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Part 21: Delinquency

Last time on Disgaea 3 we restored Mao to normal and Beryl joined us. Today, things get very bad very fast.

Drama- Episode 5 Intro

…… What are you apologizing for?
I feel really bad for what I did! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
No wonder my memory feels all fuzzy… What did you do to me? I won't get mad, if you tell me.
Did you get aliens to implant a microchip inside my brain? Or maybe you stole my memory through acupuncture!?
* huff* * huff* Either way, it's amazing!
…You get excited even when you're the one being experimented on?
Ah! You've returned, Young Master. I'm glad you're safe. I've been waiting for you.
What's wrong, Geoffrey? You look pale. Did you not receive your pension?
A serious occurrence befell the academy. A frightful catastrophe has occurred.

Seriously!? Whoa! I've never seen anyone with a bowl cut!
That is slightly better than this. You shall see for yourself what is going on at Evil Academy right now.
Is there something else?
…I took a look inside my heart. Seems you've been doing experiments on me without my permission…
Haha… So it did bother you.
…Oh, you remember those now? It was all for your own good, Young Master. Hmhmhm.
If you taped it, give it to me later. Watching myself being experimented on is unexpectedly… quite exciting.
Hmhmhm. You shall most enjoy it.
Hmm. You're a commendable weirdo.

I would greatly appreciate it if he can rise to an honor student level where he won't hesitate to kill me…
"Demons must relish solitude." Do not forget this. Hmhmhm…

Geoffrey said we should look around and see what he's talking about. Let's do just that.

Gentlemen…? Kind of sounds like Geoffrey, don't you think?
…Don't even talk about Geoffrey. He makes me sick.

Stupid. You think they have uniforms at Evil Academy?
Catsaber: What!? Moral order dictates for skirts lower than knee length, folded socks, and matted hair, meow! Get with it!
…And I ask you, how were you going to wear a uniform anyway?

Sorceror: …Just kidding. I was asked out by a friend I haven't seen in a while, so this is gonna be my joke.
Oh, so you're still sane? I guess not all freshmen are delinquents yet.
Sorceror: What happened to everyone, anyway?

Who the hell would!?
…What's with the sudden change? It's disgusting.
That isn't being a real badass… Their good will has no soul to it.

Mrrh. You guys were all over me going "Boss, boss" not too long ago…
…Are you lonely, Mao?
Don't be stupid! That's a weak person's emotion!

Now listen! Guys get mohawks! Girls, afros! The other way around works too!
Any other hairstyle and I will not approve!
But it doesn't look like anyone's doing that.

Well this isn't good. The Freshman Class are turning into delinquents!

Drama- Grand War

Indeed, I am surprised to see cleaning activities, donations and volunteers roaming around… They are serious.
It seems the freshmen students have suddenly and unnaturally turned to delinquent activities.
The biggest problem is that their goal for the month is to defeat the Overlord.
…What? Defeat Dad?
Yes. After hidden investigations, this is the rumor I've heard.
To defeat the Overlord and bring peace to the Netherworld has become the main goal of those who become delinquents.
What foolish blasphemy…! I won't allow anyone other than myself to defeat Dad!

(But my goal is slightly different now. I must get Sir Mao to open his heart and make Almaz a hero.)
(Well then, I wonder how he's planning to open Sir Mao's heart?)

(To heal his trauma, I'm sure Mao himself has to defeat the Overlord.)
(But I'm not sure if Mao can defeat him just yet…)
(To open a heart, you must create communication between hearts, like dough that must be kneaded smoothly!)
(And to defeat a mighty enemy, you must travel the steps of busboy, waiter, chef! Rigorous training is requied!)
(Master!? This is the monologue inside my head!)
(Hyahya! I can communicate with ingredients through their heart! There is nothing I am incapable of!)
(But I'm not an ingredient…)
(Fool! Everything has the possibility of becoming a delicious dish!)
(You must talk to them, and through trial-and-error, find their unknown taste! That is life's way of cooking!)
(Uh, Master… I don't understand, and I think my brain's about to shut down.)
(Yes! That's right! Don't think with your head! Feel with your heart! And act as your heart desires!)

(As long as your heart is honest, you will surely find a great taste! Have confidence and eat as you walk!)
(Yeah, okay. If I act with the right mindset, Mao's heart should, too…)
(Indeed. You'll be fine. Be careful of the changes that may occur in Mao's heart.)
(His heart is deeply clouded and harsh. Do not forget that life and death depends on your cooking method…)

…Huh? Oh, no, I was just thinking.
Of how to open Sir Mao's heart?
Yes. But I can't figure it out, so I was thinking of sticking around with Mao for now.
Hmm. The other freshmen turned to delinquency so easily.
If we find the cause, we may find a hint toward opening Sir Mao's heart.
Oh, you're right. You're so smart, Princess.
You two, what are you dawdling for? Let's get to the Audio-Visual Room.
What are we gonna do there?
Geoffrey thought this might happen, so he looking into it. A mysterious force is hosting a brainwashing seminar there.
A brainwashing seminar?
How long were you planning to chit-chat? The academy's in great danger!
If everyone wants to become a badass, the legend of my graduation won't become a historically important event!
Oh, yes. After all our effort to graduate with perfect attendance…
At this rate. Our lady's Greatest Delinquent Legend will be dimmed!

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