to, okay!?

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Class again? Geo Blocks are go!