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Part 7: The Rival's Return! Raspberyl's Gambit

's Return! Raspberyl's Gambit

Last time on Disgaea 3 we learned a lot about Geo Blocks. Today we get to see a whole lot of them.

Drama- Heart Bank

What!? Demons can go into their own hearts!?
Yes. However, strangers must have permission from the owner to be allowed to go with him.
It seems Mr. Mao is currently allowing Mr. Almaz to enter.
I'd be reluctant to let a former-human-slash-fake-hero in, but it's your title so you're responsible for finding it.
Wha- But…
Young Master, please be careful. A barren heart can react to the slightest stimuli…
Ah, I won't let him touch my heart. I wouldn't dare let him…
Well then, please enter here. May your trip be aimless.

There's residents in the Heart just like there are on campus. I go talk to them in the video, but I'm not going to include what they say in this update. I'll have them along with Episode 1 and 2's conversations with the people on campus in a side-update, because they do say some interesting things that are somewhat relevant but I'd really rather confine those things to their own update.

Drama- Childhood Memories Intro

Yeah. I want to withdraw that fake hero's title. Do you know where it is?
Yes. According to resident witnesses, it seems to have flown straight into the deepest part of your heart.
The deepest part…? Why does everything about you have to be so difficult?
Is it really that far?
The depths of one's heart is vast and complicated. Please be careful not to get lost.
It's also not a good idea to pick things up, or mess with it.
Important things do not change unless desired by the true heart, but the rest may change easily. Do be cautious.
Don't worry, it'll be fine. I won't let him touch it, and even if he did, I'm not gonna change that easily.

Scene- Inside Mao's Heart

Hey! What did you just pick up without even asking? Weren't you listening when I told you not to touch anythi-

What are you doing here, Beryl? Are you trying to interrupt my research again?
I'm about to conduct a physics experiment on skirt lifting. Get out of here.
Geez, doing all this serious studies on being a prankster? You sure are an honor student through and through.
Why not forget this evil stuff for now and do a little something good with me?
…Something good, you say?
Yeah! Let's volunteer!!
D, don't be stupid! I would never do such a delinquent act!
If you do it secretly, no one will know. Besides, what's cooler than an honor student who's not always so honorable?
No way! I'm gonna become the number one honor student in the Netherworld!
Oh come on, don't say that. Let's go donate blood together.
S, st, stop it! Unhand me, you delinquent!
Give it a rest. So, what color's your blood, huh!?

Damn it. Thanks for reminding me of such a bad memory.
She made me pick up trash for 3 whole days! And then I had to donate 2 liters of blood.
Oh. So that girl Beryl is a good demon?
A good demon? She's always forcing me to do the worst things a demon can imagine.
But isn't that because she thinks it's what's best for you?
Hmph, that's, that's just stupid…

Enter the legendary delinquent Raspberyl.

What…? Berly! What are you doing inside my heart? You shouldn't be able to enter without my permission!
Oh? I got in pretty easily. I guess it just means that you've opened your hear tot me after all.
That's impossible! Damn it! How dare you barge into someone's heart with dirty shoes!
Oh? Our shoes aren't dirty. We were kind enough to change into our indoor slippers.
We came to request a favor. Won't you please give us the hero back?
Wh, why are you two here!? I don't remember permitting any of you! This situation doesn't add up!

Now, come on! Let's have that hero back!
Well, I'm done with him anyway. Once I've returned that fake hero title, this guy'll be useless to me.
Fake hero? That's a lame excuse… Hold on, I'll rescue you right now!
Oh, uh, no, it's alright. I'm really just about to get my title back, so…
…Stockholm syndrome, huh? Poor thing. Alright, don't say a word. Just stay quiet and leave everything to me!
So you're not going to leave, huh? …I'll make you regret this!
I'll try out all 48 of my kill skills on you!

Map- Childhood Memories

We're up against Raspberyl, Asuka, Kyoko, and some generic fighters. They're at level 8-9, so they've all picked up a unique skill. Raspberyl's picked up D Rule 1: Morality, which hits three adjacent squares in front of her but isn't really as dangerous as her magic skills usually. Kyoko's got Lily Elegy, which hits three squares in front of her and moves her to the square after them. Asuka's got Crane Dance, which does the same thing. They're more powerful than Blade Rush, and can put weaker characters at risk if either uses them to sneak past our lines. Now let's take a look at the map.

The whole map is covered in red and yellow Geo Blocks. These provide everything with an EXP + 50% effect and the side portions of the map that the enemies start on with DEF + 50% as well. The idea is to try to pull the enemies off the regions that have DEF + protection and then kill then. The map's not really that hard as long as you've been keeping up in levels. It's a great map to revisit because of the EXP + effect.

Drama- Childhood Memories Outro

Sir Hero… I'm very sorry. Our rescue mission has ended in failure…
Well, like I said… I'm just about to get my title back, so please don't do anything unnecessary.
Damn it! Curfew!
Oh no! Breaking our curfew will make our parents very happy!
Yes, it's our self-imposed curfew that our parents strongly objected to.
I don't think that counts as a curfew anymore…
Tsk. I'll let you go this time. Saved by the bell again, Mao!
Demons who follow curfews? That's strange, isn't it?
That's why they're delinquents.
Oh. Well, it's not that big a deal to break curfew every once in a while.

You just said, without provocation, that it's no big deal to break curfew. That's the honor student's way.
Wha- No way… Me? A demon honor student?
Th, this has to be a joke! It's because of the title!
Don't be so modest. You're my slave. I'd be worried if you weren't at least this bad.
But I'd make a terrible demon! I came here to defeat the Overlord so that I can protect the Princess!

This Princess… is she that important?
No matter how hard you try, you could never beat my dad.
Are you saying this Princess is more important than your life?
Th, that's right. No one's more attractive or wonderful than the Princess.
She's beautiful, noble, valiant… She's a very kind lady who willingly helps those in trouble.
She is so attractive, it's no wonder the evil and cruel Overlord is trying to kidnap her.
You're telling me that my dad is after this Princess of yours?
Yeah. Well, that's the rumor anyway. They say the Princess herself told some people, so it's got to be true.
That's why I came to defeat the Overlord… so that I can be of some use to her.
"A hero must act with courage to protect that which is precious!"

I, Almaz von Almandine Adamant, am willing to die for my Princess!
…… There's no need for you to beat my dad if you're doing it for your Princess.
Why's that? Is it because you're going to defeat him, Lord Mao?
Indeed! Well, that's the plan.
By the way, let me ask you something. Does this Princess know that you're in the Netherworld right now?
Eh, well uh… actually, I protect her from a distance, so she probably won't even recognize me…
What!? You mean, she doesn't even know you exist!?
Eeeh, yes…
Hmmm… then there must be some merit to rescuing her, right?
Status, reward, honor… And do you get the Princess, too?

What!? Are you just a crazy delinquent!? Or maybe you're just a fool!?
Why would you risk your life for someone who doesn't even know you exist? Are you stupid? It's incomprehensible!
…You don't have to be so mean.
But no matter what anyone says, I can withstand any hardship if it's to help the Princess… I think.
Hmmmm… For a coward like you to say such a thing…
Ah ha! I get it! This is that "love" thing or whatnot!
Wh, wha, what are you talking about!? I can't have those kinds of ambitions for a princess!
* huff* * huff* * drool* To think a fake hero like you would have this mysterious "love" quantity.
You sure are an interesting guinea pig. If things go well, I might even get to observe this "love" up close…
It seems I'll need you to be my slave even after I give back your fake hero title. Heh heh heh… * drooooool*

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